Yes, yes another post from me today, but I popped up a new video on the Youtube and felt the need to share! I have always wimped out of ‘tutorial-style’ videos, I’ve done a few but finally plucked up the courage to do a foundation routine – heck, I ain’t even wearing any makeup at the beginning of the video – I was well brave :D Of course it includes my new favourite foundation, I’m bored of even writing it’s name but I’m sure you know which one I am talking about ;)  
I filmed this the day after I got my Sigma brushes in the post so hopefully it was helpful to see how I have been using them too. I will try and film some more tutorials over the Xmas hols where I will have a bit more time to play in the natural light! Any requests feel free to pop them below :)  
Much Love,
Vivianna x
  • Angelica ‘Kika’ Zadr

    I love watching foundation routine videos. xx 

    • Vivianna

      Me too! xx

  • jennifer june

    Love the tutorial hon! I've got that foundation and the Bobbi Brown concealer added to my wish list! The bronzer looks awesome, I didn't even know that that existed!

  • lauren_alice

    I always call my head a “football head” too!!

    • Vivianna

      Haha football heads unite! xx

  • yvetvandenaalt

    ahw you look so pretty! the make up looks really nice! x

    • Vivianna

      Thank you hunny! xx

  • yvetvandenaalt

    oh i dont get this comment-thingy,
    I’m :)

    • Vivianna

      Haha ;) xx

  • Sarirah

    Seeing as I’ve been obsessing over foundations and “face makeup” at the moment, it only seems obvious that I’m excited to sit down (with tea of course) to watch this video. :)

    • Vivianna

      Haha hope you enjoyed your tea love! xx

  • Tinacandicebrown

    Your skin is FLAWLESS! Can you tell me (again) the brush & product names, please? I’m not very good at watching and noting :-/ XXX

    • Vivianna

      Thank you so much hunny! If you click to watch it again and press ‘youtube” in the corner you can watch it on the actual youtube page and I’ve linked everything up down below xx

  • Chrissy

    That blush looks really beautiful on you!

    • Vivianna

      Thank you hun! xx

  • heidi dowd

    Round football head made me laugh! Your personality shines through on your videos & you can tell how much you really like the products. I enjoy watching your videos, and I think I’ll have to try that Bobby Brown concealer!


    • Vivianna

      Haha thank you hun! That was such a nice comment to leave! xx

  • Boscy

    Absolutely love this! Need that damn foundation! x

    • Vivianna

      Haha you know you want it ;) xx

  • koren

    awesome, your skin is so nice! well jel!! i may have to get all these products! thats what overdrafts are for!! i love the brushes, how much were they if you don’t mind me asking?? x

    • Vivianna

      Aw thank you hun! I brought the brushes in a set of 4 that cost around £40 from the US Sigma website xx

  • Natasha Davies

    great tut ! Ive been wanting to try it because I have been using the chanel vitalumiere aqua, and because I have such dry skin, it dries to quickly before I can blend it just right ! but this looks like it would be far better !!! … also have me lusting over the sigma brushes, shall have to treat myself !!! xo

    • Vivianna

      Thank you hun! Yes I have the Chanel V.L.A and I don’t get on with it too well easier – goes very dry on my skin too! xx

  • Silvia Quirós

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Vivianna

      :) xx

  • Lucy

    I love Clinique Even Better foundation – I’ve tried others but I always go back to that one! After hearing you say how great this Jemma Kidd one is it’s next on my list! Als0 – when you posted the 30% code for ASOS on twitter it made me take the leap and buy a Clarisonic! Love your blog x

    • Vivianna

      Ooooo lucky you! I really need to get my hands on it – after Christmas I think :) xx

  • nataliecleggings

    i’m also part of the football head brigade! your skin looks so flawless without the make-up, i’m envious ;)  the sigma brushes look like a great buy, are they stocked in the UK at all? by the way, the bouncy eyeball thing freaked me out SO badly! xx

    • Vivianna

      Haha thank you hun! Yes the Sigma brushes are stocked at :) xx

  • emilie

    I’ve just discovered your blog and find it very nice. A little question for you: how do you choose the colour of your products “online”? I often want to buy makeup products online (brands and products that are not sold in France) but I finally always “resist” as I am too afraid to choose the wrong colour…

    • Vivianna

      Aw thank you hun! I usually try and do a lot of googling first to see other peoples swatches :) xx

  • gem

    i lovvve you’re blog! you’re so helpful… but very bad for convincing me to go and buy lots of new goodies :) i have now ordered the Jemma Kidd foundation after a long run of using a favourite Clinique one of mine … i hope its goooood! also purchased the stigma brush haha. can’t wait to receive them! i may even start my own blog now hmmmm….

    • Vivianna

      Thank you hun! Hope you like i as much as I do :) xx

  • Jexvil

     Hiya! I was just wondering, would you consider doing an EYES routine? Like what products you use to clean them, for sensitive eyes, creams, etc.?
    And another thing: have you done a post on non animal tested products, vegan and vegetarian indicated make up, etc.?
    Thanks so much! :D

    • Vivianna

      Oooo yes that is a good idea – I have added it to my list :) No I haven’t done a post on non-animal tested products as I find that territory a bit ambiguous. Although a lot of companies don’t currently test on animals, a LOT of products used in cosmetics have previously been tested on animals and so it is actually very hard for a company to say that they use ingredients that have definitely not been tested on animals in any part of their production. Just my view on it – all seems a bit murky to me ;) xx

  • Anonymous

    Great video! I’m so tempted to get those Sigma brushes! It seems like their kabuki brushes are much better than their regular brushes. Also, what sunscreen, if any, do you use?

    • Vivianna

      Thank you hun! Yes I like the suncreams from SkinCeuticals :) xx

  • Isabella

    just curious do you have both miss taylor & breakfast with audrey? if you do which do you recommend for powder touch-ups? i love the color of miss taylor but i think the roundtop mite be more practical

    • Vivianna

      No I don’t have either of those brushes – sorry love! xx

  • Natalie

    Great video! I’ve just discovered your blog and spent pretty much all day backtracking through your very lovely posts! Very tempted to try the Kabuki brushes come payday! x

    • Vivianna

      Aw thank you for having a read hun! xx

  • Monet

    this blog is awesome! I only just started following yesterday :)

    • Vivianna

      Aw thanks for following and having a read! xx

  • Anonymous

    I really want to try a) that brush and b) that concealer… I have benefit’s erase paste right now, but find it very hard to blend ( but agree with using fingers, concealer brushes never blend as well)

    • Vivianna

      Oooo yes the Bobbi Brown concealer is so nice and creamy – I love it! xx

  • Martha

    Hey you look rly nice in this video. like your hair up

    • Vivianna

      Thank you :) xx

  • Rhen

    I’d love to try that flat top Sigma Brush..too bad we don’t have it here int the Philippines…

    • Vivianna

      Boo that sucks, it’s such an amazing brush! xx

  • Cina767

    its gotta be lauren conrad surely.. she is amazingly beautiful and her style matches that! x
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