What To Wear Out if You Haven’t Been Clubbing in Yonks

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The fact that I drop off the radar on Twitter at 10.30pm every night is not a planned ‘switching-off’ occurrence, it’s because it’s bedtime and I’ve probably been tucked up in my PJ’s devouring the final stages of my Friends box set for an hour already. It’s rare to see me out past dusk; I’m… Read more »

The I Woke Up Like ‘Dis Edit

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Working from home on your own means that it is completely, 100% OK to spontaneous burst out in song whenever you feel like it much to neighbours amusement annoyance. My favourite tunes to crack out come courtesy of Beyoncé’s self-titled album – no I’m still not over it – and the best line of all… Read more »

Current Drugstore Beauty Favourites

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Months of being the first customer in Boots in the morning, stalking out the aisles, filling my basket and consequently having ‘no more room at the inn’ problems within my stash have paid off because today I’m delivering to you a well-rounded freshly picked edit of the best the drugstore has to offer all wrapped… Read more »

The Budget Bath Time

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Who’s ready for things to get a little drugstore round these parts today? Can I hear Boo, Boots? Aside from shining the light on some of my current not-too-pricey beauty favourites on my YouTube channel, I thought for this weekend post I’d attempt to seek out the perfect bath time pamper routine for under a… Read more »

Pedis, Products and Foundation Favourites

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1. Dior Airflash Spray Foundation. Back when I was 16, before Prom, I trundled down to a Dior counter for a makeover and whenever I look back at photos of that evening I always think that they did a really good job  - no horrendous Prom makeup tale from me (the dress however….). I seem… Read more »

Bourjois Velvet Rouge, a.k.a) The Best Liquid Lipsticks

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Prepare for some serious gushing here because ladies and gents I think I’ve found one of my favourite launches from this year to date. The Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipsticks ROCK. Liquid lipsticks are nothing new but it’s almost like Bourjois have stepped back, watched everyone put their formula to market, learnt from their mistakes… Read more »

The Beauty Scenario TAG

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I’m a little late to the ‘TAG’ party on YouTube, but I do love the sportsmanship of it all and have actually had Lily’s ‘Beauty Scenario TAG’ on my to-film list for months. In an attempt to ramp up my video frequency – you noticed? 3 uploads last week I think is a record for… Read more »

YOUR Best Beauty Hacks

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In last week’s ‘Top 10 Beauty Hacks’ post I called to action you lot to share your best shortcutting tips and tricks and jeez did you have some good’uns. So today – if it’s ok with you? – I’ve collated the ones that made me exclaim ‘genius!‘ to share because everyone needs to hear these:… Read more »