Ahh, got to love a fresh drop of Essie shades just in time for spring. Shying away from the usual washes of pales and pastels, this time their Fashion Playground Collection features bottles of brights, blues and nudes – it’s a good mix and there’s definitely something for everyone hidden amongst the six whatever your colour preferences. Time for a shade breakdown (in L-R order from top photo):

Hide & Go Chic – a dusky blue that I reckon is the most unique of the collection. It’s not quite navy or royal – it’s almost a ‘bliege’ like they’ve mixed a more typical blue with some kind of beige to tone it down. Update: I’ve just started at the bottle for about five minutes and still can’t find a coherent way to describe it, so I’ll leave it there.

Spin the Bottle – a fleshy nude that’s got that whole mannequin hand thing down. I have to say that this wasn’t my favourite formula-wise and took a good three coats to get opaque, but once it got there I could appreciate the colour. There’s something about this shade that makes me want to do a barely-there pedi with it. Could look awful, could look chic.

Fashion Playground – a subtler version of Mint Candy Apple, I can see this being a popular choice. Two things to be aware of first though: this was another three-coater (boo!) and there are flecks of silver shimmer when peeked at in the bottle, though like Bikini So Teeny it doesn’t transfer when swatched on the nail.

Truth or Flare – a lilacy grey, this by far my favourite of the six. It goes on well in two layers and though not your typical spring shade is a colour I think I’d happily rock all year round. If you’re going to limit yourself to one may I suggest this. For a bonus point it has the best name too.

Romper Room – think Fiji, but less white and more pink – in fact it’s sorta Fiji’s more wearable sister. It’s like strawberry milkshake for your nails; a little too sickly sweet for me, but a good one for toes perhaps?

Style Hunter – a bright fuchsia pink that I really, really like. I’ve never owned Watermelon but from swatches I’ve seen it’s very similar. It goes on nicely and if you’re generous in you application you can get away with just the one coat. Win.

The six will be making their way onto Essie counters in Boots and Superdrug sometime this month for the not-too-painful price of £7.99. Just be prepared to sharpen your elbows; things can get a little frenzied around the Essie stand. Or maybe that’s just me. Fight you to the front?  

  • Anna Blush

    Hide & Go Chic and Truth or Flare sound amazing. It’s ok to wear a spring polish is Autumn, right?


  • http://www.glamdevils.com/ Mira Devils

    They all look lovely. My favorites Spin the Bottle and Fashion Playground :)

    xx glamdevils

  • Sophie ♥

    This collection is so pretty! Style Hunter looks a lot like Watermelon from your photos, maybe it’s a fraction less vibrant. It’s nice to see a Spring collection that isn’t dominated by pastels for a change.


  • http://ten-sixteen.blogspot.com/ Nicole K

    Truth or Flare looks amazing! Not sure when these would be coming out here, though…

    xx Nicole

  • http://ivysmaquillagecove.com/ Divya

    Truth or Flare sweeps the ground this time. Style Hunter is hot too. Not so crazy about the rest though!


  • Gemma

    There are some gorgeous colours there for the Spring collection, can’t wait to get my hands on some of them.


  • http://whatjessdoesnext.blogspot.com.au Jess Seymour

    I seem to be joining the rest of you and agree that Truth or Flare and Style Hunter are my favourites. I would wear these year round! Lots of repetition in the other shades though.


  • Phoebe

    Love the denim blue shade, definitely don’t have anything like it… so you know what that means 😉

    North of London – Beauty Blog

  • ElisabethRilatt

    That nudey one looks gorgeous, what a shame it takes 3 coats :(


  • http://www.hausofamy.co.uk/ Amy Elinor

    Hide & Go Chic looks like a navy that you’ve pulled the contrast button down on. Some really pretty colours! xx


  • http://www.sarah-jayne.com/ Sarah Jayne

    These colours are beautiful! Definitely loving Truth or Flare and Hide & Go Chic the most out if this collection. Now to see if I can find them in Australia


  • http://cassandramyee.blogspot.co.nz cassandramyee

    How can they always bring out such amazing colours each season, it baffles me! I love Truth or Flare


  • Jessica Thoma

    I need to go get Truth or Flare asap! It looks très chic – and definitely suitable for work as well :)


  • http://www.confettiavenue.com Charlotte Hartwell

    I love the photo with the bottles amongst the flowers! Such a lovely colour palette :)

  • Kristy

    Love the look of Truth or Flare and Fashion Playground. Definitely shades I’d happily wear all year round.

    Kristy | http://itsablondiiething.blogspot.co.uk/

  • http://www.anonymousbeautyblogger.com/ Anon Beauty

    Truth or flare is a beautiful shade.


  • http://thelovelyprose.blogspot.com.au Rebecca Bergamasco

    I definitely need to pick up Truth or Flare, such a lovely shade! xx

  • Talisa Lauren Tossell
  • Iso Bean

    Such a lovely selection of shades, particularly love the Hide & go chic shade!

