Five Bits of Oft-Used Kit

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Whilst a hot new shade of nude lipstick will always have the ability to get me a little hot under the collar, right now it’s lycra that leaves me needing to fan myself down. I’ve always loved workout gear, but was never too into the whole ‘working out‘ bit, but now I’ve managed to tackle that… Read more »

My New Tanning Routine: Let The Summer Prep Begin

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I’ve mentioned before how back in my Uni days I’d slather on multiple layers of faux tan and in all pictures from those three years I resemble the complexion of a tangerine. I mean, put me and a tangerine next to each other and it’s uncanny. Seriously. Bottles of Rimmel’s Sunshimmer were my biggest expense (and… Read more »

SWALK | Come & Walk With Us!

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Now it goes without saying that Lily and I are utterly thrilled to announce that we are Digital Ambassadors for Look Good Feel Better, a charity that we both feel passionately about and absolutely adore. If you haven’t heard of LGFB before, then you can find everything you need to know here, but their mission… Read more »

My Spring Look

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I quite enjoy doing these ‘everything rolled into one‘ videos because they’re a quick and easy way of me showing you what I’ve been loving throwing on my face makeup-wise, how I’ve been styling my hair, what I’ve been wearing on my nails, the perfume I’ve been spritzing and my most worn outfit. Basically it’s… Read more »

The ‘Feel Better’ Beauty Edit

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Recently I’ve been a little lacking in the ‘pamper’ part of my beauty routine. It’s been a while since I’ve whipped out a face mask, properly sat down and done a manicure (not just a two minute ‘let’s just ignore the cuticle situation’ one) and I don’t want to talk about my extremely hairy pins… Read more »

Bikini Shopping Help & My Biggest Purchase of All

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It’s time to bundle together the best of beauty, fashion and everything in between from the past seven days. All edited down to five of the top products, videos, posts, releases and the rest that have had me clicking away… 1. The PJ Top That I Don’t Want To Take Off. You may have noticed… Read more »

10 Reasons To Follow Me On Snapchat

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Lily has been trying to get me into snapchat for months, but after a quick dalliance with it last year I accidentally locked myself out of my account and so tried to convince myself that my inactivity was ok because it was for the youths of today and pictures of private parts. Thankfully I managed to… Read more »

The Day To Night Makeup Touch-Up

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You ever have those moments when you need to amp up your makeup from daytime to something a little more for the evening and you really should start from scratch but you just can’t be arsed? Yeah me too. On those occasions there are four things that I use and it quite literally takes me five… Read more »