The month of love, February, has once again delivered in the favourites department with some products I harbour deep feelings for making the best of cut this this time round. Two MAC products make an appearance, including a lipstick that has had pride of place in my handbag for the past four weeks, as well as a lip scrub that has been keeping things looking peachy in the pout department and an eyeshadow palette that I think will be cropping up in a fair few favourites videos. There’s also a nod to my favourite clothing item of the month (well that’s an easy one to guess) and the box set that I’ve been snuggling up with in the evenings – it’s a classic. So all in all a good one beauty and random bits-wise. Roll on March… 

  • Amanda

    You look blimmin’ gorgeous in this video Anna. Your eyes! Wonderful video as always xx

    AMANDALOVES.COM | UK Beauty and Fashion Blog

  • Aimee Flanigan

    Awh friends! A favourite of everyones! Great video.

    Aimee – AroundTwenty xx

  • Rebecca Beardsley

    Really enjoyed this video, thanks Anna! :) xx

  • Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD.

    Loved this video, looks like some really great picks in there! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD

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  • Jasmine

    Great video! I do love that NARS palette xx

  • shoelace01

    Anyone know any other current good palettes from NARS?

  • shoelace01
  • Esme

    Lovely video Anna, friends is the best show <3

  • Patricia B

    Love that Mac shade! It’s absolutely gorgeous!

  • Poppy

    That palette, that foundation, that powder, that lipstick… THAT BOX SET. I always want all of your favourites and love settling down with a cup of tea to watch your videos.

  • sophie

    I love the essie nail colour! x

  • Mary_333

    You should try the Dr. Bronner’s soap bars to wash your brushes. It’s the best!

  • mimurmaid

    Love your lashes!

  • Gillian

    Ugh, I want everything, especially the palette, although I have heard mixed reviews about it.

  • Celina

    The NARS palette is so beautiful but with so many neutral palettes already, it’s hard for me to justify the purchase. We’ll see!

    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

  • Tereza

    Love essie nail polish and Jo Malone candles xx

  • Sharlotte

    Lovely video as always anna!

    Sharlotte | UK Beauty Blog

  • Aaman Birk

    Definitely have to try that brush cleanser out!

  • Hannah

    Friends is literally the best thing ever, and am very jealous of your MAC things! I may have to invest in a good eyeshadow palette…

  • Joysteib

    Love your video on your February Favorites! Thanks for sharing!

  • Charlotte Copeland

    Always love your videos x

  • Iso Bean

    Friends is one of my all time favourite TV shows, always makes me laugh!

  • Megan Jane

    Love the Mac lipstick and your Whistles top is gorgeous! The US version of the Office is amazing isn’t it? I’ve not finished watching it yet, I almost can’t bare to as I know after that there will never be any new ones for me to watch haha! xo

  • Ola

    I NEED this FRIENDS series! I just need them! Love the post! xx

  • Sophie

    The NARSissist palette is just perfection. Great video, as per, Anna!

  • Eleri Roberts

    Love your favourite videos! xx

    Eleri Roberts

  • AlmsBeauty

    Great video! And, I love your favorites :) x

  • Ciara Pollock

    that Mac lipstick though, gorgeous! x

  • Ashlee Adele Brame

    Ah I want the NARSissist palette so badly!

    Maybe when I’m a bit more flush…

    Ash xx

  • Katy Noble

    Ah I’d love to own the Friends boxset! perfect for lazy sunday tv watching! :)

  • Talisa Lauren Tossell
  • Rachel Claire

    The lipstick looks gorgeous. <3 Lovely as always, great picks. xx

    Rachel — Claireful

  • Hadiya

    Perfect. Love those flowers and candles. and nail color looks fabulous.

  • swer-93

    Essie masterplan….gotta remember that. Definetley going out to grab myself a bottle, it looks devine.


  • Kiara King

    You can’t half tell you’re a MAC fan! On the top of my list is that beautiful NARS palette. What a beautiful range of colours.

  • Manouk

    I always look forward to Sunday morning because I know you’re gonna upload a video yay!

  • larasophia

    that NARS palette is stunning! I want, I need it so badly lol

  • Jess Seymour

    I have found the new shade from OPI Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around is a pretty similar shade as well.

    My February Favourites are on the blog today :)

  • Katho90

    Due to all your loving towards peach blossom, I just went out and bought it, and I LOVE it, such a perfect shade. Xx

  • Jennifer Monforton

    Beautiful picks this month! You are so tempting me with Peach Blossom- looks like the perfect everyday lipstick! xo

  • Jayne @ Spoiledyouagain

    You can’t 50 percent tell you’re a MAC fan! On the top of my record is that wonderful NARS scheme. What a wonderful variety of colors.

  • ELP

    My February favourite: This lovely little luxury blog written anonymously by a hilarious
    lady. If you like me love to indulge (beautiful places, gorgeous products, luxe
    gifts – everything) this is just my daily fix in one. Don’t know if you can
    tell but… Big love!

  • Ellie

    Great video! Essie’s masterplan nail polish looks so classic! Love it! 😀


    Elephant stories and more

  • leonaslooks

    I love ur Whistles top!