In my more recent posts and if you see my many tweets on Twitter, you may have noticed that for the past few months I have been trying to break into the beauty business. Although my degree was in a BSc Psychology, during my final year I decided that working in beauty was what I really wanted to do in life and since my graduation I have been working hard to achieve my dream (cheesy but true)! Although I have primarily been focusing on the PR side of things, I have also been trying out a bit of marketing and social media and have really been enjoying it all! At the moment (aside from questions about my hair, don’t worry I will be filming an updated haircare routine soon), questions about Beauty PR Internship’s seem to crop up a lot so I thought I would do a pretty in-depth post on it!
Firstly what the hell even is Beauty PR? The reason I was drawn to it in the first place is that it seemed pretty varied, and from what I have witnessed so far it is! The idea behind PR is to gain publicity for the brand you are working for, they call it gaining ‘coverage’. Whether it be in magazines, newspapers, on the radio, on blogs – the list is seriously endless! The aim of the game is catch people’s eyes and get everyone talking about your product, so it’s about being creative through writing press releases, organising launches and setting up PR ‘Stunts’. There are 2 types of places you can work at in PR: Agencies, these are companies who look after a number of different ‘clients’ (aka brands), and so focus on working on the PR for all their clients, or you can work ‘In-house’ which is where the brand does the PR themselves, so the brand employs staff to work in-house with the rest of the company to do the PR. Of course all the tasks mentioned above is the job spec when you hit the top of the game, at Internships you start at the bottom of the pile, so be prepared to make a few cups of tea ;)

Before you start looking…

Be prepared! Once you start applying for roles you can often expect to be called for interview at very short notice, so if you are at a job already it may be worth warning them of your plans! Also Beauty PR Internships are mostly unpaid, although you can expect your travel expenses to be covered by them, so it’s a good idea to have some cash in your bank before you start as you may be looking at a 3-6 month period without a wage. Most Beauty PR Internships are in London, that’s not to say they aren’t offered elsewhere in the country – they are just a bit more few and far between. So you may have to be prepared for quite a long commute (mine is a 4 hour round trip each day – ouch!). It’s also a great idea to keep your CV up-to-date, cause as I said these things seem to happen quite quickly. I’ve seen people ask on Twitter whether they should mention their blog on their CV and if it’s relevant, the answer is YES! Especially in the case of Beauty PR Internships, they want to see that you are passionate about Beauty, and if you can say that you have written about it almost daily for a year or so, that is going to work in your favour! 
On the hunt!
The most asked question is ‘Where did you find your Internships?’, well there are a few places you need to be checking. I found my first one on the ‘Diary Directory Job Lot’ (link), in fact their are some Internships positions being advertised there right now – go go go! If you work in PR you will come to know the Diary Directory rather well, most agencies have access to it and it is a huge ‘Yellow Pages’ if you like for everyone in the beauty industry. Another website to try is ‘CEW’ (link), although it doesn’t update as often as the Diary Directory, it still has the odd Beauty Internship advertised on there. I found my second Internship directly through the brands Twitter page, so it’s worth following as many beauty brands as you can on Twitter, especially those which you would like to work for! Many brands tweet when Internship or Job opportunities come available so it’s worth checking your timeline like a hawk for any announcements. Another good idea would be to follow Beauty PR agencies on Twitter as well as they tend to do the same thing. Just type ‘Beauty PR’ into the search bar at the top and follow all the results! It may be worth dropping them an email with your CV as well to see if they are looking for any Interns. 
The Dreaded Interview..
Interviews don’t have to be horrible, and remember at the end of the day you are most probably being interviewed for an unpaid position, so it’s never going to be the most intense interview ever! The main traits people want to see in PR are confidence, organisation, creative flair and good writing skills. As you can see blogging definitely shows your creativeness and writing skills, so try and get that in there at the interview – I definitely think that throwing that in at both of my interviews helped me to secure the Internships :) Interviews are a 2 way thing, so it’s good to have some questions to ask them – ‘what will a typical day for an Intern be like?’, ‘how many people work at the company?’, that kind of things always goes down a treat. It’s also good to ask how long you would be expected to Intern for (the usual is around 3-6 months), and what they can offer for expenses (both of my Internships covered my pretty hefty travel expenses – £400 a month, so don’t let a company fob you off and only offer to cover a measly amount!). 
What to expect!
Be prepared to apply for about 50 Internships +, but in the end you will finally be offered one (optimism pays off ladies!), so what can you expect? Well there is no general rule as to what a Beauty PR Internship entails. I guess my last Internship was the epitome of Internships – going to the post office, packaging up press packs for beauty editors, printing off labels, keeping their databases of contacts up to date, but I did get to write the odd press release. And even though the actual tasks that I was performing weren’t exactly enthralling, the experience you get just from noticing what is going on around in the office is great. Yes, you may be making colleagues cups of tea and yes, you will be making countless trips to the post office everyday, but you have to remember that everybody has to start from somewhere, even the people at the top of the company probably did a few internships themselves! Just be enthusiastic and proactive with everything that is thrown at you, who knows they may even offer you a job at the end of it! But if not, don’t despair – get back in the horse! You may feel you are ready to start applying for jobs but if not, just apply for another Internship. There is no rule about how much experience you should have before you are ready to get a job, but I’m guessing the minimum experience would be around 3 months. The industry is extremely competitive so the more experience you have to show the better! While you are at your Internship, remember to keep your CV up to date and also it’s a great idea to keep a diary of the tasks that you do each day just so you can pick out the best bits to pop on your CV ;)  
Right, so that was a bit of a ramble! I hope this helps some of you, but if I have missed something out and you have another question, pop it in the comments below and I will give you an answer :D  
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    Ahh that was indeed helpful. I have recently graduated with a degree in PR, and being a beauty blogger of course I would like to work in beauty PR eventually. I live a 3 hour train journey from London though so I’m currently saving up money to afford staying in London for work experience. 
    Something I just have to add in too..PR is not just about gaining publicity. It is about creating and maintaining a positive reputation for a brand or company. The whole any publicity is good publicity is not necessarily true in PR!

