Twenty-something Anna is the makeup maven, product pusher and lacquer lover behind Vivianna Does Makeup; serving up your daily dose of all things beauty with a side order of wit. Accompanied by twice-weekly YouTube videos, she’s friendly, frank and with the ability to spot the next makeup bag must-have a mile off, delivers a compulsive guide to cosmetics with an editorial edge.

  • Katherine

    One of my favorite bloggers :)

  • Rheafrancois

    One day i hope to be just a what you are Xxxx 😀

  • keishawalton

    your blog is fab!!!!  love how you have turned your interest in beauty from a hobby into a career… your job sounds amazing!

    ive just recently set up my blog 


  • Jovi Rom

    Hi Anna, my name is Jowita and I’m form Poland, love your blog, your passion  to do this, writting a blog and answering whole those comments, thank you :)

  • Xinyi Shu

    Love your blog format and layout, and of course the content, have to say the best layout I have ever seen. xoxo

  • Georgia9793

    What did you study? Which kind of college? Please answer, it’s reaaaally important (:

  • Shiaanoir

    Hi Vivianna! I am one of your youtube subscriber and I adore you and your videos + accent! I also recently enjoy your blog post! One thing is that maybe you could change your blog picture of the perfumes as it seems like an old picture and it makes your beauty blog seem unappealing when it really isn’t! I hope you don’t get offended!

  • Jannaire Faulkner

    Just came across your blog, amazing! Wish I knew how to follow via GFC! xo

  • Katie Sotiris

    Just came across your videos, you’re a natural in front of the camera :-)

    Following you on BlogLovin now.

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  • greenhatlady

    just found your website and I love it. I am new to the makeup world but I am starting to love it. You are original and fresh. keep up the good work. :)

  • Sophie Spurgeon

    Hi Anna,
    I love your blog and subscribe to your YouTube videos. You’re so easy to watch, and I love the style of your blog posts.

    I’ve always wanted to have my own blog but never had the guts – you’ve inspired and encouraged me. Finally, this summer I plucked up the courage and started

    It would mean the world to me if you, as my favourite blogger, to have a little nosey. Obviously it’s very young and in it’s early stages but would love to hear what you think.

    Best wishes and Happy Christmas!

    Sophie x

  • O

    I haven’t been on this blog in a while (even though I hardly ever miss a video of yours :)) and I have to say, it seems like it’s changed a lot. I’m impressed!! Keep up the good work!!

  • Bianca Bartosik

    Hi Anna, just thought I would let you know I really enjoy watching your YouTube videos, and I am guilty to having a browse on your blog now and then whilst in class 😉 haha. But on a serious note I thought I would let you know that you have inspired me to create my own blog, which I am now creating as we speak!

    Bianca x

  • Olivia

    love the new pic anna! your blog is my absolute favorite beauty blog (i follow many) and the reason why i started my own. you are a fantastic writer and i always look forward to seeing what new post you’ve put up!

  • Gini

    I just wanted to say that i love your blog and all your videos on youtube. You must be one of the nicest girls out there and your always keep it simple which i love. You`re very pretty.
    I think I might of seen you in London today on the tube…i was not sure if it was you so I did not say hi. xx

  • Lauren Wong

    Such a well put together blog!! Just discovered your blog via essie-button’s blog. I Love how informative and professional each of your posts are and how clean and simple the layout is!

  • Jo Ann

    Hi Anna, i really love your youtube channel and would love to read our blog regularly but its a bit not so mobile friendly. It doesnt show up on my ipad or iphone the way it does on the macbook. And also, your voice is so soft, i always get soooo sleepy when i listen to you talk. i love all of your videos but i really need to stay awake to get to the end. It doesnt help that i watch your videos on my bed! Take care.

  • Nassima

    CAN you tell me where CAN i find the jemma kidd gewy glow please

  • Stevie-Rose Miller

    Which companies would you recommend following on twitter/linked in etc? I’d adore to go into the more events/PR side of beauty but I really don’t know where to start!

