Makeup for me stays pretty constant throughout the year – quite a tanned base, bronzed peachy cheeks, lashings of mascara and a nude lip. But sometimes during the winter it is nice to add a touch of glitz and glam with a sprinkling of shimmer here and there and when I saw the new Clarins Christmas 2011 collection, I instantly thought it would be perfect for this! The colours are simple, easily incorporated into my everyday look and add a hint of winter warmth to my makeup. I was lucky enough to be invited to Clarins HQ to have a sneak peek (I took Yu with me, who did a post about it too on her blog), which was a very swanky affair, with a self-opening/slightly creepy big wooden front door kicking off proceedings! The event was really intimate with only a handful of bloggers there which meant we got some real one-on-one advice from the Clarins ladies themselves, who spoke us through their lovely new collection..
Clarins Eye Quartet Mineral Palette in Smokey Passion, Rouge Prodige Passion Rose Lipstick & Passion Face Palette 

Firstly what struck me was the gorgeous gold, and pretty heavy outer casing – it screams luxurious! The Eye Quartet Mineral Palette in Smokey Passion contains 3 powder shadows in a reddy copper, cocoa brown and black, plus a silver cream shadow, which can be used for highlighting, layering or adding texture which I thought was a nice addition. I actually wore the copper shade blended all over the lid the other night to a family doo and my Mum loved it so much she wore the same (what a copy-cat)! Now the Rouge Prodige Passion Rose Lipstick isn’t usually a shade that I would go for if I’m honest, a deep plum with a slight hint of bronze running through it, however I find it strangely flattered on my lips (they are quite pigmented), and makes a nice change for the winter. I have to say that my favourite piece for the new release is the Passion Face Palette, not only does this palette carry some serious weight (you could use this as a paperweight), it is stunning! It has an art deco design on the outer casing which is also  etched into the powder, it’s a peachy, slightly luminous powder that when dusted all over the face just makes it look glowy and gorgeous. I did think it was a bit shimmery when I first swatched it, but this was just due to a golden spray-on overlay which is easily removed after a few uses and now this powder just ‘finishes’ of my look. Difficult to explain, but just very very nice. At £35 it definitely isn’t the cheapest thing, in fact it’s the most expensive item out of the collection, but if you want a real Christmas treat for yourself – then this is. 
Now onto some skincare. Skincare is my main indulgence at the moment, I love the feeling of taking my makeup off in the evening and slathering on my own mix of cleansers, toners, serums, moisturisers and oils. Mmmm mmm! I had previously been using the Liz Earle SuperSkin Concentrate, which I still rate very highly, but this has been replaced for the last 2 weeks by a recent re-release from Clarins…
Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil

Clarins have re-packaged some of their longest standing products; this face oil, along with 2 others for various skintypes and 3 body treatment oils were created back in 1954 and have remained unchanged since – the only thing updated is the packaging! All formulas are 100% natural essential oils and preservative free, the perfect thing to pop on at bedtime. I have been absolutely loving oils at the moment for my hair, body, nails and then this on the face – I don’t think I’ve ever looked so nourished lol! I smoother this on (2 tiny drops is all you need), over my face after toning and then rest my sleepy little head. In the morning my skin looks pretty darn good. It’s £29 for 30ml, and you seriously need the tiniest amount for your whole face – this is gonna last an age! Like I said I have only been using it though for 2 weeks, so I’ll reserve judgement on it just yet. But so far, so good!
What are you thoughts on Clarins? It’s personally a brand that I’ve always had good experiences with! I brought my first ever high-end foundation from them back when I was like 17, plus their Natural Light Lip Perfecter is my fave ever gloss – they have a good track record! 
Much Love,
Vivianna x
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  • Glitterish Allsorts

    I must get that palette and the face oil! They both look

  • Boscy

    Such a lovely review! The Passion Face Palette looks amazing.. absolutely love the packaging. I’ve always had very good experiences with Clarins products (especially their skincare) but for some reason always forget about them on the makeup front. May be time to try something new from them again? x

    • Vivianna

      Yes definitely – I have always loved everything I have tried from them :) xx

  • Thu

    I’d never paid much attention to Clarins, but when I went shopping recently I was given some samples of the Lifting Serum, which is supposed to make your face slimmer. I’ve been trying it this week, and even though it’s too early to see any slimming result, it’s great as “moisturizer”. It doesn’t really moisturize my skin, but makes it soo soft and velvety. I love it. And their massage technique is amazing. I am going to check Clarins counter tomorrow to get a full size product, because I love it! And I do wanna check if it’s got any slimming effect. I feel bad for telling you this, becase as far as I am concerned this is only available in Asia. But check out Clarins page on youtube, they put the video showing you how to massage/apply product on your face and it’s really does make a difference.

    • Vivianna

      Ooooo thanks for letting me know, I will be checking out their Youtube channel now :) xx

  • Charlotte Hoedemakers

     I love Clarins, their products are really really good :) The eyeshadows are just amazing, I love the colours and the packaging of it all is also very very nice! Want to try the oil now, haha :) xoxo

    • Vivianna

      Ooooo yes the oil is lovely xx

  • Silvia Quirós

    Amazing compact powder palette, amazing, thanks for sharing

    • Vivianna

      It’s such a beaut! xx

  • Gemma Louise

    Wow that palette looks lovely!.

