#GirlBoss Handbag

It’s time to bundle together the best of beauty from the past seven days. Edited down to five of the top products, videos, posts, releases and the rest that have had me clicking away:

1. A handbag handy 2-in-1. A hand moisturiser and an anti-bac formula in one? Genius. I’ve been meaning to mention the Lanolips Antibacterial Hand Cream for weeks – it first came into use back when I was in Milan – but it’s seriously good stuff. Nice scent, nice texture and it waves goodbye to nasties.

2. The stick-centric makeup line. I’m intrigued. I’m all down for giving anything a go that promises a speedy makeup application in a format that makes things easier than the usual brush/compact set up and the Nudestix cosmetics line exclusively housed in pencils sounds like it will do exactly that. Anyone given it a go? I’ve got my eye on the Magnetic Eye Colour Pencils already – Twilight looks like it might float my boat.

3. Lisa’s CHANEL videos. Lisa Eldridge and CHANEL are just a brand partnership made in heaven. It just works. And after watching every 4 minute snippet of Lisa doing her thang with a CHANEL-centric stash it makes me even more fired up than usual to get all spendy at the beauty counter that dreams are made of. Just watch her latest tutorial. Swoon. Please can I have that model’s eyelashes?

4. Clarins Lip Balm Crayon in Creamy Pink. When it comes to sheer lip colours that appease all it’s got be said that Clarins have that category down. Don’t like lipgloss? Then you’ve got to try their Instant Light Natural Lip Perfectors. You’ll be converted. Don’t like lip colour? Then this balmy crayon deposits a rosy pink, kinda like a more amped up version of MAC’s Patisserie, to lips in a way that you won’t even feel like it’s there.

5. #GirlBoss. I devoured this debut read from Nasty Gal Founder and CEO Sophia Amoruso in approximately 12 hours while I was away earlier in the week. I teared myself away only for a pub quiz and the world’s biggest plate of Fish & Chips you’ve ever seen. Inspiring, insightful and an all-round kick-ass read.

  • Anna Blush

    #Girlboss sounds like such a good read. I think I’ll have to order a copy ahead of my uni break! Lisa Eldridge and Chanel is an extremely dangerous partnership- my poor purse! x


  • Love&Blog

    Agreed! And have you seen Alexa Chung by Lisa? I’ve watched it several times!

  • http://reflectionofsanity.blogspot.com/ Shireen

    I love Lisa Eldridge! Because of her I finally know how to put on makeup without looking like Bozo the Clown!

  • http://thedailymark.com.au/ Madeleine – The Daily Mark

    I bought #GirlBoss for the iPad can’t wait to read it! Really want to try that Lanolips cream too – excellent idea!

  • http://justbananasmakeup.blogspot.co.uk Anna

    I love these round ups Anna! Also those NudeStix look banging… I hope they’ll be cool with my mad oily lids!


  • J

    Teared? Tore?

  • kia

    I haven’t seen the Lisa Eldridge and Chanel videos, well that’s my Saturday gone! X

  • http://ivysmaquillagecove.com/ Divya

    haven’t tried clarins’ lip gloss..seems its time to check it out at Sephora


  • http://mividabonitaa.blogspot.nl/ Savannah Giersthove

    Have to watch the Lisa Eldridge videos! x


  • http://www.confettiavenue.com Charlotte Hartwell

    I so badly want to try Nudestix! I freaking love pencils and crayons and anything chubby!

  • http://www.honeygolightly.com/ Honey Go-Lightly

    I reviewed NUDESTIX, link below. They are good by far too expensive for me, If I am going to shell out that amount of money I want more of a colour payoff….


  • Jasmine

    Loving the sound of that hand cream and the Clarins lip balm :)

    Love Jasmine – rabbitwoodblog.co.uk


  • Beccy

    #GirlBoss is on my reading list – it sounds brilliant!

    Beccy ~ Bluebell & Bumpkin

  • Pamela

    What a coincidence!!! Just yesterday I read a post from Essiebutton talking about the “Nudestix”, a brand that I’ve never seen before, and today you’re talking about it too!!!
    Would be fantastic see you give the products a try!! xxx

  • Amy Gatenby

    I think im going to have to buy #GirlBoss because it looks so good! x


  • http://www.brittonloves.blogspot.co.uk Lauren S

    #GirlBoss sounds so good, and i love the idea of the hand cream – i’m always needing to clean and moisturise my hands !