  • Claudia Grace

    Love this picture of you! :)

  • Charlotte Brady

    You look so pretty in this picture!x

  • Lucia Pochybova

    I am new blogger, please let me know what you think about my blog


  • Niina / Kingdom of Tides

    Hey Anna,
    I just wanted to say that your writing is exceptionally good! You really stand out from the Beauty blogger scene. I hope you get your own column or become a beauty editor for a magazine!
    Niina x

  • Lotta

    Hey Anna,

    I wondered which camera you use? and which lenses? you pictures and videos are all so clear, and in you posts and videos you can get really close?

  • Dalia Jouzaa

    Love your YouTube videos xx

  • Gaby’s Seacret

    Love Love Love!! Especially your latest ‘his & hers’!

  • Viviana

    My name is Viviana :)

  • Viviana

    Is your name Vivianna? or did you come up with it for the brand? If so, how were you inspired by the name? Like my previous comment stated, my name is Viviana! =D the only other time I’ve heard the name was in my high school P.E class – the other Viviana and I also shared the same surname! Crazy right?
    In the film, Equilibrium, Christian Bale’s character, John Preston, is a widow and his wife’s name was Viviana Preston. Just some fun facts!

  • Abbie

    Love your blog and videos so much! You always give me inspiration to try new things and I’ve become so much more confident after taking your tips/recommendations so thank you :) Love your style xxx

  • Lucy

    Hi Anna,

    I’m thinking about doing a psychology degree next year and I was wandering what you thought about your degree?

    I absolutely adore your blog and check it literally every morning no matter where I am.

    Many thanks from an Irish girl who’s scared about the future!

    Lucy x

    • Annie Atkinson

      Psych was my degree…and it is the best, because you can apply it to everything. You can also do whatever you want after college with that major…like start a beauty blog or work at Chanel like me! Checkout my blog!

    • Angeline Lee

      I am doing my Psychology degree starting next month!

  • Maddie SW

    Anna, I love your blog and you’ve inspired me to witter on the internet on my own blog. You’re posts crack me up please keep them going xoxo (

  • Anette

    Hi! I discovered your blog on my lunch break and absolutely fell in love with your personality! You are so sweet and funny and your makeup recommendations are extremely helpful in navigating through the world of beauty! Will be visiting more often :)

  • Angeline Lee

    I love your videos! I’d be thrilled if I am your friend because I’d love to always see you doing your makeup heh!

    Check out my blog and let me know what I can do to improve whatever? :)

  • Sabrina

    Anna! I love your beauty blog and youtube! It would be great if you could check out my blog even though Im pretty new to the game :)

  • Isabel

    I just love the way you speak and you are so friendly and sweet, that is pleasure.
    Kiss and thank you :)

  • Zoey Hardwick

    I bloody love your blog/Youtube Channel! I’ve actually been following you for about a year or so now (I think I found you through Essie Button)! And, I have to say, you’re one to blame for my HUGE beauty stash! I’ve actually become quite the hoarder and feel like I need to go to ‘Beauty Rehab’ or something of the sort, haha!! But, you have hooked me up with some AMAZING products! So thank-you for your beauty recommendations and never change because you’re fab! :).

    Zoey. (

  • Nanna Samsøe

    Anna, you’re amazing! Probably, no wait, you’re my absoloute fave youtuber and blogger. You’re such a babe! Hope you’ll get the chance to come to Denmark or even better Aarhus (second largest city in Denmark) xxx

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  • Amie Gill – I would love it if you could just spend a sec and check out my blog. MuchLove ag-xo

  • Mypassionposts

    Anna,you are beautiful and incredibly talented. You are to me an example of a successful beauty blogger. Come to checkout my blog

  • Joan Visser

    Check out this amazing webshop and blog in 100% natural cosmetics:

  • Trish

    I have watched your videos and follow your blog for years! Would love it if you could check out my fashion blog:

  • Caroline Van Sickle

    Love your blog!