Fresh is a brand that majorly contributes time-wise each time I visit a Sephora in the US to my two hour perusal of the store. In the past I’ve tried their Brown Sugar EDP – which is still one of my favourites to this day – and a few odds and sods from their body range, but I’d never given any of the their skincare ago. Yep, skincare. I’m going there again – sound the alarm. Their line-up is vast and a little overwhelming to take in at once, but I’ve been giving some of their bits a go and I’m really rather impressed. Fresh’s philosophy lies in rich, mostly naturally-dervied formulas that smell pretty awesome too. I can get behind that. Here are four of my faves:

Fresh Sugar Lip Polish: Now you all must have heard of this one, right? A sugar filled scrub that is to be applied pre lip balm to get rid of all your nasty bits and create the smoothest base possible for lipstick. That’s the one. Though I know it’s a recipe that’s easy enough to rustle up in the kitchen, I’m a sucker for the real thing and compared to others I’ve tried this one just inches past them. The oil-content means that this grips to lips instead of falling immediately into the sink and the fact that it’s not that tasty when I lick it off my lips means that it will last longer in my collection than the Lush ones.

Fresh Sugar Face Polish: The face-version of the pout polishing best-seller. Now I’m usually against gritty textured exfoliators on my face, I turn to chemical skin munchers to get the work done but every now and again do you ever feel like you just need a good ol’ fashioned scrub? Well I do and after using this one every week or two for a while and things have been feeling decidedly smoother. The Brown Sugar buffs and seals in moisture and Strawberry Seeds brighten and soothe (or so it says on the jar). I apply it onto damp skin to keep things gentle and I can confirm that it smells good enough to eat.

Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Radiance Lotion: You know me and moisturisers – I’m a floozy. I’m coming to the end of my Omorovicza Illuminating Day Cream so needed something to fill its boots and this is really quite similar. It’s got quite a runny texture and feels more like a lotion than others I use but it brighteners and sinks in to create a kick-ass base for makeup. Extra points for the plastic  packaging too which has meant that this has got thrown into my suitcase for every weekend away since I started using it.

Fresh Soy Conditioning Eye Makeup Remover: I didn’t think that anything could come close to my Clarins Instant Eye Makeup Remover and though that still tops my waterproof mascara moving charts, this one comes in a close second. It’s a creamy lotion formula so a better choice for those out there whole found the Clarins too oily for their tastes and it does dissolve the tough stuff away in a matter of seconds. It’s a good’un.

The bummer? It’s a tough brand to source in the UK. With currently only one store in the whole of the land residing on Marylebone High Street in London. Though the store is happy to deal with mail order requests (phew – deets here). Let’s hope expansion is on the cards and soon everyone will be able to access the lip scrub saviour and more cause right now I’m feelin’ Fresh.

  • Ash Leigh

    It all looks divine, especially the Lotus Youth Preserve Radiance Lotion & the Soy Conditioning Eye Makeup Remover. I wish we had this brand in Australia!
    Love your blog Anna xx

  • Esme

    It would be great if they came to the UK, I dying to try their products <3

  • Zazie Bibi

    The sugar face polish sounds really great! xx

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  • Renee

    Great article! I’m a sucker for your skincare posts. Question: can you label your posts whether or not the featured products were given press samples or self-purchased? I know sometimes you incorporate that info into the post but it can be a bit fuzzy other times. Thanks!

  • kirsty thompson

    Great post x

  • Louise Smith
  • Mademoiselle nature

    Nice post! is this brand natural? the scrubs look really awesome!

  • Stephanie @ Love, August

    Fresh is such a nice brand! I’ve never tried these but I really like their Soy Face Cleanser. It’s unfortunate you can’t find it as easily in the UK though – it’s pretty accessible here.

    Stephanie | Love, August

  • Emily Golding

    This looks yummy!!

    Emily xx

  • Tiny Alis

    Loving the sound of these, shame that they are hard to get hold of though!

    Tiny Alis

  • ekta jagtiani

    The Fresh perfume has been on my shopping list since i sprayed a bit in Sephora! And the sugar lip and body scrubs look divine :)

  • Lou

    I’ve been looking for a lip scrub that didn’t taste lovely like the lush ones and they do seem to last a lot less longer. When i’m New York im definitely going to be looking at this brand! x

  • Ellie

    They sounds awesome, shame that they’re hard to get a hold of though! :/
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  • Tori Russell

    I love Fresh products! The sugar lip scrub is my favourite- I included it in my winter essentials post here !


  • Victoria Caulfield

    Your products recommendations are always awesome, so I’ll definitely check these out. I’ve never tried anything by Fresh yet, so this is a good place to start :)
    Have an amazing day!

  • Hayley M

    I’ve not tried anything from this range as like you say, it’s quite hard to get a hold of! But the next time I’m in London, I’m definitely visiting the Fresh store!!
    Hayley xo |

  • Amber Hunter

    This is a brand I’ve been itching to try. It’s probably about time I do and this post is a perfect go to before I purchase anything. Thanks for all of these reviews Anna!


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  • Bnii

    I love the sugar polish…. i might eat it up someday- LOL

  • Iso Bean

    Wish this was easier to get in the UK, looks great!

  • jasminecara

    I’ve never tried anything from Fresh but have heard a lot about the brand xx

    Jasmine Cara

  • Mari x

    Oooooooh I so want to give these a try! If only I knew anyone who went to America, I have a big wishlist! xx

  • Cassie

    I love the Fresh sugar lip scrub!

  • Amber

    I’m a keen natural beauty advocate and whilst in New York my friend was having her make-up done in Sephora and they used their soy cleanser to get rid of her make-up. My friends aren’t keen on ‘natural’ or organic brands but she really loved this cleanser!

  • Kendall

    Have you tried any of the Fresh tinted lip treatments? My favorite is Rosé and Petal. They are so great if you’re not a fan of bothering with lipstick throughout the day and want nice color on your lip while keeping them moisturized.

  • Bana

    This stuff looks lovely and just sounds delicious! I really want to try it :)