The 10 Minute Party Makeup Menu #AD

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*This post contains a paid for advertorial from Lancôme Last week I trotted over to Paris for the evening to attend Lancôme’s 80th Anniversary party. I know, it’s ‘pinch me‘ stuff. The party itself was so darn cool, packed to the rafters with French socialites and guys that looked like David Gandy and Kylie Minogue even… Read more »

Five of the Best ‘No Makeup’ Hot Weather Bases

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When it’s hot and sticky there’s nothing worse than experiencing the feeling of foundation slowly melting off your face, well except being on a stuffy tube and being held at a red signal in a tunnel. Blurgh. All this L.A heat and humidity is making me realise just how much I love my ‘no makeup’… Read more »

Tom Ford: Taking Glow to the Next Level

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As I sit down to write this post, I realise that after a bit of Googling I’m being a right old tease here because this beaut from Tom Ford isn’t launching until August – but hey, it’s only a week away and this stuff is such a pretty piece of makeup that it’s worth adding… Read more »

What’s In My Travel Beauty Bag

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I have to say that for this L.A trip I feel like I got my packing down with just the right amount of clothing (so far I’ve worn most items), shoes, beauty bits and makeup. The beauty stuff especially I edited down to a collection of things that I knew I’d use over our week… Read more »

I’m In L.A. What Do I Need?

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Greetings from L.A! The sun is out, I’ve got a belly full of sushi and I’ve lost count of how many times Lily and I have visited Sephora already – I’m one happy bunny right now. Speaking of the latter I thought I’d re-open The Forum to ask for your help. Fancy throwing in some… Read more »

Peachy Lips: Take Two

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I’m firmly back in the furores of peachy pink lip love. The other day when I was on the tube and quickly whipped out NARS’ Satin Lip Pencil in Torres Del Paine (sadly limited edition I think) from my bag and roughly drew its soft orangey rose over my lips without the need for a mirror it… Read more »

The Long Haul Flight Kit

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I wouldn’t say I’m the worst flyer in the world, but I’m definitely not the best. A bit of turbulence and I find myself sitting rigid in the seat, gripping onto the arms while Mark holds my hand and tells me that turbulence is the best bit. What a nutter. I also haven’t been on many… Read more »

The New Home Haul

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I have been dying to do a home haul for aaaaages. When we moved into our last place we viewed it on the Monday and had moved in by Saturday. This time round it’s been a bit of a longer process and with us getting our DIY on it seems silly to buy little bits… Read more »