    Lauren x

    Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography – http://www.brittonloves.blogspot.co.uk

  • Jane Lam


  • Beautiiboots

    Your blog is amazing! I LOVE your design and how informative it is! Everything is GREAT!

    would you like to follow each other?

    Will be happy to see you in my blog! Beautiiboots.blogspot.com x

  • http://miaolander.com/ Mia Olander

    Those Nudestix look amazing, very clever concept!

  • http://www.darlingdeedee.com thedarlingdee .

    I must read #GirlBoss. Sounds like a good read.


  • http://olis-myme.blogspot.gr/ Olga Olis

    I really like the concept of the lanolips hand creme! I have the absinthe hand creme by the body shop that does pretty much the same and I love it!

  • http://my--socalledlife.blogspot.com.es/ Kate Wilson

    Lisa’s video with Alexa Chung is EVERYTHING x


  • Avanti

    These products are really interesting! The Lanolips hand cream seems like the kind of product I need to keep in my bag at all times!


  • Zazie Bibi

    I loved the Alexa Chung tutorial from Lisa, girl crush right there!x

    A Little Treat | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  • emiller1233

    I’ve been loving the Clarins lip balms lately too!

  • Leanne

    Nudestix are AMAZING!!

  • http://love-loft-life.com/ Kristiana

    I’m currently reading #GIRLBOSS and loving it!


  • Sarah

    I have got to get my hands on one of those Clarins Balms as well as something from the NudeStix range!


  • http://www.lifewithkendal.blogspot.com Kendal

    I really want to read #GirlBoss, I’ve heard only great things about it!

    Kendal // http://www.lifewithkendal.blogspot.com

  • http://unstitchedd.blogspot.co.uk/ Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD.

    I love the look of Nude Stix, it sounds like an amazing range! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD

  • Elizabeth

    Lisa’s Chanel videos are fantastic.

  • Stephanie

    I’m really interested in trying something from Nudestix!





  • http://palsywalsyblog.blogspot.ca/ Angela

    Love a great book suggestion. The Clarins lip balm crayon sounds great too. Will check them out next time at the Clarins counter for sure.


  • Daniella





  • http://www.itscarmen.com ≈ CARMEN ≈

    #GirlBoss sounds like an awesome read, I already dig the title! :] // itsCarmen.com ☼

  • http://bwallover.blogspot.com Vanessa Buttino

    I’ve been dying to get my hands on #GIRLBOSS ever since I read an article about it a couple of months ago. I’ve got it on my iTunes wishlist – maybe I’ll finally download it this week! I was waiting to get someone’s opinion on it, and now that you’ve raved about it, I know it’s worth buying xx

  • Beautyandtheb

    Really really want to read girlboss, currently reading Leandra Medine’s book, then will go on to this!


    B xx

  • http://breakfastatvogue111.blogspot.com/ courtney conway

    I want to read Girl Boss so badly!!


  • http://cassandramyee.blogspot.co.nz cassandramyee

    Definitely need to read Girl Boss!

    CassandraMyee | Beauty | Fashion | Life

  • Trudy

    LOVE the clarins lip balm.


  • nueyork

    I really want to read Girl Boss, I’ve heard so much about it lately!


  • http://littlecrocodile.blogspot.com Stephanie Moir

    Lisa is literally like a makeup olympian. She knows no bounds.

  • http://www.iamdaisyalice.com Daisy Kent

    I really want to read Girl Boss. I’m glad you thought it was great as I was worried it might be too business based for my liking. Going to add it to my list of books to read this summer!


  • http://champagnelifestyleteabudget.blogspot.co.uk/ Ellenor Marie

    I am dying to get my hands on Girl Boss! I might just click onto Amazon right now….


  • http://emmalouisa.com/ Emma Louisa

    I have been seeing #GirlBoss everywhere and I really think I need to take the plunge and get it

  • Melinda Lawson Pollard

    I LOVED # Girlboss!! It actually inspired me to leave my 8-5 and start my own biz!!