A Fitness Chat

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After a solid four months of getting my sweat-on at least a few times a week, I thought it was time to share the deats on my fitness routine. Now I won’t be entering the Women’s Body Building Championships anytime soon, nor will I be running a marathon, but I have managed to work up to… Read more »

On the Beach

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Now I didn’t really think too far ahead when it came to the title of this post, because if I had really put my thinking cap on I would have realised that I don’t wear makeup to the beach. Ain’t nobody got time for that. I’m a hot sticky mess as it is without a… Read more »

Why Three Eye Brushes are All You’ll Ever Need

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Over the past year I’ve graduated from an occasional eyeshadow wearer to a daily lid wash kinda gal. This is due to my realisation that a touch of something swept over my sockets can make me look more awake, an understanding of formulas and finally finding the right shades that work for me, but mainly… Read more »

The Weekly Vlog #21

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This past weekend saw Lily and I head to Paris on train, while our other halves attempted to reach the capital by cycle and within 24 hours. I know – madness. I’ll leave a little cliffhanger here, so you’ll have to check the video to see if they made it on time, but while Lily… Read more »

I Bought a Swimsuit – What Does This Mean?

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I was lucky enough to go to a school that had a swimming pool in its backyard. It was cold and sort of mouldy, but it was good fun even though I was bottom of the class still attempting to swim widths while everyone else was lapping lengths. Up until recently, this was the last time… Read more »

Carry-On Beauty

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Today I find myself hopping on a plane from Paris and heading down to the south coast of France for a few long-awaited and very rare days in the sun. It’s by no means a long journey – I doubt I’ll even get a cover to cover read of Allure in – but seeing as… Read more »

My New-ish Everyday Makeup Routine

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While I don’t think I’ll ever steer away from my slightly bronzed eye, dewy complexion and peachy lip uniform – I’ll still be the one whipping out MAC Patisserie from my handbag when I’m in my eighties – that doesn’t mean that I can switch up the products a little. And that’s exactly what’s happened… Read more »

When in Paris…

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Over the years trips to Paris have moved on from school trips where people used to kiss on the backseat of the coach and vomit on the front, to work visits, weekends away with Mark (see above pictures where we look about 12) and holidays with friends. I can probably still count my travels to the… Read more »