Considering I haven’t actually worn nail polish for about 3 weeks, I thought it was a fantastic time to do a nail polish collection and storage video! Doh! Ah well, I recently culled my nail polish collection by over half to a respectable 20(ish) bottles – not bad for a previous nail polish obsessive. It’s pretty obvious that my favourite brand is Essie, but I do have some other loves from OPI, Orly & Models Own. Enjoy :)  
  • Annnegberts

    I’m sorting out my collection at the moment. It hurtssss so badd, haha!

    • Vivianna

      Haha do it – you’ll feel much better afterwards! x

  • Blueberriesnstrawberries

    Yay!!! I’m so glad Essie Lady Like features! Im currently sporting it as we speak – my current fave! Great video!
    Katie x

    • Vivianna

      Such a wicked colour! x

  • Laura-Jayn L

    I love Essie Colours… ive got my eye on Barefoot and Topless now xxx

    i did a post on ‘Glamour Purse too

    • Vivianna

      Love the Essie shades! x

  • Anonymous

    I love the outtakes :) Thanks for showing. Love, S.

    • Vivianna

      Haha no worries :) x

  • Natalie

    I absolutely love the OPI Rainbow Connection after seeing so many swatches of it, think I’m going to purchase on pay day!

    Natalie, Trying To Make Fetch Happen x

    • Vivianna

      It’s so pretty! x

  • Nicola

    I really want some of the nail polishes you own especially the OPI, i can never get hold of them! 

    • Vivianna

      They are beauts! x

  • Lesley Heron

    you look so stunning!

    • Vivianna

      Thanks! x

  • Gem x

    looking lovely as usual :) I am also a big fan of OPI polishes but I don’t have any Essie ones in my collection yet… maybe i’ll just have to go and purchase some!

    check out my new blog:    :)

    • Vivianna

      Thank you hun – ah the Essie ones are lush :) x

  • Marissa @MDR_MakeUp

    Haha!!! I loved the little blooper so much! Made me smile after a very stressful day! I think you have inspired me to finally look after my nails!! 

    I’d definitely recommend OPI barefoot in barcelona!! It’s amazing! 

    • Vivianna

      Haha thanks hun! :) xx

  • FaceOfThunder

    I think after I’ve done a blog post on my nail varnishes I’m going to try and cull them a bit. You’ve inspired me. Or I just want room in my rack for new ones ;)

    Livvy xo (

    • Vivianna

      Yay – have a culling, you’ll feel better afterwards! x

  • Lilidonna

    Totally respect your ability to actually cut your collection down at all! I’ve tried several times without much success… I love them all too much :S Great collection and vid! xx

    • Vivianna

      Aw thanks hun! x

  • Sarah S.

    Hey Viv, thanks girl! You inspired me to cull my nail polishes from 65 down to 40 (not including my gazillion Sally Hansen strips). I only have one pair of hands, after all <3

    • Vivianna

      Yay – exactly! x

  • charlotte_queen

    i really wanna try models own! ive heard so many amazing things about it. i love your youtube, and you look amazing as per! 

    • Vivianna

      Thank you hun! xx

  • Anonymous

    i really should do a cull of my collection but i cant bring myself to do it lol :D xx

    • Vivianna

      Ah you’ll feel better afterwards x

  • Vanilla & Rose

    We have so many similar favorites! I am absolutely in love with Lincoln Park in the Dark and actually just did a blog entry about Essie’s Mint Candy Apple too :)

    • Vivianna

      Oh wow very similar! x

  • Katie Evans

    I’m really tempted to buy the OPI nail envy after your post, it seems a great product even with the £18 price tag! x

    • Vivianna

      It’s so good! x

  • Marla

    Just subbed to your channel! Love<3 your videos :)

  • Emily Tunstall

    So now I am really ashamed.. You said that you’re collection used to be 50/60 and that to get it down to 20ish was amazing for a addict!  I have 90ish and still going strong!  How is that even possible?! x

  • Tamara Marks

    what’s the glittery polish that you have been using on just your ring finger??!!

  • drivelhead1807

    Another good place to get Essie in the UK is on – and they often make it into the sale!