Diptyque dupes for a mere fraction of the £40 originals? ‘Where?‘, ‘How?‘, ‘Price?‘, I hear you ask as you grab your coat and begin hotfooting it out the door. Well that good ol’ place MUJI has come up trumps again. Not only a mecca for makeup storage they offer-up a pretty comprehensive candle collection that I’ve sniffed my way entirely though and come to the conclusion of some dupes for you. They’re spot on and coming in at £3.50 and £10.95 respectively, you really can’t go wrong. Here are the deats:

Diptyque Feu de Bois = MUJI Log Fire Tin Candle. Originally discovered by Meg, I’d been meaning to have a whiff of this for months and sure enough it pretty much follows Feu de Bois note for note. Though not as aesthetically pleasing nor long-lasting, the bonfire smokiness is there conjuring up countryside cottage thoughts and Christmas nostalgia. It’s also a hit with the Boyfriend; it’s unisex people pleaser.

Diptyque Figuier = MUJI Green Fig Glass Candle. When perusing the candle stand my eyes were instantly drawn to a box emblazoned with those three magic letters ‘F’, ‘I’, ‘G’ on the side. What a surprise. A little more greeny and less warming than Figuier, which is no surprise given it’s name, it still operates around the same notes and fills the rooms with some figgy flavour for a quarter of the price.

Next time you’re buying them out of acrylic storage it may be worth throwing one of the above into your basket. That’s if you can manage it with your armfuls of drawers.

  • Evelyn Morales

    Yeah now I can afford to have them in my house. I always liked the diptyque candles but not there pricetag. Thanks for recommending, I need to go to muji now (puttting coat on)!!


  • Jo Sharma-Stray

    I have the muji log fire one and it’s gorgeous, such a comforting smell especially on cold days. Must try the glass jars too!

    Jo ★ | A Little Pop Of Coral

  • Charlotte MacDonald-Gaunt

    Excellent recommendation, will add a candle or two when I get my new storage solution for my new dressing table :o ). Xx


  • Gavina

    Think I need to feed my candle addiction with these!

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  • Jelly

    How do you feel about Yankee candles? They aren’t quite as luxurious, but the range available can suit any mood and have amazing longevity ! I would love to try diptyque but they are soooo pricey. Time to try Muji

  • Rose

    price’s candles have a fig one that scents the whole room without even being lit, im pretty sure it is very similar to the diptyque one

  • Antonia @ Health Inspirations

    I nearly picked up a pack of 3 Diptyque candles at Space NK the other day but I realized that the last thing I needed was yet another candle. I’ll have to give the Muji candle a sniff the next time I’m there. For now, I’m really liking my Yankee candle. Not quite as luxurious but it does the job.

  • http://www.letitbecosy.com/ Rocio G.

    Anna! I discovered the MUJI fig candle back in May and was so impressed… I prefer it to Diptyque Figuier just because it is way cheaper and i can say 100% it lasts a lot longer… The packaging is really nice too! It doesn’t have the gorgeous Diptyque lettering but hey… :) I totaly back your recommendation on this one! X

  • http://www.blubuttonbox.com/ Sue

    I was excited when I read the title but not anymore. I can’t buy neither one here where I live :/

  • AgentSmyth

    These sound lovely, I especially love the Muji one! However I do buy the Diptyque candles just as much for the lovely glass that I can use again after than I do for the smell so not sure whether I’d pick up the dupes

    Claire | AgentSmyth

  • Sylvia

    I could recognize the Muji font anywhere! Too bad Muji is not available here in Canada. I remember the one that I visited in Tokyo and man, it was dreamy.


  • Pre

    Anna you are a babe! x

  • Kat

    I love the muji candles and have been burning the Red berry tin every night. Such a lovely autumn smell with just a hint of Christmas!
    Kat x

  • Beautyandtheb

    May try the muji candle but still hoping for a diptyque for christmas!!


    B xx

  • http://alittleboatsailing.blogspot.co.uk/ Amy

    I smelt these last time I was in store and I was really quite surprised how nice they are :) Hoping to be going back to the store in two weeks to pick up another draw….might buy a candle too.

    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

  • Parisian To Be

    You have the reaction spot on; as soon as I saw this title, it was a drop everything moment. I’ll definitely have to check these out.

    xo Lillian from parisiantobe.com

  • http://www.forksandbrushes.blogspot.co.uk/ Georgina de Pear

    Does Muji candles burn well? With Diptyque’s candles, apart from the powerful scent, they burn really well til the last drop of wax. It’s something that is lacking from other brands like Jo Malone.

  • Louise Pallisgaard

    I bought one from H&M home department today called ‘black fig’. It smeels good to, and was only about 7 pounds i think (i bought in Copenhagen were i live so i’m sure about the price in pounds)

  • Victoria Reilly

    I was so excited to see you post this haha, cannot part with £40 for a candle!

    Vickie xo | vickieblogs

  • http://emmabebeauty.blogspot.ie/ Emma Be Beauty

    i’m going to try these. Muji is such a great store.

  • Aneeka

    You’ve got to try the John Lewis Hintoki Wood candle! smells just like philosokos!

  • Carrie Ward

    Urgh gone are the days when I can spank £40 on a candle. I try to at Space nk, but I just can’t….it seems such a waste which is a shame as I love diptype. Happy to blow this amount and more on perfume but not a candle. I love the white company ones as £20, but I never buy these as if you buy enough bed linen they will usually chuck in one for free for you as a gift. Will definitely hot trot it to Muji….

  • Katie

    How do your blogs always apply to my life? I’ve been wanting a diptyque candle so bad and now I can have something similar!! woooooo thanks Anna xx


  • Siska

    I have to go to Muji:D


  • Maddy Cane

    Wow, I need to pick these up! Amazing find! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD


  • Rachel

    Definitely gong to go get some! thanks xx


  • Francesca Bratt

    Laughed at the last sentence :)

  • Marleen

    I do not like scented candles, they make me sick. I love fresh air and the scent of freshly mowed grass. Too bad, can not use them as makeup brush holders ;-)


  • http://lovefromberlin.net/ rae

    Thanks for the tip. I am personally a huge fan of MUJI. While I do still find MUJI expensive (it obviously isn’t IKEA) there is a reason it is more pricey. However they are definitely not extremely overly expensive – sort of an in between an ikea and higher end house brand labels. i am a big fan of their candles as well. although i do not know of the scents of the candles they are modeled after, i will def. check them out next time i am in muji!


  • http://ten-sixteen.blogspot.com/ Nicole K

    Ah, more items to put on my MUJI shopping list!

    xx Nicole

  • lala

    Might be nice if you listed something we can get outside UK…it is extremely hard to get hold of anything from muji if you don´t want to pay 25 euros for shipping.

  • Isobel Gane

    I just noticed the same thing with the Figuier and the Muji dupe! Good to know about the log fire one too. These are next on my treat list.

  • http://evladylrebmik.blogspot.com/ Kim Dalve

    I definitely need to check these out!

    Kim | evladylrebmik.blogspot.com

  • http://www.zoetrope2468.com/ Zoë Baldwin

    Huge fan of fig scents – I just bought one from Country Road and it’s lovely x x