The Straight-Up Charlotte Tilbury Complexion

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In Wednesday’s video I promised I’d throw all my new Charlotte Tilbury purchases on my face along with the bits I already had and feedback my thoughts on a 100% C.T base, so here it is… I guess the first first step in Tilbury’s base routine would be a healthy dollop of her Magic Cream… Read more »

Getting My Makeup Geek On

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If you watch US beauty gals on YouTube, or binge-watch them like me, then the chances are that you would have heard of Makeup Geek – the beauty line founded by Marlena, a lady I’ve watched for years on the ‘Tube, which has become very popular on the other side of the Atlantic. She dabbles… Read more »

The MAC & Charlotte Tilbury Haul

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I’d been lusting after some Charlotte Tilbury bits and bobs for the longest time. Sure, I love her eyeliners and eyeshadows and her lipsticks are good’uns too – but I hadn’t tried much of her complexion stuff aside from the foundation (again, which I think rocks). So I finally bit the bullet and made a Selfridges order as I… Read more »

Fake Tan: The Two I Go Back To Every Time

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I know I can sound like a bit of a broken record when it comes to fake tanning – ‘I’m really into it right now’, ‘I haven’t fake tanned for months‘, ‘I just love the Xen Tan Dark Lotion Absolute Luxe‘ – I get it. So I’m going to keep it short and sweet with this… Read more »

My Top Five MAC Lipsticks

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I’m trying to do this new thing on my Facebook page where I hold weekly Q&A ‘Ask Me Anything’ sessions. I still haven’t exactly found my groove with timings, but they’re usually round lunchtime at some point on a weekday. Pretty vague I know, but I give a bit of a heads up on the… Read more »

What To Pick Up Beauty-Wise If You’re Heading To The UK

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When I posted my ‘What To Pick Up Beauty-Wise If You’re Heading to the US’ post, there were a tonne of requests for me to compile a similar list, but feature UK-only beauty bits that I’d recommend for those heading to these shores. So your wish is my command. Now it’s a little tough to… Read more »

Get Ready With Me: The Paris Edition

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While I was in Paris this week, I lugged along my camera and tripod in my luggage so I could get my film-on in the hotel room and this is the result; part one of a little Get Ready With Me/Get Un-Ready With Me thing, the second part of which will be up in a… Read more »

Why I Love Makeup

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It’s been a while since I snuggled up with my laptop, put fingertips to keyboard and tapped out a bit of a longwinded and rambly post round these parts, so today I thought I’d do exactly that and get into the nitty gritty of why I love makeup… ‘Some people collect stamps, I collect lipsticks‘… Read more »