Beauty Treatments: Where To Spend & Where To Save

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I’ve never been a big one for beauty treatments – I’m a bit of a ‘Do-It-Yourself‘ kinda gal. I only had my first ever massage a couple of years ago, had two spray tans in my life and can count the amount of times I’ve had my nails done on one hand. In fact I… Read more »

Why I Want Beachy Waves EVERY Darn Summer

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Every single summer without exception, I yearn for my flat, straight, flick out the the end follicles to twist themselves into a style that creeps into the ‘Beachy Waves‘ category. Aren’t beachy waves just the best? I feel like it’s such a chic and classic style that never dates and always makes me feel a bit like… Read more »

My Motivation Tips: Work & Fitness

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Motivation is a funny old one, isn’t it? Sometimes I’m in the mood to do all the things, other times I just want to roll into a ball, snuggle under a blanket and eat my bodyweight in Dairy Milk Giant Buttons (I mean, let’s be real – that’s my perfect Sunday right there). I mentioned… Read more »

New-In Beauty Bits That I’ve Been Throwing On My Face

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I like dropping in every now and again and showing you what’s new beauty-wise and is really darn good and well worth a purchase, so say hello to the most recent edit of products that have entered my daily rotation. You can see that I’m really having a glowy phase right now with my makeup… Read more »

My Skin: What I’ve Learnt Recently

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Recently, my skin and I (and when I say skin, I mean the skin on my face) have been getting to know each other again. A change in some medication has lead to some real painful pimples brewing and sprouting in the chin area and as I get older I’m noticing the lack of hydration in my ol’… Read more »