The Chic Guide to Glitter

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I have a complicated relationship with glitter. Deep down I love it. My inner magpie gets all chirpy at the idea and I love how it just looks festive and makes me feel like whenever I rock it that it’s some kind of celebration or special occasion. But then there’s the flip side. It can… Read more »

What to Pack in Your Christmas Party Clutch with Hazel Hayes

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Well this is a little different isn’t it? An amazingly beautiful winter wonderland background, instead of my bedroom and the appearance of the equally beautiful Hazel Hayes. A girl with a wicked laugh and a love for pizza – what a gal. We paired up to film a video for Hazel’s channel and thought why… Read more »

Current Running TUNES

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I thought it was about time for a running playlist update seeing as I’ve been on a downloading spree since my last one and there’s been some old-skool absolute TUNES added. Here’s the thing. I love to run with music. It makes the whole process a little more enjoyable. Though I do recommend the one… Read more »

My Two Minute Gym/Errand/Weekend Face

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I’m a big fan of literal no makeup days. It just feels natural to give your complexion a break, plus I really don’t give two hoots who sees me sans my usual slap. However, there are occasions – especially recently after my late night Serial sessions – that a touch of concealer and a bit… Read more »

The Weekly Vlog #31

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Prepare for things to get seriously festive in this week’s edition of The Weekly Vlog. I managed to persuade Mark to let us get our Christmas tree up slightly earlier than usual as we’re out and about for the backend of December and with tree decorating out comes the Xmas CD and for me it’s… Read more »

Q. What Blush to Wear with Red Lips?

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I feel like this is a question I ponder every single time I reach for a red lipstick – just what blush am I supposed to pair with it that doesn’t make me look like a Aunty Sally, or like I’m wearing an absolute shedload of makeup. Often I dither around and decide to go… Read more »

The Winter Edit

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It’s time for another seasonal edit and this time round I’m talking all things beauty related when it comes to the most festive of quarters, winter. Amongst the tinsel and twinkles I’m proposing that now is the right time to crack out your slightly smokey, very sexy fragrances, glitter nail polishes, red lips (dur) and… Read more »