The Beauty Bag with Lauren and Mel

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For October’s Beauty Bag offering I’m serving up two for the price of one. You remember Mel and Lauren? My two best mates for many, many years. They’ve dropped in round these parts before to chat all things makeup and while away with them both last month I cornered them for an update on their hot holiday favourites…. Read more »

The Best Cookie Recipe EVER

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It’s been a year and a half since I first posted my Cookie Monster Recipe and to this day it’s still a sweet treat that a lovely reader attempts and tweets me a picture of on a daily basis, ‘cookies’ autofills when you google VDM and the original recipe is my most read post. Ever…. Read more »

The Eyelash Curler Toss-Up

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I have been curling my eyelashes for donkeys years. I can’t even remember when I started, but as soon as I realised that a pump or three of this device that looked like a weapon of torture could transform my lashes from a line-up that looked very similar to that of an elephant – bristly, long… Read more »

My Bedside Beauty Bumf

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If there is one place that stays pretty constant beauty-wise, it’s my bedside stash. It’s tucked away in the corner and though it’s a MUJI caddy that I pick something up from on a once an evening basis, I often forget about it – using it for its nourishing powers and then heading right off… Read more »

September Favourites

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If you’re a regular round these parts then 90% of the products mentioned in this months round up of the best in beauty won’t come as a surprise to you this. There’s the liquid bronzer that I haven’t stopped bleating on about, the foundation that I’ve worn basically every day since I got it, the mascara… Read more »

10 Really Cool Things I’ve Discovered This Year

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This weekend I thought it was time for a moment of reflection. 2014 has been a good year so far for the landscape of my beauty stash. There has been a slew of new foundation formulas that have made their way into my collection, a drugstore lipstick formula that’s been satisfying my need for really matte,… Read more »

Running Books & Blue Eyed Looks

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It’s time to bundle together the best of beauty from the past seven days (with a bit of fitness thrown in for good measure). Edited down to five of the top products, videos, posts, releases and the rest that have had me clicking away: 1. Back to blue. So last week we had red and… Read more »

Why Charlotte Tilbury Had Got It Down When It Comes To Eyes

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Whenever you spot an A-lister looking seriously hot on the cover of a magazine with something smokey going on in the eye area then you can bet your bottom dollar that Charlotte Tilbury was the lady who smudged and blended her way to the ‘come to bed’ eye perfection. Because if there’s one thing that… Read more »