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  • Crisitna Florence Galati the new layout!!!

  • natalie

    hiya, were in the uk can you buy sigma brushes from x

  • Dannielle Richardson

    you so gorgeous :) x

  • Liz

    Could you please add an RSS feed to your blog? It would make following it so much easier for me. Thanks so much.

    • Nick

      RSS Feed:

  • chandinitalks
    A little post on Vivianna! xxx

  • Jane Quigley

    Just discovered you through BeautyCrush and I already have you bookmarked! Love your style :) 

  • Christina

    you are the best!! 


  • Filis

    Hi beauty. just discovered your videos on youtube a few days ago and I love them! Your eyes are amazing :)  and I really love you haircolor. Do you color them (if you do, what color is this) or is it all natural? sending you greetings from switzerland. x o x o Filis

  • Paula

    I love your blog and your youtube channel. I am currently in the process of starting my own blog and am so confused with it! Where can I find good layouts etc? x

  • Maddymel39

    I wear Beige 30 in Chanel Perfection Lumiere, so what color whould you suggest in the Jemma Kidd foundation? 

    Thanks Melissa

  • Nadia Yousuf

    Hello, I am a new follower to your blog and I absolutely love it (: I was just wondering what your thoughts were on the nars tinted moisturiser you purchased (I am sorry if you have written a post or something about it that I have missed, I’m sure you get a lot of questions that answers are available to cater to but I just can’t seem to find anything). Hope you get back to me. Thanks. Also could you say how it compares to your chantacailles and laura mercier one? Thanks x

  • Mariahoconnell26

    Hey i love your blog,when i’m older i would love a career in fashion especially PR.I have a blog but i need to improve it i was wondering if you had any ideas on how i could and to insert links for my twitter facebook etc….. xx

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  • Cathy

    Hi, love your u tube vids! You looked amazing with just concealer and a bit of a tan.
    Thought it was your best look!
    As your a fan of Liz Earl, I thought you might be interested in Organic Pharmacy’s Carrot butter cleanser, please try this! I always had probs with dry skin and then used rich moisurisers and then spots! Nightmare, since using the carrot cleaser I go without moisturiser as well, it also uses the muslin hot cloth method!

  • Sarah

    Hey Anna I love your blog and your you tube channel!! You’re great girl :) I was wondering if you have a P.O box or something like that where we can send you things? Hope to hear back from you. Thanks xx

  • Tiana

    Please please please do a review on the Molecule 01 perfume!! I was thinking about getting it & wanted to hear your opinion :)

  • Jolain

    Hi, I’m french and I love your blog !!! I will go to London during Christmas holiday, so please can you do a video of what to buy in London ? what beauty product I have to bring back with me to Paris ?
    Sorry for my bad english …

  • Vera

    I am from the States and I absolutely adore you! You are amazing and I love your blog and your videos. Keep it up!

  • Jenn

    I´m from Austria…You are so lovely!
    Your blog is my favourite!!!  <3  

  • Shona

    Hey, I stumbled across your blog after watching your YouTube videos and absolutely love it! Could you please tell me what blog template you use and also you camera and lens? Thanks :) xx

  • Shona
  • joysteib

    Love your blogs and wondered what made you start to blog and when did you know this is what you wanted to do? I’m just a curious old person!!

  • Canan Iscan Elmas

    Hi, you are so talented. Great work Anna.. I sent you an email not sure if you received it or not.Please confirm. thanks, x  [email protected]

  • Emma

    Hey I love your blog and you tube channel I was just wondering if you could tell me the difference between Laura mercier tinted moisturiser, dr hart water infused bb cream and the jouer luminiser, are the all similar coverage thank you x

  • Amrin Shaikh

    how can i order these products.. plz help. 

  • Elle

    Hi Anna, absolutely love your blog. It’s probably my favourite to read, as is your YouTube channel to watch. I love that you do both to the same brilliant standard. You’ve even got me to be okay with my big brows 😉 Just wondering, is there any way you can view the images at a bigger size on an iPad or iPhone? X

  • Niamh

    Hi Anna,

    I love your blog and think your style is top! It’s minimalist and classy. I was just wondering whether you could show some of the types of shoes you wear. I know you’ve done hauls on wedges and things, but I’m talking more about casual/ankle boot type shoes. I’m trying to find some to wear everyday, and I really like your style so it would be nice to see what you have.

    Of course you don’t have to :) x

  • Kawai

    Hey. I know you like the chanel holiday nail Polish. I think I found a dupe today. It’s from Revlon and they are new shades for this season called marmalade and can’t remember the other shade. Hope this helps!

  • Beth

    I’d love for you to check out my blog,

    all the best, beth xo

  • TheSilverSparkle

    I just started my beauty blog, and I would love if you check it out! I’m still working on it. It is in tumblr, because it is my easiest way for doing it! Thank you! -xo

  • Chloe

    I really like your blog, it’s good! I love reading it, I’ve just started a blog so I would love it if you take a look thanks x

  • Katie

    Check out my blog called Hidden Inspirations, where I discuss beauty, fashion, travel, and anything else that inspires me!

  • francesca

    lovely blog,

    please check out mine

  • lily

    i know you use seche vite. aren’t you scared about side effects? I don’t know whether or not to buy it.

  • ALittleBitOfBeautyXO

    Great Blog! Please Check Out Mine!

