It’s time to bundle together the best of beauty from the past seven days. Edited down to five of the top products, videos, posts, releases and the rest that have had me clicking away:

1) NARS Matte Multiples for Spring. Matte? Cream products? My ears have just pricked up. March will see the launch of seven shades of Matte Multiples hit counters in a release that they are calling ‘a modern twist on a cult classic’. There seems to be a bit more room to play with these lip and cheek tints in the way that they can be applied dry for a truly matte finish or wet for a more vivid look and I’m already eyeing up the orangey red as a lipstick substitute and one of the taupes as a cream contour. Very cool indeed NARS. 

2) Never Underdressed’s 10 Key Trends from NYFW. I know we all like to play it cool when it comes to trends, but I do like to take a little time to peruse what’s been doing the rounds beauty-wise come Fashion Week and Never Undressed have helpfully collated this article which has everything you’d want to know in one place. Apparently come AW14 we’ll all be donning polish-free nails, ponytails and sweaty hair. Sounds like me most days…

3) Laura Mercier Enlightenment Eye & Cheek Palette. What a beaut is this? Two blushes and four shadows encased in a clutch-like palette that almost looks too good to use. I have to say that I’m quite the fan of their blush range – Lush Nectarine will forever be one of my favourites – so the fact that you get two colours, cobbled together with an array of neutral shadows appeals. Though I might hold my horses for their Artist Palette I spotted on Temptalia. I know, I know. I have palette issues. 

4) Sharon Farrell’s YouTube Channel. My latest YouTube crush. Being a trained professional Sharon has a tip for everything and I always find myself getting lost in her video playlists, making lists a plenty. From tutorials to organising tips – I know, can you see why she’s my favourite? – she uploads twice a week and her videos automatically find their way onto the top of my ‘to watch pile’. I also can’t get enough of her accent. Current beauty crush, fo’ sure

5) L’oreal True Match Foundation. After spotting Amelia sing the praises of this foundation pointing out the comparisons between its formula and the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation, a purchase of this was inevitable. And she’s right: the coverage gives a nice medium coat, it’s skin-like in finish and it’s not too bad in the longevity department. N1 with the tiniest amount of N2 is my perfect shade right now and it’s really all I’ve been wearing this week. It’s not got the staying power of the Armani, but it gives it a good go and drugstore foundation-wise, it’s one of my more successful discoveries. 

  • Anna Blush

    Can’t wait to check out the NARS Matte Multiples, they sound right up my street!

  • Fun Loving Kiminal

    I love True Match applied with a RT sponge, lovely finish! Totally agree with you! Fun Loving Kiminal xx

  • Abi Thrasher

    I personally didn’t like the True Match foundation! x

  • Beautyat40andbeyond

    I subscribed to Sharon’s channel just last week. We have the same colouring so I think her videos will prove invaluable to me.

  • Rocio G.

    Oh! Cannot wait to check Sharon’s YT channel! Thanks for sharing! x

    Let it be Cosy – Food, Photography, Beauty

  • Jess Seymour

    From the good wrap you give the True Match foundation, and the comments below, it sounds like I will have to give it a go – thanks for the recommendation!

  • Sharlotte

    Oooh, the new NARS releases sound exciting!

    Sharlotte | UK Beauty Blog

  • Charlie

    Get Altai for the Nars Matte Multiples!!! Cheekbones in a tube I tell you x

  • arin antoine

    I’m excited about the Loreal/Armani foundation dupes. But Im concerned that the UK versions of Loreal True Match and Armani Luminous Silk and the one available in the US are different formulations. Does anyone know if they are the same or different?

  • Emma Be Beauty

    I’m very excited about the Nars Mattes.

  • Aimee Flanigan

    Aah the Nars Mattes look amazing! I’ll have to be saving for those I think.

    Aimee – AroundTwenty x

  • Esme

    I love the L’Oreal foundation, and the Nars Mattes look amazing, cant wait to get some! <3

  • AgentSmyth

    I’ve ordered the L’Oreal foundation so I’ve even more excited to get it now you’ve agreed it’s a similar dupe to the GA! Loving the look of that beautiful Laura Mercier palette x

    Claire | AgentSmyth

  • Zazie Bibi

    L’Oreal True Match has been my favourite for a couple of months now (: xx

    A Little Treat | Beauty & Fashion Blog

  • Federica B
  • Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD.

