Last night I was invited for a fragrance filled nasal delight at Diptyque’s flagship store on Brook Street in London*. Now I was a big Diptyque fan already so I didn’t need converting. I have two of their candles in the Baies and Figuier scents and always make sure I buy them when I’m on my own so my family don’t know how much money I’m quite literally burning away (the secrets of a true shopaholic eh!). So not the most purse-friendly purchases out there but it’s certainly an iconic luxury brand steeped in history and one that certainly knows how to put together sophisicated and unique scents.

A little bit of Diptyque history first for those of you who fancy a slice of beauty school trivia. Diptyque was originally founded by three friends who set up their first store along the famous Boulevard Saint Germain in Paris in 1961. After the creation of their first fragrance L’Eau, soon followed eau de toliettes, soaps, colognes, body products, room fragrances and candles in more innovative scents. Over 50 years on and Diptyque now have stores and stockists all over the world – trust me I’ve seen the list, it’s impressive.

The event was set-up with the main aim of us all just getting stuck into the scents, with help from the Diptyque team. We were shown their newly released and first ever Eau de Parfums that were recently added to the range in their best-selling scents L’Ombre Dans L’Eau, a feminine yet fresh mix of blackcurrant leaves and Bulgarian roses and Philosykos, a headier blend of fig leaves, wood and white cedar. My pick out of the two had to be Philosykos – nowhere near as sweet as my usual scents that I douse myself in, but way more muskier and sensual, something I would definitely spray on before a night out. If you’re an EDP fan then keep an eye out as I definitely got the vibe that more are on their way. Smellivision attempts over, a little interesting tip the Diptyque team shared was combining candle scents by burning more than one at a time and experimenting in a way like you are constructing your own fragrance by selecting base, heart and top notes. After a bit of some wafting candles in my face action I think Mimosa mixed with Menthe Verte is my favourite combination. Another interesting scent which I hadn’t heard of before is 34, an eau de toilette released last year for their 50th anniversary which captures the scent of their founding store along Saint Germain. You usually do get a sniff of fragrance shops as you wander past from outside, so I thought that was a very interesting idea to bottle that up and perfectly sum up the brand in a single spray.

So I’ve added a few bits to my shopping list, great, and had a little history lesson too. You can find Diptyque in their three London stores, Selfridges, Liberty’s and Space NK, which is where I usually stock-up. Do you share the Diptyque love? What’s your favourite scent

*PR Event

  • alice bea ☯

    love thier candles so much!!!

  • becky_satc

    I love the same candles as you, Figuier is my favourite. I also like Eau Duelle perfume.

  • anna

    I havent tried anything from them but the candles sure do look appealing.

  • JoySteib

    This really has been a history lesson for me today!  Never heard of  them before but think it is something I would love to try!! Thanks once AGAIN, Anna!!!! :)

  • millsbelle

    When I was in Paris last December I stocked up on a few candles and perfumes. I have to say my favourite is the Baies candle, as it has the most “throw” and is really unique (side story: I actually managed to crack to glass when I was opening the box… I was so devastated lol!) I also love the perfume Eau Duelle, which is a sweet vanilla scent mixed with spices (great for winter especially). I would love to try L’Ombre Dans L’Eau next time as I’ve heard that it’s the sister scent to baies and since I love that so much I’ll have to get my hands on it eventually.

  • Margaret

    this seems awesome!!! you are so lucky xx

  • Diane

    You know.. I’ve actually seen Diptyque being stocked here (Singapore)! Although it’s a small counter, I know where I’ll be when I next have a candle splurge xx

  • Nicola Smith

    ive never tried Diptyque but it looks gorgeous xx

  • Daria Buonin

    I’d love to buy one of their candles, they look and are so luxury! :) x

  • Sarah Sandiford

    love this post, but adore your little bag all on its lonesome! i was guarding it of course.. xxx

  • Laura (White Winters)

    I have been wanting their Roses candle for months. I might ask for it as a birthday present as I’m not sure I could bring myself to spend that much on a candle.


  • Lorna Patrick

    really wanting to try one of their candles out. they look lovely! 

  • Sarah

    I’ve just subscribed to your blog and found this. I’ve been wearing Philosykos for over 10 years now and it’s hands down my favourite summer scent. Sophistication in a bottle!