The best time of the month is here! My favourite videos to watch and film, this time my monthly favourites were easy peasy to pick out as I have been so stuck in a beauty product rut and sticking to what I know works. In fact I was tempted to do a rave about the Caudalie Beauty Elixir and then just leave it there, as that has far surpassed any another product this month to the coveted top spot! As always click on the ‘Watch on Youtube’ tab for all the extra info and links and I hope you enjoy watching!

  • Jeni

    You should try Nails Inc Porchester Square with their Electric Lane topcoat- its gorgeous. There are some pictures over on my blog… xxx

  • Vennie

    You look lovely in the video! xo

  • Martittah

    I want this pallet but is sold out on EL website;/ which does not surprise me ;). Great post, as always.

  • Sarah @ mulberry please

    You look beautiful in this video.. I love the Lush Nectarine blush, and am so keen to try Bumble & Bumble Sunday Shampoo to help me last longer between washes. Always love your favourites videos! X

  • emily☮

    Lovely products! I’ve been eyeing up the sunday shampoo and beauty elixir for a while now. xx

  • Anonymous
  • Bianka Bodonyi

    I swear you’re gonna make me fail my exams!! I was watching your videos all day long intsead of studying 😀 You’re such an inspiration!!!!

  • xlucykellyx
  • NeemsP

    Just purchased Simple’s Moisture Boost Hydro Mist.. but now tempted by the Caudalie, although my student loan only stretches so far.. ! :(  

  • Julie Ann Carter

    Lurve your necklace!

  • Kellinas Thoughts