The New York Beauty Haul

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I mean it would have been rude to visit New York and not do a wee bit of beauty shopping, riiiiiggght? Though Mark and I didn’t actually so much shopping-wise, despite setting foot in a fair few just to warm up for 10 minutes, every time I passed a new Sephora I just had to… Read more »

The Weekend Eat: Vanilla Protein Pancakes

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When it comes to slightly cleaner alternative pancake recipes I’ve tried them all. From the mashed banana ones – yack – to those filled with cottage cheese that arrived on my plate looking like a weird omelette/porridge hybrid. I’ve been there, done that, put the mixture in the bin and fired up the crepe pan. But… Read more »

Sephora, Spring and a Seriously Tasty Recipe

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It’s time to bundle together the best of beauty, fashion and everything in between from the past seven days. Edited down to five of the top products, videos, posts, releases and the rest that have had me clicking away: 1. Sephora Haulin’. Of course I couldn’t resist a little Sephora splurge while in New York over… Read more »

Brushes That Took My Makeup Application from ‘Urgh’ to ‘Ahhh’

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Without sounding too dramatic (though hear me out because this is going to sound a little ‘Drama Queen‘) the day I purchased my first MAC brush and graduated from the world of sponge applicators and scratchy mini brushes that come nestled inside a palette next to eyeshadow or blush, was the day that my makeup application… Read more »

The Non-Girly Girls Guide to Pink Makeup

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I wouldn’t say I’m the girliest of girls. Sure I liked my body glitter and butterfly clips growing up, but I would also happily accompany my Dad to Arsenal matches (#GoonerForLyf) and attempted to play in the Girl’s Football League at school (emphasis on ‘attempted‘). I also don’t own a single piece of pink clothing… Read more »

Five Tips for Healthy(-ish) Eating

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So Wednesdays are a bit of a miscellaneous on VDM video-wise; sometimes they’ll be beauty based, other times I’ll pop up a vlog, a fashion-y video or something from my kitchen (I’m currently trying to rope Mark into doing a video on his ah-mazing Chicken and Pesto Lasagna). Well today as there’s a foodie theme on… Read more »

My Favourite Foodie Instagrammers

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Aside from pretty pictures of makeup and beauty organisation, if there’s one thing that I like to double tap for on Instagram it’s pictures of food *groans and rubs thighs* OH YES. There’s a fair few foodie Instagrammers that I could scroll through their feeds for hours, salivating away but for today’s post I thought… Read more »

The MAC Eyeshadows That Will Get You Started

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When it comes to eyeshadows, you’ve got to love a bit of MAC haven’t you? The range, the textures, the colours and of course there’s the opportunity to turn all MUA and create your own customised palette from scratch. It’s easy to see why you usually have to sharpen your elbows to get close to them… Read more »