In Pursuit Of Pull-Ups

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Ahhhh… pull-ups. They are now the only item on my New Year’s Resolution checklist that I’ve yet to crack. Read more – sorted, I read The Girl On The Train in Portugal and I barely spoke to Mark the whole way there and back because I so engrossed in it. Learn Photoshop and camera skills –… Read more »

Five Life Organisation Tips: From Diary Planning To Label Making

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Last week was a complete and utter fail of a week work-wise. Procrastination-wise it was banging. My cupboards are cleared, viral cat video knowledge up to date and my wardrobe has never looked so organised. My to-do list however, remained un-ticked and so this week I’ve tried real hard to get back into the swing… Read more »

The Everyday Makeup Routine

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It’s been yonks since I’ve done any sort of makeup routine-style post or video, mainly because I’ve been wearing the same darn makeup day-in day-out. In fact… I still am! So there’s not much in the form of newness here, however there are a few lip colours and base bits that you might have missed… Read more »

My Top Picks From The Covent Garden Beauty Playground| AD

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*This post contains a paid for advertorial from Covent Garden You lot remember my post last week about Covent Garden’s After Hours? Covent Garden’s extended opening hour extravaganza from Wednesdays through Saturdays during the month of July. The event is being held across many of the stores across Covent Garden, but being the makeup magpie that… Read more »

The U.S Fashion, Food & Fitness Haul

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I was fully prepared for some serious hauling when I visited L.A a few weeks ago (there’s a vlog all about my travels here!). I scrimped on the clothing and beauty items that I took with me and sacrificed the space to fill with wares that it’s tough to find on these shores. Sure, I… Read more »

How To Wear Pink When You Already Look Like a Beetroot

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I’ve often regaled tales around these parts about my beetroot-esque complexion that flares up for absolutely no reason pretty often. A splash of water? Redness. A cleanser I haven’t used before? Redness. I breathe out? Redness. You get the gist. My rouge-based complexion means I have to go hard with the coverage whenever I want… Read more »

Covent Garden After Hours | AD

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*This post contains a paid for advertorial from Covent Garden Covent Garden has fast become the location I head to whenever I’m peckish for a new makeup purchase. The cobbled streets and nooks, crannies and corners are filled with flagship stand-alone stores from some of my favourite brands and they’re all within a stones-throw of each other, making… Read more »

A Life Update

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It’s been well over a week since I posted a proper non-video embedded post. WHUT?! I know, as someone who prides themselves on posting every darn day and did so for years and years, it’s always kind of strange to take my foot off the peddle and you know, take a break, but as I’m… Read more »