There’s no place quite like home Boots. I can often be found perusing the beauty aisles in the early hours of opening (fresh stock + no crowds = bliss), with a brimming basket and swatches all the way up to my elbow. In the mist of deep beauty thoughts the other day (I know – how deep am I?) I concluded that in the past year or so the drugstore has really upped its game. The counters are getting bigger, ranges vaster, formulas improved and annoyingly the prices more expensive – I can’t be the only one who always gets a bit of a shock at the till? Or perhaps it’s just my severe lack of mental arithmetic. So without further ado I’m uploading the contents of my latest basket in full view of YouTube. Enjoy.

  • Jemma

    Everything looks so good!
    I have none of this but need it all now I’ve seen this.
    I wish my boots sold bb stuff


  • joysteib

    Great haul Anna!!! I really enjoyed being “nosey” over all your goodies! Thanks for sharing with us!! <3

  • Anna

    I love your videos! Your voice is so soothing… I have an exam tomorrow, and as I am a med student, there’s some hardcore memorizing involved, which is incredibly exhausting. I use your blog as a ‘special treat’ when I take a rest, and I feel noticeably refreshed afterwards, so thank you for that! <3

    BTW: What are you wearing on your eyes? The colour's really stunning on you.

    xxx Anna

  • Lily

    I love your hauls and your videos x

  • Louise Hunt

    Good haul! I’d love to go to your meet up Xx

  • LΓ©a

    Each time I watch one of your haul I feel I need to shop, Thanks Anna…

  • Jemma

    Boots is heavenly, it’s also pretty dangerous; my basket always seems to end up too full and I spend far more than I ever anticipated… But all worth it! I love those BarryM gelly shines too – I think ‘Mango’ is my favourite colour though! Xx

    Jemma @

  • Vanilla In November

    Boots is the worst place to go for me, I know never when to stop! I just put everything in my basket. Such a big haul! Your pick of products is beautiful, and very summery.
    Lots of Love, Katie. X

  • nueyork

    Hauls are some of my favourite videos to watch! I get the same giddiness as if I’d done the haul myself.

  • Renee Hartwig

    Thanks for the haul vid. Love ’em!

    Renee x

  • MyOwnLoves

    Love drugstore brands! Great vid xox

  • Grace

    It’s so cool how those three Essie nail polishes came in a set! I never knew they did those, too bad they don’t sell them like that where I live πŸ˜›

  • littleonechris

    What nail colour are you wearing. I love it.

  • Jennifer Monforton

    So many fun picks! I am obsessed with those Barry M. shades- I need all of them! I recently bought my first-ever Barry M. Gellies (Blueberry and Green Berry) and love them both :)

  • Cindy

    We all love Boots! That’s quite a hefty haul there, I love the Barry M polishes, they’re great!

  • Sugar Spun Sisters

    Ahh Anna you always make us physically NEED to go shopping! That Essie trio is amazing <3

    Eve & Faye x

    The Sugar Spun Sisters | A blog about clothes, cosmetics & coeliac disease

  • Renata

    Hauls are one of my favourite videos. :) please report back on the Yes To range. I’ve been seeing them in my local boots and would love to know if it’s worth giving it a try. X

  • Emily Knott

    Got to love a good boots haul!

  • Josie

    Those Essie products are so pretty – love those shades!

    Josie xoxo | Fashion Mumblr

  • Lauren S

    Definitely would love to try the B+B minis and the duty grey blue Barry M, lovely shade !

    Lauren x

    Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography –

  • Lauren Parker

    Loved the video!


  • Bethany Rutt

    Loved this haul, definitely plan on trying a lot of these!

  • Megan Curtis

    Loved it, makes me so tempted to buy it all!!

  • Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD.

    Wooo, I love a good boots haul! x

    Maddy, xo // UNSTITCHEDD

  • Livia @ TheSkinandBeautyBlog

    I do love your hauls, might try that Kick Ass powder! x

  • Laurel Loves

    I love this haul. That cherry lip colour by Loreal is gorgeous! Nice video :)

  • Elaine Noble Karrh

    I adore you and your hauls!!

  • ladyporter

    I wish they sold more Soap and Glory in the states, there’s so much of it that I want to try!


  • hello phloxy

    I absolutely love drugstore hauls. I live in a small town so
    i have to impatiently wait for new products to hit our shelves, watching your
    drugstore haul i can see what is heading my way. YAY xx

  • Summer Hanif

    I really want to try more soap&glory products!

  • Julianne

    there is almost no essie color i don’t love! great finds!

    xo Julianne

  • Sybil Mae

    Great video! I have been wanting to try some new Bumble and Bumble products for so long… :)

  • Amy Cole

    I really want to try the Yes To range as i have seen a lot about it! Glad they have brought them to boots! I loved the video. x

  • Sara Fleming

    Loved this video, but it’s made me want to go raid Boots!

  • Anjna Harish

    I’ve heard mixed stuff about the Yes To range, so a review would be helpful :)

  • Anna

    They see me haulin’… they hatin’… Love a good haul, still need to get some Barry M Gel action in my life as I have yet to buy some for myself!

  • Kay Cake

    I love those Yes to products x

    Kay β™‘ imladiiekay

  • Nina Zane

    Do love a good haul but I am trying to use up my products, I buy way tooooo much :) xx

  • Jessie

    yay haul!! πŸ˜€


  • Klaudia

    Love nail polish πŸ˜€

  • Multitasking Damsel

    loved the haul very much anna! xx

  • Krissy S

    Great haul! I wish our drugstores in America had higher end products!

    Krissy |

  • Sunaina Kapoor

    Love the haul! I have the Soap & Glory Concealor and love it!! x

  • Pam Biggin

    Loved this video and the haul was fab :)

  • Kate Wilson

    I want everything you bought x


  • Stephanie

    Incredible video as always! I love a good haul!



  • Rubiiee

    Gorgeous nail polish selection!

    Carolyn | BLOG

  • Aleena

    Boots are amazing! Drugstore products for the win!

  • Ellenor Marie

    This was a great haul! I am buying some of these! :)

  • Emily Shea

    I really am sooo jealous, I want to go to a Boots so badly. Haha I mostly follow British bloggers (probs for the accents, not gonna lie) and you all rave about it. That and Primark! So jelly!

  • Hannah Marie

    Ahh I went to Boots Saturday and got loads of goodies! xx

  • victoria

    got the kick ass concealer, love that, so worth it ! :)


  • Kelsey Charlish

    Reviewed the Essie Summer Collection on my blog, love them!

  • Megan J

    I love Boots but it always gets so out of hand when I go there that I have to give myself a Boots ban every now and again! Looking forward to hear how you get on with the Revlon foundation :) xx

  • Celine Vine

    Ok now I just have to go to Boots, darn it, that means more money will be spent on make-up :) x

  • Jennifer

    It’s definitely not just you. I was astounded that mascaras were over $10 at the drugstore, I’m used to paying $7!

    My Most Coveted| A Beauty & Lifestyle Blog