It’s time to bundle together the best of beauty from the past seven days. Edited down to five of the top products, videos, posts, releases and the rest that have had me clicking away:

1. Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish in Cleopatra in New York. I do feel a little naughty sporting such a festive shade at such an uneventful time of year, but screw the trends – I’m currently sporting black and gold tips and loving it. I’m not usually a glitter gal myself, but something about the way this formula floated around the bottom meant it found its way to the top of my mani pile instantly. It does take a good four coats to build up the colour (after the first lacklustre layer I ended up googling swatches to see if the magic was ever going to happen), but patience wears off and leaves a multifaceted effect that I could quite easily stare at all day.

2. Louise Young LY34 Super Foundation Brush. I picked this up as part of a recent Selfridges spree and I can hand on my heart say it’s one the best things I hauled making foundation application ridiculously easy peasy. I can see how this isn’t the best pick for ‘precise’, full-coverage base days, but for when you want to get something slapped on in a matter seconds and aren’t feeling your fingers, this is the brush to go for. It manages to blend a sheer wash of tint all-over in a few strokes. The domed tip makes it good for concealer too.

3. Spring 2014 beauty launches. The beauty industry are treating us to a sea of springtime shades to wave away our winter blues and I for one am excited. I opened up the forum to you in Thursday’s post and now have a rather long shopping list – cheers guys. But top of the pack for me is the NARS NARcissit Eyeshadow Palette. Swit swoo. Review coming soon. 

4. Beauty Junkie in London’s ‘Incoming #1′ VideoSpeaking of spring launches, Jen’s complied the ultimate guide to spring newness in video format for you to feast your eyes on. Now I’m really excited. 

5. Edinburgh! Non-beauty related, but as this post publishes I’ll be on my way to Edinburgh as part of a birthday surprise for my boyfriend, Mark. I’ve secretly booked flights, a hotel, booked him a day off work and packed his bags while he was out, then as his final gift that he opens this morning he’ll find a Edinburgh city guide, flight tickets and boom we’ll be at the airport an hour later. So, any food or to-do recommendations please do shout you bonny lasses.

  • Roslyn

    Anna you are such a sweet romantic girlfriend….. good idea…. hope you two have a nice trip. Don’t forget to film what you bring make up wise for this travel time :) have fun

  • Sophie Isabella D.

    Monteith’s bar/restaurant! The coolest barmen I’ve met and good British food to die for, all in the most enchanting little venue!

  • Chelsea Leigh

    Awesome! Have a great time in Scotland!

  • Gillian Lamb

    ooh so exciting you’re coming up to Edinburgh. Food wise Tigerlily, Candy Bar and Sygn do great food and cocktails, Kyloe does great steaks. You should go to Bar Kohl and Vodka Revolution for cocktails, and the Ghillie Dhu is great fun – its a traditional scottish bar and they’ve got a ceilidh on tonight for Burns Night but the main bar will be open separately. Hope you have an amazing time!

  • Francisca Ferreira

    the brush look good!

  • Anna Blush
  • feepee88

    Check elevatormusik blog for great bar and restaurant reviews!

  • Jane

    If you like a burger you must go to wannaburger

  • Cait

    It’s horrible weather up here today! Sorry! Hope you have a good wee day our though. xx

  • Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD.

    Sounds like an amazing surprise, I hope you had a lovely time! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD

  • nabiha mohammed

    Edinburgh is lovely and very scenic,but Glasgow is better for food and shopping so worth a visit next time! In ed there is a French restaurant called chez jules on Hanover street I really like, then further down there is a cupcake place called cuckoo bakery. Enjoy your trip! Shame about the weather….. X

  • Mathilde

    I just got back from Edinburgh and a great place that I can recommend is a little restaurant called the “Rosehip”. They do the best fish’n'chips I’ve ever had! I hope you’ll have a great time!

  • Becca

    Urban Angel is a great place for breakfast or lunch! Its on hanover street :)

  • Lani whitton

    Amazing wee restraunt called tigerlilys on george street! Oh and the missioni just off of the royal mile!

  • Rachael

    Urban angel is a gorgeous place

  • heather

    Hi Anna I live in Edinburgh and would recommend a bar called whiski on the royal mile for a pub lunch or dinner and drinks. It’s really scottishy and they have live music in the evenings but demo tonight as it’s burns night. You gotta have haggis! Since its crappy weather you could go to Scottish museum on chamber street it’s pretty cool. Tiger lily is nice for cocktails and dinner that’s a little more fancy but very busy so you would need to book. Have fun! X

  • Katie

    I went to Edinburgh at the beginning of this month! I wrote a blog post about it with some recommendations:

    I’d definitely recommend the art galleries- the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, and the National Gallery were both amazing. I don’t know if the Scottish Colourists exhibition at the former and the Turner exhibition at the latter are still there, but they’re both really great places (with delicious cafes/restaurants to boot).

