If you let out a little ‘whhhhhhyyyy?‘ wail when you heard the news that Estée Lauder were giving their ‘one sold every eight seconds’ bestselling formula – Advanced Night Repair - a little makeover then you weren’t alone. Me too. I’ve lost count of how many bottles I’ve worked through and ever since I first purchased it a year or so back it’s been a pillar of my skincare regime and my go-to evening serum. Why? Well it’s just a good all-rounder; I find it to balance, smooth and just keep everything generally in check providing a non-interferring base for my moisturiser of choice. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it?

So here’s the deal with Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronised Recovery Complex II*. It’s had nothing taken away, nothing, na-dah – only new ingredients and technologies added and the texture, scent and feel of the product are still the same (perhaps even a little less tacky than before and that’s a good thing right?). The main difference is the addition of a purifying function. The old formula focused on repair; but mark two builds on that with an extra dose of Hyaluronic Acid (and we all love that, right?), antioxidants and a clarifying step known as Catabolysis, that helps break down and ‘throw-out’ what isn’t needed – Ruth gives a much more scientific explanation if you want the deats. After using it for a month I’m pleased to report it still seems like the good ol’ ANR to me, too early to report on its new bits and bobs, but I’ll keep you posted. Heads up: it’s replaced the old formula and is available now for £44 at Boots. See – no need for the wailing.

*PR Sample