My Top 5 Places To Get Lost in a YouTube Vortex

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As things start to wind down on the DIY front (until November when we make a start with the bathroom – *groan*), I’ve had a bit more freetime on my hands to do things that aren’t sanding/painting/cleaning related. WHOOP. Whilst I’m mostly excited to get on a regular nail painting schedule again, I’m also quite… Read more »

Haute Dogs, Autumn Drops & A Kitchen Tour?

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It’s time to bundle together the best of beauty, fashion and everything in between from the past seven days. Edited down to five of the top products, videos, posts, releases and the rest that have had me clicking away: 1. The MAC Collection Inspired By Dogs. I don’t know why, but this really makes me chuckle…. Read more »

Hourglass’ Good Skin Day in a Bottle

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So my new beauty storage system arrived yesterday and I can finally be done with my ‘makeup stored in sandwich bags thrown into a cardboard box’ set-up which served its purpose for a few weeks, but meant I had to do a lot of digging whenever I wanted to fish out an old favourite from the… Read more »

The Tale of Estée Lauder & The Perfect Red Lip

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It’s been a while since I donned a red lip. The summer gives me a false send of illusion that I am in fact a Victoria Secret’s model (PAH – in what universe!?) and my makeup uniform transforms into a neutral rainbow of earthy tones and bronzey hues, all with a sideorder of a heavy… Read more »

#BeautyChat with Lily: The University Edition

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This month’s #BeautyChat is a special one not only because we’re taking on a topic that we’ve never rambled on about before – university – but because we filmed it on our first catch-up since Lily and Rich’s amazing news, so there’s a lot of unnecessary squealing going on. What can I say? Weddings make… Read more »

My New Bag (Yes I’m a Sucker for Sophie Hulme)

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I think it was my ‘Handbag Collection’ video a few months back where I said that I was quite happy with my bag posse as it was and I didn’t foresee any new additions in the near future. Well… The moral of the story is don’t follow your favourite accessory designers on Instagram. I’m a… Read more »

A Mid-Year Favourites Round-Up

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I’ve been meaning to write this post for months. Well two months actually. Given that we’re well and truly into the second half of the year and I meant to get down to writing this at the halfway point, let’s all just ignore the fact that it’s practically September and pretend that it’s June and… Read more »

When You Really Don’t Want to Workout

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I must admit that during the past few months I’ve been pretty rotten at working out. With planning the move, actually moving, going to L.A for a week, being furniture-less and all the other excuses that I’ve come to point the blame at, getting up super early and digging out my yoga mat from the bottom… Read more »