    • Vivianna

      Great idea, to save up some money so you can come and live in London while you intern. And yes you are right, you obviously know wayyyyy more about PR than me! I’ve only interned for a few months so haven’t really seen the ‘crisis management’ come into play, but I’m sure that it is a massive part of the job so thanks for mentioning that xx

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    I definitely agree with your tips. The beauty industry is a hard one to crack. I’m currently doing a degree in Cosmetic Science and as a part of my course we do a placement year within the cosmetic industry. It can be anything from the sciencey bit in the lab to marketing/PR. I’ve finally got my role sorted within a well known UK based makeup brand where I’ll be an intern as a product developer. Where as a friend of mine is working for a popular magazine as a PR intern.

    The area of PR is becoming quite vast. The company that I’m about to start working for not only has a team working on the the usual side of branding but also has someone dedicated to bloggers alone which is something they’ve only introduced this year. There is definitely a lot of scope out there.

    From all the advise I’ve been given by my uni I think you’re going along the right tracks. It takes ages to actually find places to apply to let alone get interviews which is what I’ve figured out this past year. In the end it’ll pay off eventually when you find exactly what you’re looking for. I hope it all works out for the best!

    Zahra xx

    • Vivianna

      Thanks for the comment hun, it’s great to hear that things are going well for you :) And thank you for the well wishes! Congrats on your placement, it sounds really interesting! Your right, the PR industry is booming at the moment and everyone is really trying to tap into social media and blogging, which is great as that is obviously the bit that I’m really interested in :) Hope it all works out for you too!!! xx

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      In all fairness you may need to get some beauty pr experience, or start a blog if you haven’t already. You need to get some experience so it proves you are passionate :) x

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      A degree in marketing or communications is probably best. Internships or work experience are probably the best things to put on your cv x

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    certain places at university without them (applying for courses that are two
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    I’m defiantly
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      Ah no I don’t commute from Bristol, my commute is about 1 hour and a half each way :) x

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    Thankyou! This post gave me the right kick up the bum i needed to apply for some internships. Now I have an interview this week but I have no idea what to wear. How formal is it in the fashion PR offices? is it more important to show individual style or be formal? i’m so excited… thankyou sooo much xxx

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    Sounds like such a fun job :) I have year 10 work experience coming up soon and I was hoping to do something in that sort of industry but many of the magazine websites I have looked at you have to be over 18 (I will be 15), I was just wondering if you knew of anywhere in the beauty/fashion industry that I may be able to do work experience at my age? (I live in London)

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    Hi! that was very helpful thank you! But what type of experience is needed before doing an internship? I know this might not count but i’v got an NVQ Beauty Therapy level 3 qualification and I work in a company doing reception – which involves office work, deliveries to banks, post offices, working on computers and databases etc. So i’m just wondering what type of thing I will need to approach this type of thing. I would be very grateful if you could reply – thank you :)

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    Hi, my friend is really good at Make-up, but doesn’t have any professional experience with it. However, she worked at a hairdressers for a year, and is also very creative and artistic in her own right. She draws all the time. She doesn’t have a diploma or degree. She lost her job due to the company messing her around and is now on JSA. She really wants to do something in the make-up or even beauty industry. Of course, as I said, she doesn’t have any qualifications (a part from basic GCSEs) or professional experience in those industries. Does anyone know where she could start looking? She doesn’t have a lot of money and with research, it showed that a lot of courses in London (UK) are very pricey, even thousands of pounds. I would appreciate if someone could tell me of some courses that are free or basically free for make-up or beauty in London. Even apprenticeships that offer training and a qualifications?? Google is only giving me expensive courses…. Many thanks!

    • Kate

      Try London make up academy for make up! They are reasonably priced a quick course and give you work! Nicole who does it is also lovely too. But she can go freelance by her self, she has too keep up with everything tho as she doesnt need a degree to do make up, she just needs a a good portfolio and a good talent! A certificate would help but a good port will overrule that, her work would start unpaid tho (does tf shoots and offering work for very little) as has no experience. When she gets some money and trained MAC are a fab company to work for, as are bobby brown :) hope this helps x

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