…or maybe I should rename this my ‘most visited websites according to my Safari browser’ as the following sites are my current favourite ones to procrastinate with research of late. I know I’ve done little round-ups before, but this is the crème de la crème featuring the best online beauty watering holes from the retail, editorial and blogging worlds. Grab a cuppa, get back under the covers and prepare to scroll…

1. Cult Beauty. It’s the new-in page that you want to be on top of. Lex – the lady behind C.B – is a bonafide beauty junkie and has made it her personal mission to source the best cosmetics from all over the world for us to consume. They’re some real gems to be found here.

2. Refinery 29 Beauty. The place for cute, quirky and easy to consume features. I actually find their how-to slideshows to be quite helpful – especially the hair ones – and it’s a good resource to feel out what’s new on the other side of the Atlantic.

3. The Formula Blog. A peek into the lives of some seriously chic people delivered in the slickest way possible. An extremely polished site which also delivers the odd product review which is surefire way for it to end up on my shopping list.

4. SO many Beauty BlogsAnd here are 10 of my favourites. It’s been a while since I put this list together but they’re still my faves and ones that I trawl through my Bloglovin’ feed to read each morning.

5. Selfridges. Again, it’s the new-in section that you want to keep an eye on. Not only do Selfridges do a lot of exclusives with the big boys and hold a fair few Selfridges-only available brands, it’s a good way of keeping up to date with what’s fresh as they’re usually the ones to get it first.

6. Into the Gloss. I LOVE THIS SITE. Do I even need to say anything else? Read it, love it, comb through the archives.

7. Skin Deep Cosmetics Database. With the vast amount of products that I own, test or are on my shopping list it’s near enough impossible for me to keep on top of the ingredients list for it all, but for the formula conscious out there this is a good place to start with a tonne of in-depth analysis on thousands of products.

8. XOVain. If I had a penny for every time I exerted a proper belly laugh while reading articles on this seriously packed site, then I would most definitely own that bottle of Tom Ford Neroli Portofino that I’ve always wanted. Beauty musings as written by your über cool mate.

9. Temptalia. If it’s new and it’s worth noting then chances are that there’s already everything you need to know about it here. Reviews, dupes, longevity testing, formula breakdowns and swatches galore. I often ponder quite how Christine fits it all in.

10. Vivianna Does Makeup. I jest, I jest… 

  • Nusaiba Khazam

    your’s is definitely my favorite :)

  • Puri

    Lol #10 😛 I really love Temptalia too, such a great online source!

  • Julia

    I go along with Nusaiba: YOU’RE THE BEST ! Lovely wishes and a great sunday from Germany and my beauty blog (, J*

  • Jessica Rose

    Thanks for the tips….but the last one at No 10 sounds a bit dodgy!! 😉

  • A Little Lilly

    Some great websites to check out on here! Thanks!! Lilly xx

  • Bella

    I love your blog too Anna, it’s appropriately up there ;). I must say that a special kind of respect must go out to Christine. She definitely has *the* most comprehensive and useful beauty archive out there. I shall check out The Formula, but I hope I won’t die of jealousy :D.

  • circafashion

    I have to wait for the review from temptalia before I purchase. And noveau cheap sources all the bargain for US drug stores.

  • Emily Golding

    I love these kinds of posts, the make it easy for when I am on the hunt for a read to pick something. Thanks for sharing Anna.

    Emily xx

  • Sophie

    Great post! I need to have a read through them all! x


  • Charlotte // BeautySoup

    Thanks for this post Anna- it’s always great to find some new websites to browse through on a rainy day. Or any day hahahah! xx

    Soup || UK Beauty Blog

    • Samantha Brown

      I LOVE these posts too! (even though my hands are already full with the number of blogs I read haha)

      Sam xx – how to make the most of your twenties

  • thebeautymist

    Love Cult Beauty atm:) x

  • nueyork

    I stumbled upon the xojane/xovain blogs awhile ago and I love them! They’re super funny.

  • forgetfulucygoesplaces

    #10, yeah that one’s my favorite.