  • Ellie

    Hellu :)

    Could you please tell me where you got (and how I can get, lol) your Cath Kidston makeup wrap?! I’ve seriously looked everywhere 😉

  • Dreamweave

    If you want to try a fab product we can give you a sample and if you like it you can do a blog Dreamweave original Lash Magnet mascara

  • beautyinsideout

    how do i start one of these blogs? if you dont mind telling..

  • Alyssa Z.

    Hi! I was wondering if you had found any favorite serums. I’m 25 with light acne and I’m trying a mask that’s clearing out my face but leaving it a bit dry. I’m looking for something balancing, moisturizing, and nutritious. Any thoughts?

  • Tiana

    Anna please please please do another empties video! Those really inspire me to use up my stuff.

  • Emma

    Just recently started watching your videos as a request from Elle Fowler, and I am falling in love with your blog! Ahhh! You are the queen of beauty gurus! I’m 18 and you’re an inspiration! I just bought the Rimmel London Scandeleyes Nude Liner as I seen in a few of your videos and I absolutely love it, it’s fantastic! Keep it up girlfriend :) This Canadian girl is loving you, gorgeous!

  • Ranunkline

    I’m a new subscriber to your Youtube channel and I thought it might be worth checking out your blog as well and I have to say that I’m quite impressed… I’ve god nothing bad to say – You are all good!

  • Susanna

    Hi I’m just wondering if you had heard anything or tried the new foreo ulna cleansing device? I have been reading about it online and it gets good reviews compared to the clarisonic just wanting to know if you had tried it yet?

  • Chante

    Hi Anna,
    Pretty please can you do a video review on all your real techniques brushes & what other uses each brush can be for and which are you favorites, if its not too much trouble. I love your blog!


  • Matilda

    Hey Anna!
    Would love to see a post on how you started your beauty collection – what you started with, which high end products you think are the most important to start building up your collection with, and how to generally build up a stash for students who want to start investing in better makeup and skincare but are too overwhelmed to know where to start!

    Matilda x

    • Rox

      Hi Anna I am with Matilda on this – please

  • stylekandi

    Hi Anna I am holding a fashion show next week I was wondering if you would like to do makeup for the models backstage

  • Cheryl

    What brand/color lipstick are you wearing in the Charlotte Tilbury favorites tutorial with the eyeliner for green eyes?

  • Stacy

    Hi Anna! Is there any way to subscribe to your blog post? Would love to get instant updates : )

  • Heather

    Hi, i just wanted to give you a small bit of feedback about the ads. I read your blog on my phone and the ad pops up and the cross doesn’t work to get rid of it – I have to watch it and there is no way round it. I enjoy your blog but I’d rather have the choice whether I watch an ad or not. Is there anyway you can change the settings so that the ad doesn’t take up the full browser screen? Thanks, and thanks for your great blog x

  • Erin

    Check out my blog! I am an aspiring beauty/lifestyle blogger Please spread the video. Oh and Anna, I love your blog!

    • Erin

      Oops, I meant: spread the word!?

  • Tricia

    Hey there!

    Super excited to see your blog here! I am hoping to maybe get a review from you on 3D Fiber Lash Mascara! You can see how easy it is to use at

  • Natasha

    Do you wear hair extensions? I’ve just started watching your videos and noticed your hair is short and then long again.. if they are they look amazing, do you have a hair care / styling video?

  • Jules

    Hi Anna, Would you do a JCrew model makeup tutorial?

  • amy

    Hello Anna! discovered your blog recently and i am so glad i did! especially a fan of your videos and tutorials. i have two topic suggestions to throw your way, one – upper lip hair removal, i know, kinda gross, but something most of us dark hair girls have to deal with.. i’m always looking for better and gentler methods…. and two – fixing makeup mistakes. haha, i’m a klutz and have definitely smudged mascara/eyeliner right after applying it..etc, do you have suggestions on fixing these mistakes without having to start all the way over?

  • Sabrina M

    Hey Anna! Try Aquaphor soothing skin balm for your lips, its way better than Reve de Miel, By Terry or Hour Cream- its great for people on Roaccutane, and works brilliantly as a cheek highlight in a pinch! Try it and you’ll never go back! :)

  • Simran Dhir

    hlo tel me how to create a beauty blog

  • AB

    Hi Anna! Great site. Have you ever used Stacey Frasca Studio 28 make up line. It is truly fabulous!

  • dancepod

    What did you think of the supplements you took….Functionalab Beauty Dose Supplements back about a year ago and Fountain: The Beauty Molecule and Perricone MD Omega 3 Supplements, January last year?

  • Jenny

    Hey darling,
    I nominated you for THE VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD! you can go to my blog for the rules hihi
    I hope you do the post, and if you do, can you let me know? I would love to read it.


    • jenny

      sorry my blog is

  • Beverley

    Please tell me how to remove the Surf ads that just slide up and down your pages. Only happens on your pages

  • ub40

    Can you recommend a good chubby pencil sharpener for nars lip pencil? Hate wasting the product. Thank you so much!

  • beauTlover

    Can you do a blog post on top products you recommend UK beauty girls pick up from the U.S.?

  • Lilian Al-Radi

    Hi Anna, I just recently started watching your videos and following your blog, and I have to say that I absolutely love it! Your personality and videos always cheer me up in the mornings and I love watching you and Mark together. There is something so authentic and genuinely nice about you that just really puts me in a good mood, no matter what. Plus I think you definitely deserve a lot of recognition and reward for actually posting a blog post as often as you do! Thank you for posting videos and blog post, keep it up ( as me and many others absolutely love it), you’re amazing, and I hope you have an amazing week!
    Million of loves and kisses