In my latest video I let the cat out of the bag as to how a foundation addict like myself can go without the stuff – a shedload of faux glow, or more delightfully put – fake tan. A touch of added colour just evens out my skintone, negates the need for large amounts of bronzer and makes me feel much more comfortable about that bare-faced chic look. My facial tanner of choice is the Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanning Lotion for Face. Now I’ve tried my fair share of tanners, especially for the face, and to say that this one wins without a fight is a fair statement.

This is probably the most perfect face tanning concoction I have come across. Used even just once before bed it adds a nice and radiant glow in the morning and repeated  nightly gives a ‘just back from holiday’ hue. In terms of how I use it, I take a 10p-sized amount on a cotton pad or fake tanning mitt and sweep all over my face as the last step of my evening skincare routine. Yes it’s best to avoid the eyebrows, hairline and all that jazz but on first application the colour is so subtle you don’t need to worry about orange hairy bits developing (did I just type that? Yes I did, lets continue). It smells divine and doesn’t go ‘biscuity’, sinks into the skin instantly and develops into a beautiful olive tone. Think of it more as a gradual tanner for the face, you’re not going to get a hefty amount of colour in one application but can reapply daily to boost your tan making it a good choice for even paler skinned ladies.

You get a pretty mega 125ml’s for £17.50, and I get mine from FeelUnique. The bottles a good size and considering you only need the tiniest amount to cover your face this is going to last you a while. No funky smells, sticky texture or the fear of being orange – I don’t have a bad word to say about it!

  • tate.gronow

    I always get scared when using bronzing liquids on face…may have to try this one out though! x

  • Becky

    I actually envisaged this to be a lot pricier but considering the amount you get and the fact you are only using it on your face its pretty reasonable. 

    Beckys Makeup

  • Olivia Harris

    best recommendation from you ever! I brought this a couple of months ago and still have 7/8ths left (random fraction?!). i have quite oily skin but this doesn’t make acne worse at allll and doesn’t clog my pores which is the worst part of alot of fake tans ive tried on my face! I even use it under make up in the morning as i have a prescription acne cream i use at night and it doesn’t affect make up application at allll, its such a subtle colour without having to use it for 2 weeks before seeing a colour difference.

    woh long comment, i think you can see i love it just about as much as you!
    thank you for introducing me haha! 

  • Alice

    I was really worried about fake tanning my face and bought this after seeing you talk about it and I love it!! I am so fair and this just gives enough colour after just one application for me and it looks so natural. xx

  • Ying_Cheung

    when i fake tan in the summer, im never sure on what to use for my face since i usually just load up my bronzer to make me look like i’ve caught the sun. This product sounds really good and its also good that its not going to be too dark in colour and i can gradually build up the colour intensity i want :)
    Thanks so much for sharing~x

  • OfficialSarah

    I hope it’s as good as you say as I ordered it straight away after I saw your video :) They shipped today and delivery to Denmark takes 5-10 days. Cannot wait to get the glow on :)

    Love from Copenhagen, S.

  • Danielle Clements

    Going to pick this up tomorrow, thanks for the reccommendation x Danielle

  • Clay Butterfleyes

    Oh this sounds amazing :) xx

  • Axelle Blanpain

    It makes me want to try it sooooo bad! I currently used up my Caudalie self tan for the face so this one might be my next purchase!

  • Amelia Humfress

    I’ve been using this religiously for the last 2 years now and I swear there is no other fake tan for the face like it. Weirdly, I also find that it really helps with my spots. No idea why – or how – but my skin always looks clearer the next day. Total must buy!

  • Tiffany Laura Anderson

    Really wanted to buy this the minute I saw it in your video! I love Clarins products so I’m going to have to purchase this soon!! :/
    check out my blog: 

  • Gemma Berryman

    Anna – you make me want everything you use. you make everything sound so good! x 

  • Lauren lovethebrunette

    you make me convert to every beauty product you review :) Need to purchase this ASAP!!! I recently just read your blogpost on how to become a blogger. I was wondering which you prefer blgger or word press? Im thinking of converting.


  • emmalou

    Your a beauty star :D xxx