  • Lauren S

    #10 is definitely a goodun 😛 I love the Refinery29 pages and will be keeping an eye on cult beauty more often now !

    Lauren x

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  • BeautyClassyfied

    no,10 is my personal favourite…some good websites on your top 10.

  • thedarlingdee .

    Haha #10 is all our favourites. Thank you for the suggestions, really great!

  • Sandra Laurentino

    I wouldn’t put much trust in the SkinDeep database, it’s filled with “scientific” rubish.

  • Chrissy

    Oh, no, what have you done?? That’s Sunday spent glued to my laptop then, haha!

  • Aimee Flanigan

    Great list, I enjoy the list of blogs, some I didn’t know about! :)

    Aimee – AroundTwenty xo

  • alice bea ☮

    love posts like this, so many things to check out!

  • Jennifer Monforton

    Great list, Anna! Into the Gloss is one of my faves as well- the writing is always top notch and the topics are forever on-point. And Cult Beauty is such an amazing/dangerous place to visit 😉

  • Chrystin Aponte

    I love Temptalia! I too am amazed at how many reviews she churns out! I also love all the fashion & beauty posts by Refinery 29. I’ve never heard of “Into the Gloss” and now I’m interested to check out it! Thanks for sharing!

    Kisses xx

  • Kendal

    This is a great list, I’m definitely going to take a look at those websites! Some of them I’ve heard before but others I haven’t at all!

    Kendal //

  • Meg Bolderson

    Will definitely be checking these sites out!x

  • Caterina Prada

    This post is so helpful for beauty bloggers, I’ll definitely be checking Temptalia out!

  • Kate Wilson

    haha, love the last pick 😉 I personally love the cove tour! x


  • Leannemariexo

    Thanks for these! Lots of new sites to bookmark!

    ​Leanne @ Leanne-Marie


  • Gospođica Marijica

    I love the Skin Deep Database because you don’t have to know which ingredients are bad for you. It tells you on a scale from 1-10 how harmful the product might be. It’s really great. Another similar site is but it’s German. There you can see exactly what each ingredient does for your skin or the product.

    Ljepota au naturel

  • Carolyn Wolfram

    #10 is the best one :) I haven’t heard of many of these sites. Thank you for sharing! :)

  • Megan Walsh

    Yay more websites to check out 😀

  • diygou

    your site SHOULD be on this list!! I hang on your every beauty opinion!

  • Madeleine – The Daily Mark

    Great picks!

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    fab picks



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    These are all great picks! I love Temptalia and, of course, your site! (:


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    Number 10 is obviously a fave hahaha x

  • Joycelyn Steib

    Heard of a few of those picks but #10 has to be my fav!!!

  • Becky Hughes

    No 10, saved the best till last!

  • Manouk

    Some are new to me, thank you.

    No. 10 not, obviously 😉

    WOMANOUK (beauty and portrait

  • Ashleigh Price

    ooh yes refinery 29 beauty is also a favourite of mine!

  • emiller1233

    Number 10 is my favorite too!

  • NoFilter Magazine

    Refinery29 is always on point! Skincare junkies might also like Lab Muffin and Ask An Esthetician

  • Pamela Emily

    great post ! :-)

  • Trudy Wang


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    Thanks for sharing! x

  • Sylvia

    Great list! I would add for some super kickass makeup inspiration.


  • Sam

    HI Viviana, Totally love your website.It should have been on no 1 spot. :) Great picks out there. I would like to add as well. They have the most amazing swatch galleries for MAC products.

  • isobel

    Your number #1! Check out an Australian site thats awesome!

  • Rachael

    Oh no! I don’t need to be tempted by anymore beauty sites! Thanks for the great recommendations :-)

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    You inspired me to start my own blog. Thank you so much. I am loving the experience so far. Please do check it out :)

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    Oh my goodness! More websites to make me want ALL the beauty products! So much for my pay from work….

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    Fantastic feel the love post . Really interesting

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    Completely agree with number 10! 😀

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