So You’ve Been Crying…

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While I get my hairy limbs and extremely bushy eyebrows from my Dad, from my Mum I have inherited the ability to cry at anything that I find remotely sad or extremely happy. Old men crying or wedding’s of people that I don’t even know that well will have me blubbering like a baby in… Read more »

The Weekly Vlog #19

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Bonjour! See I told you this Weekly Vlog would be a good’un. Last Monday saw me, Lily and Ruth head to a lipstick factory to make our very own lipstick. Life made. Head to this morning’s post to see how you can get your mitts on my very own colour blends. Then skip to Wednesday… Read more »

Making My Own Max Factor Lipstick and One For You

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*Sponsored Content in Partnership with Max Factor As part two of the Max Factor ’100 Years of Glamour’ celebration here at VDM (you seen part one? An Audrey Hepburn inspired look), they invited me down to their lipstick labs along with Ruth (who doubled up as photographer for this post – thank you!) and Lily and… Read more »

When Your Skincare All Runs Out at the Same Time…

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Something very distressing happened last week. Some of my most cherished skincare items perished at exactly the same moment, resulting in a painfully large online order and a few days of a crappy complexion while awaiting its delivery. Got to love sod’s law. In recent months I’ve got my skincare stash down – in fact… Read more »

The New Additions to My Wardrobe

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Step five of my wardrobe clear-out resolved to spot the spaces in your newly organised closet and fill them in. And fill them in I did, so I thought I’d show you the new additions today. After analysing the contents of my clothing home I added a striped top, strap-free sandals, a lighter wash of… Read more »

My Weekend Uniform

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In an ideal world I’d quite like to spend the whole weekend – indoors or outdoors – in my pyjamas. Comfy, cosy and oh so practical (there’s a reason why I write about makeup not fashion and my love for PJ’s over any other genre of clothing is probably the main contributor to that). Unfortunately… Read more »

Comfy Shoes & New Hair News

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It’s time to bundle together the best of beauty from the past seven days. Edited down to five of the top products, videos, posts, releases and the rest that have had me clicking away: 1. Having the chop at Hershesons. I was well overdue a haircut so I headed down to Hershesons on Conduit Street… Read more »

CHANEL’s Autumn Drop: My Top Picks

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CHANEL always bring it with their limited edition collections and their Autumn 2014 drop - États Poétiques – is no exception to the rule. They’re offering up a beauty smorgasbord of muted neutrals with a flash of pink throughout that gives the whole thing a freshness and adds a guaranteed sell-out vibe. I’ve seen, swatched and… Read more »