Double Photo TestHold the phone, for I have found something that makes my hair BIG – note the use of capitals, it’s required. Bigger than big. Like huge. So large I felt the need to swing it around in a ‘I Whip My Hair Back and Forth’-like fashion just for celebration. And quelle surprise it comes courtesy of one of my favourite lock lovin’ brands, Oribe (them and Bumble fight it out at the top). A little stalk round Space NK the other day ended with their Aprés Beach Wave and Shine Spray – a bit of a hairspray, shine imparter and wave teaser-outer three-in-one, more on that at a later date – and the Maximista Thickening Spray entering the basket, the latter of which was spritzed into my hair after the fastest hair wash in the history of showers immediately as I walked through the door. And well…

I think we’re onto something special here. 10 or so sprays onto damp, freshly washed locks, post-wash, pre-blow dry beefs up my follicles like other with a blast of heat. Full and bouncy with a matte-ish finish, it acts almost a sea spray but without the crisp. Now it does dry the lengths out – a feature most welcomed in my lank and oft-greasy locks – but those with parched ends be warned. A bit of oomphing up, and a tad of their Dry Texturising Spray in the roots is my current hair jam of choice and I’m lurving it. £25 from Space NK, I sense my bottle will be nearing the last dregs quicker than you can say, ‘I whip my hair back and forth, I whip my hair back and forth’.

  • Holly

    Your hair is huge! wow! Definitely need to try this stuff out, I’m a sufferer a ‘flat-hair syndrome’!


  • jenny (cardigans and nails)

    Wow, huge.

  • Olivia S

    Amazing… Damn the price tag! Xx

    Olivia –

  • Rebecca Lately

    Whoa! Definitely going on my to-buy list.

  • Sherry Darling

    Chuckling away at this post, love your chatty style of writing. I will definitely be picking up some of these beauties x

    Sherry Darling’s Things

  • yourdailybreak

    *takes notes immediately* absolutely required for my flat hair! Jess xo

    Your Daily Break

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  • Claudia

    Love this post. Heard so much about Oribe! Your hair looks amazing x

  • Kristina

    Holy hair! I’m definitely going to need to try this!

  • Michelle

    I love Oribe and the sound of the Apres Beach Wave & Shine Spray but I good for big hair at the minute, with the humidity it’s getting bigger by the hour all by itself…

  • Anya Cross

    Everyone seems to love Oribe at the moment. I need something to spruce up my hair a bit so this might be the one for me!

  • Rasha

    Hey! Have you tried Oribes Beach Wave and Shine Spray? I was hesitant on grabbing a bottle. A review would be nice :) Thanks!!

  • Izzi

    This looks amazing! Never tried Oribe but this post has definitely got me interested in the brand

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  • Andrew James

    I would have to day it is the best product on the market i think nothing compares to the results it gives

  • Leanne

    Anna you NEED benefits watts up cream highlighter omg it is theee most gorgeous highlighter ever!! get a swatch of it next time you are near a store

  • Arianne

    WHOA. Wow!

  • Roshni K

    Wow, the difference is amazing! I am really lacking in volume so this looks wonderful! Thanks :)

  • Rocaille

    Man… only if Oribe didn’t cost an arm and leg… Seriously BIG results though!

  • Nabeelahxx

    Looks amazing!

  • Helena Whitehead

    The shine spray sounds so good!

  • Nicole

    Wow that is incredible! I have been wanting to try both Apres Beach and Maximista. I can’t get enough of Oribe lately!

  • Emily Allen

    I’m trying this!!! Thanks Vivianna ahh I’m excited this stuff sounds amaze


  • Zara

    The title of this post immediately drew me in and now I’m dying to try this out! Please check out my blog –

  • Joycelyn Steib

    Sounds like a wonder drug for the thin locks!!!! I’m sold!!!!! :)

  • Missmacbeauty

    Ah so excited!!

  • Mabel Eugenia

    I have never, ever had big hair. This is cool!


    Life of Mabel

  • Celina

    Wow that looks amazing! Oribe products sound wonderful even though they’re pricey! xx

    Celina | The Celution

  • Stormy Mittens

    love your hair in the pic. love the choppy ends!!

  • Renee / Beauty Fool

    OMG that’s my dream hair right there: BIG haha. Asking my BFF from London to send me some of these, stat! :) Thanks for sharing!

    x Renee

  • Maddy Cane

    Your hair looks amazing, I love it! xxx

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD


  • Savvy Annie

    The longer my hair gets, the flatter it becomes. I no longer have to sacrifice volume for length. Looks fab! Love it.

  • Nadia Roche

    Wow, your hair looks amazing. Ill definitely have to try this out as my hair is so flat lately xx

  • Misha

    Oohh! I may have to give this a try now! I love hair products that give you lots of volume!! I love your blog! Xx

  • Kristen / Glambunctious

    This post is awesome! I too have oily locks, so I might have to give this a try! Thanks! :)

  • Emma

    Anna your hair looks awesome!

    I really want my hair ombre-d and I looked up your ombre hair video! I live in brighton I just wondered what made you go to a London Toni and Guy salon to do it as opposed to the Brighton one?

    Emma x

  • Amélie

    can you make a tutorial using those products please ?
    Thank you ^^

  • Archana

    i recently got a hair cut and this is what the stylist used to blowdry my hair. Its an amazing product.

  • Mika Avila

    Craving that Maximista Thickening Spray x Seems like the perfect no-fuss product for volumized hair x