    If you want to get out of the city a little bit, Rosslyn Chapel (where the Holy Grail is, apparently) is really nice.

    I’d also recommend visiting the area around the Scottish Parliament, and climbing to the top of Arthur’s Seat for some amazing views.

    Valvona & Crolla is an excellent deli/restaurant/cafe. Oh and the Harvey Nicks is incredible. The Nails Inc counter has a champagne and nail service ;)

    Have a great time! xx

  • Kathryn

    Hi Anna, I live in Edinburgh and am so sorry you’re in for such awful weather this weekend! Best approach is to go for a long lunch – i recommend The Outsider on George IV bridge or Cafe Royale on West Register St (near Waverley Station), which is a cosy, bustling but smart pub. Then a look in the National Museum on George IV bridge/Chambers St – yes it’s a museum but it’s a good one and perfect for a rainy day! Coffee in the Elephant House on George IV bridge (known as the cafe where JK Rowling wrote Harry Potter) and then a walk up to the Castle at top of the Royal Mile. If it,s dry tomorrow, a walk up Arther’s Seat is an absolute MUST!! Enjoy :-)

  • sarazbeautytonic

    awnnn…thats sooo exciting!!!do vlog if you can on your trip to edinburgh.i’v never been there it would be great to take a trip up north from the hustle bustle of london fora while!!!

  • Helena

    ooooh go to under the stairs for amazing cocktails and a cosy dinner :) the fig cocktail is looooovely xx

    • Sydney_Farrell

      Oops, posted without reading – if two of us are saying it, it must be true!

  • Sydney_Farrell

    Under The Stairs on Merchant Street is lovely for lunch/dinner, and try Holyrood 9A on Holyrood Road for amazing burgers. George Street for shopping, so many treats. Recommend Sarah at the MAC counter in Harvey Nicks. Not that you’re makeup shopping of course :p

  • Lavinka

    this is the coolest birthday surprise. I hope i’ll get something like that someday!!!
    Hope you two spend a super time in Edinburgh!!!
    Lots of love from Germany.


    These are all great recommendations! If you’re after a fancy dinner have a look at la petit folie, it’s in the west end. Use Princes street/ George street to navigate the east/ west situation. After, you could have drinks in the bar downstairs, or cross the road to sygn which is more modern, but I love the aesthetic of that place!

  • ELP

    This lovely little luxury blog written anonymously by a hilarious lady. If you like me love to indulge (beautiful places, gorgeous products, luxe gifts – everything) this is just my daily fix in one. Don’t know if you can tell but.. Big love!

  • Puri

    I hope you have a FANTASTIC time on your trip with your boyfriend!!! How exciting!!

  • Abby

    Ahhhh I live in Edinburgh! So crazy that you’re actually here. You need to visit Jenners, it has some amazing make-up goodies! Some people like to go and see the castle and Arthurs Seat for the views and to learn about the city! It’s a shame it’s such a rainy day today because it’s actually not been too bad but if it perks up again you could always go a walk in the Meadows. Then you absolutely HAVE to go to Lucas, the original Musselburgh one is best of course but there is one in Morningside beside the meadows and it has the most amazing ice creams and food that you’ll ever have for a really cheap price! :-) x x

  • joysteib

    Such a sneaky little fantastic thing to do but hey what an awesome gift to do for someone special!!! Loving your blog as usual and hope you have a wonderful holiday! Oh yea…take some pics for your next blog cause we are so nosey about these things!!! :)

  • Abby

    There’s an amazing fudge shop on the top of the Royal Mile aswell near the Museum of Childhood. I think it’s called the fudge kitchen and they give you fudge samples before you buy aswell! Camera Obscura is a really cool optical illusions place aswell, really worth a visit!

  • Zazie Bibi

    can’t wait for spring launches, one of my faves! xx

    A Little Treat | Beauty & Fashion Blog

  • Agnes

    I surprised my boyfriend with a trip to Edinburgh two years ago also. Such a nice destination for a couple I must say! :)
    Since we’re both very interested in food we always spend a bit extra on nice restaurants on occasions like this. We went to The Witchery, which is definitely on the pricier side, but SO worth the money! I would definitely recommend it if you fancy something extra extra special one evening! The food and service was so good and the interior was a-maz-ing!

  • Pauline Maisonneuve

    Eat lots of cranachan best desert in the whole world !

  • Amy Rose

    That is so so sweet to book your boyfriend a surprise flight! The Louise Young brushes look amazing, I must pick them up soon!

  • Eleri Roberts

    Aww have a lovely time in Edinburgh! xx

    Eleri Roberts

  • alexis

    if you are up for it, go to arthurs seat! it’s a bit of a climb, but the view from the top is amazing.

  • Chaitra

    Lovely idea for a surprise birthday gift :) have a great day anna !

