Link to ‘February Favourites’ Video

Monthly favourites time! As always I have been a good girl this month and kept an ongoing note of products that have tickled my fancy, and think there is quite a mix in there of skincare, haircare and of course makeup. The standout products for me have been my discovery of tinted moisturisers. I’m always going to have a special place in my heart for the Jemma Kidd Light As Air foundation, but if I’m having an ok skin day then I really don’t mind the lighter coverage of a tinted moisturiser. I think I’ve got about 4 now so if you’d like to see a little run-down of them then let me know. Enjoy!

  • Boscy

    Would love to read/watch a rundown of your tinted moisturisers. I’m currently deciding whether to pick up the new NARS one, Laura Mercier or Liz Earle. Would love to hear which you think is the best xx

  • Roxy

    Have never used tinted moisturisers so would be good to hear your views! Like the February Favourties video though x

  • Michelle

    I’m looking for a tinted moisturiser so I’d love to hear which ones you love and hate. :) Lusting after RT brushes! 

  • Phoebe

    You always make me want the make up brushes! Just from this picture!

  • Poppilicious83

    Deffo would like to see a tinted moisturiser vid :) x

  • niks_123

    I fancy getting a tinted moisturiser so would defo like to know your faves!

  • missmegan123

     I’ve just ordered the RT brushes, so hoping I’ll like them :) Your make up looked lovely in the video too! x

  • Anonymous

    I absolutely love tinted moisturizers :)  I use them much more often than foundation. I also have tried several :)  would love to hear your thoughts on the ones yo tried, especially the ones you do NOT like!
    xx raquel

  • Nicola

    I really want to buffing brush you mentioned in your video, but does it make the lasting power of your foundation better too? I use the stippling brush from RT but i always prefer to use the ‘buffing motion’. 

  • Anonymous

    I’d love a run down of the tinted moisturisers you have! I went a bit crazy on the weekend and bought the Chantecaille Just Skin, after having just bought the new NARS Pure Radiance TM a few days earlier.. whoops! 

  • Hope

    the real techniques brushes are top off my wishlist right now!

  • Hope


  • Freya

    A run down of tinted moisturisers would be great! You look gorgeous in this video btw :) x

  • Anca Lb90

    I love your favourites!! Bioderma is also a favourite of mine. I have a post on My February Favourites, if anyone is interested :) 


  • charlotte_queen

    Enjoyed watching your video!
    xxxCharlotte Couture Blog