Thanks to BECCA & Jaclyn Hill My #HighlightsOnFleek

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When people ask who I’m watching on YouTube right now I find myself yelling in reply ‘Jaclyn Hill – YAAAASSSSSS‘. I started saying ‘YAAASSSSSS’ after basically everything I say just to wind Mark up and now it’s something that even he says about 10 times a day. It’s the Jaclyn effect people! It’s catching. I love… Read more »

Me, Lily & Mamas Gun – The Germany Meet-Ups

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Lily and I have been lucky enough to meet readers and viewers from all around the UK, Malta, Paris and most recently L.A. We love meeting as many of you as we can because it’s fun chatting about lipstick and Sephora hauls with you, but mostly because you’re always SO. DARN. LOVELY. So we’re gearing up to… Read more »

The Monday Morning Mix-Up

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I can be a creature of habit when it comes to makeup and practically everything else in the world. I like routine, you know? It’s the tried and tested bases I reach for, bronze lid combinations I’ve been going to for years and a slick of a trusty balm/gloss hybrid that I know nourishes and… Read more »

July Favourites

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Whilst uploading this video I had a rake through my archives and realised that this is in fact the sixth instalment of my July Favourites. Isn’t that mad? My first one was posted back in 2010 and since I began making favourites videos (I think my first was posted on September 2009), I haven’t missed a… Read more »

My Current Skincare Routine

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Filming skincare routine videos used to be a twice yearly thing. I was always changing it up, trying new products and wasn’t really loyal to too many things in the skincare division. Now I’m on my sixth repurchase of some items and I haven’t really changed things up for months, so instead of boring you with… Read more »

Paint, Purchases & Polish

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It’s time to bundle together the best of beauty, fashion and everything in between from the past seven days. Edited down to five of the top products, videos, posts, releases and the rest that have had me clicking away: 1. Dulux Pure Brilliant White Matte Paint. Now this might seem a little bit of a… Read more »

The Fitness Files: August

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Say hello to this month’s instalment of The Fitness Files; an update of all things sweaty that drops on the first of every month. You ready for round eight? Let’s do this… THE SONG TO ADD TO YOUR PLAYLIST – for something really relaxing to stretch out to at the end of your workout or do a… Read more »