Gone are the putty polish days famed by the likes of Barry M’s Mushroomremember what a fuss we all made about that? Nude nails have taken a new turn this season with a bevy of brands concocting their take on ‘fingertip foundations’. Put those dirty greiges that dominate your nail stash into hibernation and layer on a skintone-matching shade that elongates and flatters. Nice idea, right? Swap the swatching of foundations on your jawline for a sneaky paint of a nail at the beauty counters to seek out your nude nail match. The same rules apply; warm or cool, sheer or covering, shimmery or matte and to make the process a little easier, Estée Lauder are waiting in the wings with their complexion colour inspired collection, Pure Colour Nail Lacquer French Nudes*. Did someone say French? Nude nails? I’m listening…

Created by the man in the know, Tom Pecheux, these flesh toned shades are all about ditching the statement nail and embracing enhancing hues. There’s five to select from: Ballerina, a milky pink, Bittersweet, a rich cocoa, Nudité, a barely there peach, So Vain, the taupest out the bunch and Diabolique, which is missing from my line up but is more of a creamy chocolate. After some swiping and swatching I decided that Nudité would be my best match – not my neatest paint job but I fell for the shade. Two coats did the job and I’ll keep you updated with its chip report.

The French Nudes Collection will be making its debut appearance on counters in March and at £14.50 a bottle these won’t be the most bank-friendly additions to your nail rotation. But have no fear, Revlon are hot on the heels of the foundation fingertips forecast and will be dropping their eight-strong ‘Mannequin Hands’ range into the mix around the same time, offering a less purse pinching option. The new nudes are a’coming.

*PR Samples

  • http://pindlesblog.blogspot.fr/ pindlesblog

    Skin colour nails always look so chic imo!  Being so pale the only shade I have ever found to actually match my skintone was one from stargazer ha! Hey ho it does the job! 

    I like how this range would be suitable for a whole host of skin tones, but that is just classic Estée Lauder I guess! 

  • http://rothaariges.blogspot.de/ Flora

    The nailpolish looks great!

  • Anna Blush

    These look gorgeous! Might have to wait for the Revlon alternatives though haha


  • Gillian

    I bought Essie Sand Tropez the other day and now have become obsessed with nude polishes so I will definitely be keeping an eye out for these!

    Gillian from Glam Up Everyday x

  • Thebeautymist

    These are such stunning colours:) x

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  • http://twitter.com/destausd destausd

    lovely shades and pretty packaging. I always find it easier to apply nude nail paints as you need not be too precise with their application. . a wrong brush stroke here or there goes unnoticed so I am especially looking forward to buying these..


  • Whathopeshearting

    They look gorgeous I must try out this idea http://www.whathopeshearting.com

  • Tugba Seckin

    I love nude nails :) But I much prefer milky nude.


  • Rebecca Shaw

    Wow these actually look gorgeous! Going to keep my eye out. 

    Becca x

  • http://www.charlsramblings.blogspot.co.uk/ Charlotte

    Ooooo these look gorgeous! I’m not allowed to wear nail polish to work but I’m thinking I could get away with these nude shades.. hmmm! xx

  • http://twitter.com/HannaK1992 Hanna

    Its so great to see a range of nudes instead of a single colour! Finding the perfect “fingertip foundation” is so difficult for deeper complexions but Estee Lauder seem to have nailed it (ah i’m puntastic!). Definitely on the wish list.


  • Maddy Cane

    I am going to try the Revlon ones, I love nude nails so much! xx

  • Laura

    Gorgeous, I love wearing nail polish, but my fingers always end up wearing more polish than my nails, damn those clumsy fingers! Great post, love those colours!


  • Millie

    This colour is lovely, the perfect nude! :) ♥


  • http://ravesndramblings.blogspot.com/ WY H.

    These are gorgeous! x

    Raves ‘nd Ramblings

  • Hearts&Crosses

    I’m not a massive nude nail fan, but this is such a lovely colour

    A little bit Uniqued

  • katherine.parkes

    want them all, LOVE  a good neutral, nude nail polish! x


  • yanksgurl613

    that one really looks beautiful on your nails. hope to try these really soon they look fab! xx. gigi. food and beauty blogger @ http://www.gigikkitchen.blogspot.com

  • http://eypolapol.tumblr.com/ Felyn Orejudos

    your hands look pretty in them.


  • and kate

    Gorgeous nail polishes, nude colours are beautiful, so elegant
    Estee Lauder’s nail polish range is amazing!
    Thanks for the review sweetie;
    Much Love,
    Kate xo


  • Pippa Jones

    I just love how pretty the bottles look and the design looks on the bottle just make them look so girly.

    Pipp xx