  • Aimee

    If you want to have a nice wee drink i’d recommend going to Grassmarket. The best pubs in Edinburgh are there, and if your boyfriend doesn’t mind theres the BEST vintage clothes shop called Armstrong’s at the end of it. Definitely recommend!

  • Talisa Lauren Tossell
  • Ky

    If you want an historic sight-see, go to Rosslyn Chapel. It’s a wee bus ride outside of the city, but it’s completely captivating with its mysterious history and quaint little namesake town. :-) The Grassmarket is really cool. Hiking up Arthur’s Seat. Visiting the Castle. Have a beautiful time. :-)

  • Danielle

    I’m loving that nail polish!!!

  • Ruhee

    You are a great girlfriend Anna. Mark is a lucky chap. Have fun in Edinburgh.

  • Nats

    Go to the witchery for food it’s a must. It’s up the royal mile xxx

  • Ashlee

    Go to Papii for coffee and breakfast if you’re looking for a quaint Scottish morning! It has the best eggs Benedict and is SUCH a cute little spot for coffee!

  • Emily

    I went to Edinburgh for New Year this year – it’s such a gorgeous city!
    I hope that you have a great time, Mark is one lucky chap!

    Emily x –

    #BrizBlogMeet <– My Bristol bloggers meet

  • Leanne

    What a beautiful thing to do Anna! This is inspiring me to be more sneaky with my own man. Have an amazing time!

  • Daniella

    Ooh have a lovely time in Edinburgh! There’s so man lovely food places there!
    Daniella x

  • Rasa

    The elephant house coffee shop/restaurant, if you are a harry potter fan, is a must :)

  • catherine rachel joy esteves f

    Edinburgh is my all time favourite city :) if you like Japanese food go to Tang’s right by Greyfriars Bobby, visit Camera Obscura for a fun and interesting afternoon out, and go to the elephant house cafe. My uncle owns it and it’s where JK Rowling wrote Harry potter :) have a great time! Don’t forget to also try the haggis, neeps and tatties :) x

  • Jo

    “the dogs” restaurant is intimate and and delicious. My favorite restaurant and I have have found in 22 years of living here!

  • Leelu

    Hit up Bene’s on the Royal Mile (it’s an awesome chippy). Whiski Bar is also amazing – great food, great atmosphere. If the weather is nice, take a trek up Calton Hill – amazing views of the entire city. The Malt Shovel is also great. Have a fantastic time! What a nice thing to do!

  • Jen

    I recommend The Witchery on the Royal Mile, it’s at the top,of the road near the castle. Effin’ brilliant place, food, wine-list, and the decor are all AMAZING! If you walk past it on the way to the castle, at least poke your head thought the door to see it!

  • Kassandra Fairhall

    so excited for this springs beauty launches, I’ve already have post written for a couple of them and I’m in love with some of this seasons products

  • Cassie

    That nail polish is so pretty! I’m definitely excited for the new spring makeup too.

  • Anna

    I recommend the Witchery by the Castle and The Dogs Restaurant in New Town!

  • Carlene

    I would recommend Timberyard on Lady Lawson Street. It’s pretty phenom and the waiters aren’t hard to look at either.

  • Ana Carolina

    It takes you four coats to get Cleopatra in New York opaque? I wear it all the time and it’s always perfect with two coats! One of my favorite colors :)

  • BooBooNinja

    How does the Louise Young LY34 Super Foundation Brush compare to the Real Techniques brushes?

  • Hilary M

    You should definitely hike to the top of Arthur’s seat – it’s such a beautiful view of the city! Also, check out one of the ghost tours if you have time – they give you some really interesting facts about the city and it’s genuinely scary! We did the Auld Reekie vault tour and it was great :)

  • Hattie

    I live in Edinburgh, such a good birthday break idea! Fave restaurant (if you can manage to get a table) is Gardener’s Cottage is it’s AMAZING. You have to try it. Bars: Panda & Sons, Bramble, Under the Stairs. If the weather stays miserable check out the national museum of scotland (Chambers St) too… Hope you’re having fun :)

  • Jules

    Hiya! Dragonfly / Bramble / Treacle are great for cocktails, Holyrood 9A does amazing burgers, The Kings Wark down at the Shore in Leith (take the number 22 bus) does a good menu as does the Ship (mostly seafood) Get yourself up Arthurs seat for great views, go and see Greyfriars Bobby and the national museum of scotland is great (and the restaurant in the museum – the Tower, does a fab afternoon tea as does Eteaket on Frederick Street). Urban Angel (on forth street and on Hanover street) do great breakfasts / brunch. Kanpai is good for sushi! The shopping on George Street is fab too. Have a brilliant time!

  • Isuri Ambrosu

    I second eating at Timberyard! Amazing food, check out my blog post for pics. Also, Dragonfly is good for cocktails!