Kat Von D: The In-Depth Review

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When I last headed to Sephora there was only one thing on my mind (well two, the second one being ‘How long do I have until Mark gets bored of Barnes and Noble next door and shoos me out of here?’ Answer: 45 minutes. Score) – ‘Where the hell is the Kat Von D stand?’…. Read more »

Five New Style Updates

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Seeing as it’s been a while since I added anything new to my wardrobe (other than thermals for my New York trip – I’m well catered for in the Uniqlo Heat Tech department) and I did the cliched New Year clothing purge thing, it was time to fill-up my empty hangers with a few winter… Read more »

The Lipbalm That Seriously Saved My Lips

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Back in December, my lips were in the worst shape they’ve ever been. I know – so dramatic. But when you’re into super drying, matte, bold lipstick formulas it’s kinda sad when your favourite lipsticks make your lips look like peeling paint off a dank wall. Grim. So I resigned myself to a few weeks… Read more »

Can Eyebrow Maintenance Really Be Pain Free?

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Here’s a question for you – ‘Can eyebrow maintenance really, truly be pain-free?‘. Having tried most methods of extracting those pesky hairs I feel like I’m pretty qualified to answer this question and I guess my response would be no – personally for me, there’s always a bit of eyewatering involved – but there are… Read more »

Now, It’s a Different Story

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During my latest clear-out sesh I stumbled across some interesting finds: a blue glitter I was keeping just because it was so pretty though I can pretty much guarantee I’m never going to be brave enough to don it, some worn-down MAC Lipsticks that are so nude I’m not sure how I didn’t used to get… Read more »

My AM & PM Skincare Routine

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Over the past few months I feel like I’ve had my skincare routine down. Aside from the additions of the odd mask here and there or oil-step substitutions (because I love way too many), it’s been pretty rigid and actually pretty streamlined. Some products have changed since my last check-in, some haven’t – you know… Read more »

Clearing Out Makeup: The Rules

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Yes, yes – little ol’ me is bleating on about clearing out, decluttering and storage again. I am like a broken record. But seriously I do love a good tidy-up at the weekend and a few Sunday’s ago when unpacking post-NYC turned into a huge makeup rejig and a bag of clothes for the charity… Read more »