    I love the look of the L’Oreal foundation, I really need to try it! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD

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  • Francisca Ferreira

    i love the loreal true match foundation!!


  • Madeleine S-B

    The Laura Mercier palette looks so pretty – love the soft, neutral shades (: x

  • Louise Smith

    The Loreal foundation is amazing! Love your picks!

  • rebeccalouiseee

    Thank you for introducing me to Sharon’s channel, she’s amazing!

    • emma

      she is absolutely fab

  • Alessia

    I think I finally have to try the Multiples from Nars…! Love your Posts!

  • emma

    sharon farrell is my favourite u tuber aswell.. really knows her stuff

  • Jennifer Monforton

    Great roundup! I’m sooo exited to test out the Matte Multiples! ox

  • Sybil Mae

    I’m super excited for the new NARS Matte Multiples! :D

  • Cassie

    The Matte multiples look so cool! I can’t wait to swatch them and look at all the colors.

  • Shari

    NARSMATTEMULTIPLES!! Now thats a real orgasm right there.

  • Emma and Emily

    LOVE the look of the NARS multiples. I want the taupey shade too. Cream contour dream right there.

  • Fiona Bradley

    Gwan the Irish! Delighted you have found Sharon’s channel, she’s really talented and her videos are great! :) Also the L’Oreal Foundation…love love love :)



  • Meg V

    I love Sharon’s channel! Her accent is lovely and now she is also in Australia it’s nice that she understands how expensive stuff is here.

  • Talisa Lauren Tossell
  • Anna Red

    Sharon’s transformations are amazing and I don’t think there is anyone better than her for eyes. Her looks are stunning.

  • Hope

    Super excited for the NARS release. And Sharon sounds like just the excuse I need to watch more youtube!! H x

  • Sally

    I had the pleasure of meeting Sharon Farrell last year – I booked a session with her to teach me how to do my eyes – and she is just as warm and lovely in real life as she is in her videos. Thanks to her, I can apply more than one colour of eyeshadow now!

  • Alittlebitunique

    I’m dying to try the nars matte mulitples!!

    A little bit Unique Blog/Bloglovin/Instagram/Facebook


  • Lucy

    I really want to try the loreal foundation and I’m so glad you posted about sharon’s channel, I can’t stop watching her videos now!
    Lucy xx
    Sailor Speak

  • Georgina Fox

    Ooooo that foundation is up there on the wishlist.

    Georgina at

  • Kristan @ Lavender&Light

    I love True Match, I have it on a few shades so I can always use it… I am also coveting the new NARS multiples, so excited for them!

  • Rachel Claire

    Another beautiful palette! It makes me wonder how you get use out of them all Anna!!

    Rachel — Claireful

  • Lauren S

    Sharon’s channel sounds amazing ! scared to watch in case i never resurface

    Lauren x

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  • Amanpreet

    I already own the Luminous silk foundation but it’s slightly too dark for me and I’m annoyingly in between shades. Do you think that I could mix in a little bit of the L’Oreal version without affecting its finish and wear?

  • Marlenne

    Those Matte Multiples sounds goooooood!

  • Charlotte Bareham

    Really want to try the L’Oreal True Match! Defiantly need a bit of retail therapy! Oh and those matte multiples, i’m in heaven.

  • Mrs P

    I got the True Match foundation after seeing Amelia’s review too. I really like it – it’s the first base to impress me in ages and pale enough for my milk bottle skin – but I do find it’s not great on really dry skin days. Otherwise it’s fab :)

  • KittyMakesUp

    I picked up the LM Artist Palette when it came out at Christmas and I can confirm its a must have!! x

  • Shirley

    Does the L’oreal foundation do as well as the Armani in terms of flash photography?

  • Abbie Winton

    LOreal true match is incredible! Would definitely recommend it!

  • Paula @ Beauty Lover

    I love watching Sharon Farrell’s YouTube channel too, and she makes it look so easy :)

    Paula at Beauty Lover xx