  • http://mividabonitaa.blogspot.nl/ Savannah Giersthove

    These colours are so perfect for spring they make me so excited!!!


  • http://srslylou.com/ Amy

    Loving Truth or Flare, such a unique shade for spring x

    Amy / srslylou

  • Lauren S

    i am in love with all the shades, shame some need more coats but the colours are amazing !
    Lauren x

    Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography – http://www.brittonloves.blogspot.co.uk

  • Parisian To Be

    Truth or Flare is my favorite; I love the look of muted greys with an undertone of color.

    xo Lillian from Parisian To Be

  • Joycelyn Steib

    Love all the shades but I think my favorites has to be Fashion Playground and Spin the Bottle!!! Thanks for sharing with us!!

  • Ellen P-H

    Truth or flare and Style Hunter look gorgeous! I’ll be heading to an Essie stand soon xx


  • Eleri Roberts

    I’m loving cocktail bling at the moment! xx

    Eleri Roberts

  • Lorena

    I love the look of Truth or flare, and I can see that colour becoming a trend later this year

  • http://amateandarottweiler.blogspot.com.ar/ Chrystin Aponte

    Fashion Playground, Truth or Flare and Romper Room are my favorites!

  • Ella

    I’m going to have to pick up Style Hunter! It’s dupe-able, but Essie lim eds get me every time…


  • Stephanie

    I just got Fashion Playground for my manicure, again this week (that’s twice, already, in one season!) It does take three coats, but I’ve received so many compliments :)

  • http://artfarmblog.com/ Katie Brown // Art Farm

    I love the word bliege!! Style Hunter looks perfect for spring and summer.

  • Samantha Calder

    Hide and go is stunning, i normally do not go for shades like that but it really is stunning.


  • http://jessicalaar.blogspot.com Jess French

    Ah love these colours, the mint candy apple one looks incredible, I’ll definitely be getting my hands on that one.

    Jess x


  • http://emmihearts.blogspot.co.uk/ Emily Allen

    Truth or flare has got to be my favourite too, Essie always bring it for me with their seasonal collections :) going to have to pick up some of these x


  • roshkud

    Fashion Playground is gorgeous! I like that its slightly more toned down than other mint choices :)

    Roshni’s Journey

  • http://www.vibrantbeautyblog.com/ Jennifer Monforton

    Such pretty shades this Spring! Loving the minty and grey shades especially. You’ve photographed them so nicely :)

  • http://youtube.com/emilyaleece Emily Aleece

    OH MY GOD I love every single one of these shades, especially Truth or Flare and Romper Room. Those are too perfect.


  • http://ciarapocket.blogspot.ie Ciara Pollock

    they’re all super pretty, but I think Style Hunter is the pick of the bunch for me!

    http://ciarapocket.blogspot.ie x

    • http://www.windycitymakeup.blogspot.com ewelina windycity

      That’s my favorite as well! Its a beautiful color!

  • sofika
  • lisa robb

    Lovely colours.
    L x

  • mandagrifff

    gimme that pale pink!


  • Lavinka

    shit, shit, shit! I’m seeing me buying every color of this collection!!! I do really like it.

  • Cassie

    Fashion playground looks beautiful! It’s on my list to get a mint nail polish for this spring. Maybe I’ll try this one!


  • http://PineappleHannah.com/ Hannah Stephenson

    Truth or Flare is stunning!

  • http://rinicawrites.blogspot.co.uk Rinica Warner

    Truth or flare is my absolute favourite, it looks gorgeous unlike anything in my collection :) x


  • http://www.sophs-choices.blogspot.co.uk/ SophsChoices

    I love the periwinkle blue colour.

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  • http://my--socalledlife.blogspot.com.es/ Kate Wilson
  • PeonyandPeach

    I love this entire collection, it’s going to be so difficult to choose! Do you know if they’ll be doing minis in a set like they sometimes do?


  • Megan Roisin

    I love them all! I never know when to stop with Essie

    Megan x | MeganRoisinn

  • Hannah Griffin

    I need all of these in my collection!

  • http://maa-hairandbeauty.blogspot.co.uk mols

    I love Essie, especially the “tea +crumpets” nail polish

  • http://www.beautybabbles.com/ Kate

    Essie always bring out the best collections!

    Kate xo // http://www.beautybabbles.com

  • http://wwww.musicandeyeliner.co.uk/ Music and Eyeliner

    I need Truth or Flare in my life, stat. Been longing looking at my bottle of Chinchilly lately, but it’s just not right when the suns out (or is it?), anyway that new shade is a perfect replacement.

  • fromnicolewithlove

    love essie’s new collection think style hunter is my favourite, I really love your photography :) x

  • Danielle

    Truth of Flare looks beautiful! Love the new collection, the colours are all so fresh and spring-y :) Danielle xx


  • Angela Sandez

    Just got the “truth or flare” and i´m so excited to try it. Essie makes my favorite nailpolishes!