You know how it goes. One for you, one for me. And before you know it you’re bouncing out of Space NK with a bagful of beauty bounty on your arm. It happens. And it’s been happening to me a lot more frequently than my bank balance is happy about recently so I thought I’d cobble it together into a video to demonstrate my best ‘Sorry I’m not sorry’ face. I’ll demonstrate my newest purchases, you give me a virtual wrist slap and I promise I’ll be a good girl in February. Space NK trips aside, I also nipped in to Topshop to peruse and pick up some bits from their makeup collection. Oh, and there’s a handful of Bumble and Bumble purchases for good measure. All in the name of blog research I say – well that’s how I justify it to myself.

You know the drill – select to watch on YouTube to see the described above expression in motion, plus all the usual product info, and beauty bumf. And here’s to no-purchase February – that reeeeally doesn’t have a ring to it, does it?

  • Katie

    “No-Purchase February” sounds like “no fun”. But that’s IMHO 😉 Can’t wait to watch the video!!



    • Anna

      Haha this comment made me laugh! :) 

  • Lucy. S.

    hahaha, new makeup days are the best days though! :) x

    • Anna

      They seriously are ;) 

  • Emma Beck

    I’m doing a no-purchase February as well! Has been going quite well so far, but umm.. it’s only the 3rd. So.. yeah. We’ll see.

    • Anna

      Haha – pat on the back for getting to the third ;) 

  • Hope markham

    Ohh i challenge myself to no-purchase february, except I guess i’ll have to make my boyfriend his valentines present!

    • Anna

      Handmade is always best when it comes to Valentines day! :) 

  • mollyox

    great video,  i am going to see if i can do the no-spend February as i really need to start saving my money xx

    • Anna

      Ah thank you – might have to join you on that one! :) 

  • Maddy Cane

    Loved this video! Your so funny! xxx

    • Anna

      Thanks! :) 

  • Pippa Jones

    I defiantly need a no spend feb! Been going wild recently. 

    Pipp xx

    • Anna

      Haha shall we do it together ;) 

  • Katie Fawcett

    Love your videos, you’re my favourite youtuber for sure!

    Katie xo

    • Anna

      Well that’s very nice to hear, thank you :) 

  • Jessica Sutherland

    Absolutely love the make up your wearing in this video!! X 

    • Anna

      Thank you :) 

  • Kassandra Fairhall

    you make me want to go shopping so badly

    • Anna

      Apologies ;) 

  • Jessica Villani

    I love your hair here!

    • Anna

      Thanks :) 

  • Laura Carless

    A no-purchase Feb sounds like a smart idea! Shame it’s already the 4th and I’ve spend on two meals out and a Caudalie set……oops!

    I’m trying to get my blog of the ground, my latest posts are a 25 Facts About Me and OOTD, I’d love it if you and your followers would like to take a look :) - Black & Gold

    Laura xx

  • Beauty Passionista

    No-Spend February…. I need to follow your example! Love this!

  • Millie
  • Behind the Mirror

    it is always ok to do diptyque!!!