    • Vivianna

      It’s a stunner! xx

  • Anonymous

    These products look beautiful, especially the face palette… I wish I could afford them :(

    Frances x
    Twitter: Francesss__

    • Vivianna

      Boooo! Pop them on your Christmas list ;) xx

  • lauren alice

    I sometimes find clarins a little too perfumed for my skin. But their lipbalm is the best I have ever tried! That palette is gorgeous. Sounds like you had a lovely time!

    • Vivianna

      I did – it was a lovely event :) xx

  • Beckie

    That eye quad looks AMAZING!! I love all the colours – just right for me!

    • Vivianna

      It’s gorge! xx

  • Kelly C.

    these look so pretty! I’m loving that passion face palette! 

    • Vivianna

      It’s such a beaut! xx

  • Anonymous

    I agree with everything you said – the powder is just.. phwoarrrr. I don’t think my face has yet adjusted to the oil, as I’ve only used it twice but I love the feeling and smell of it! :) Thanks for inviting me again!

    • Vivianna

      No problem Yu, loved your post on it too :) Definitely keep persisting with the oil, it’s working a treat for me :) xx

  • Stephanie Taylor

    Their makeup looks lovely, I’d love to try out the face palette! I always like nice packaging haha! Thanks for this review! xx

    • Vivianna

      No worries hun, glad you like it! xx

  • Maryam

    I think they’re a good honest brand, theyr not gimicky or to “on trend”, which makes them a brand that I trust and I think really suitable for all ages, I couldnt be without my lip perfector or the beauty flash balm! x

    • Vivianna

      That is so true! I really need to try their beauty flash balm :) xx

  • charl †

    your so lucky being able to attend all these lovely events plus your gorgeous:–)

    make my year if you follow me!

    • Vivianna

      Thank you sweetie :) xx

  • Sheilaoriordan75

    I ADORE Clarins, i use their Bi-phase serum together with their eye cream, beauty flash balm, natural radiance balm and also their multi-active day cream.  An oil has been very much on my next to purchase list, but i am still a little nervous of putting on oil on my skin which when I was younger used to be greasy on the T zone.

    I also love their natural lip perfector and have three of the shades which is quite possibly over the top, and in the summer used their natural light tinted moisturiser which I love.

    • Vivianna

      Ooooo added all of those to my shopping list :) When it comes to the oil, I used to be worried too as I have quite oily skin, but oil actually works wonders for oily skin as it tells the skin to stop producing oil! xx

  • princesselfy

    Everything looks gorgeous-I don't mind paying more when you're getting a quality product in gorgeous packaging x

  • Amy Sparkle

    Wow! Gorgeous packaging and even more gorgeous colours! I have never used Clarins before but have heard good things!  :)

    • Vivianna

      Oooo you should, their bits are lovely! xxx

  • Anna

    I never used Clarins before because im afraid of breakouts. thank god for prescription meds that zaps all my acne away.  the palette looks lovely BTW ;)

    • Vivianna

      It’s gorge – the perfect palette for winter :) xx

  • Melanie Davies

    this looks mike a gorgeous collection – i’ve never used clarins before but maybe i’ll give it a shot after reading this :) !

    • Vivianna

      Oh you should, I’ve always been so happy with things I have purchased from them xx

  • Qewtbee

    I heart Clarins! they always have amazing products. The face treatment oil is really good for all skin types. Ps check out my current giveaway… prizes include Roberto Cavalli’s perfume, wet n wild etc!

    • Vivianna

      They do! xx

  • Anonymous

    the lipstick and face palette do it for me, the eyes not so much :D xx

    • Vivianna

      Ooooo the face palette is a stunner xx

  • Train-of-thoughts

    Love the make up in the picture…eyeshadows above all!!But I’ve never bought something from this brand… :( (((

    • Vivianna

      Ooooo you should, I have always been really impressed with them xx

  • zoe.12

    Love the sound of all these!

    • Vivianna

      They are lovely bits! xx

  • koren

    am i being slow but i have never used an oil on my skin, what are they? what do they do? I am so intirigued I am wanting to by myself lots of nice skin care stuff for xmas, winter hates my skin!

    • Vivianna

      Oooooo oils are perfect for the skin during winter. They are 100% natural, and made of essential oils (which are basically really tiny molecules that are able to penetrate the skin), they also help to balance your skin out :) xx

  • Rubiiee

    I adore the packaging, makes you feel so lush when you use it xD!

    • Vivianna

      It does! Very luxurious! xx

  • Bamby

    my favorit skin care is from Clarins! All the Anti age cremes, serums, Selftaners… alll!!!

    • Vivianna

      Ooooo I definitely need to try more of their stuff out! xx

  • fayeb.

    i know this is a very late comment, but i have super oily skin and i was wondering whether to purchase this along side the Clarins Toner with Iris, would they be a good combo to use as part of my daily skincare routine? xx

    • Alessandra

      Love their toners. The yellow one is all around good!

  • Alessandra

    I love the brand but the face oil packaging is RUBBISH. They keep revamping it but never think to make the glass opaque! Mine turned clear (the blue orchid face oil), sigh, so I purchased Alpha-H All a about Eve face oil as a replacement with the opaque glass instead. Holds up really well. I really did like the Clarins oil and the brand in general is very reliable though. Love their Firming Body Lift gel, a staple after my shower.

    • Alessandra

      I also recommend the orange extract exfoliating cleaner, the gentle refiner, the hydra quench mask, beauty flash balm and the dry skin serum! And their lipsticks… All of them :)