So there has been some sad news in the beauty world people. It appears that Jemma Kidd’s makeup line is on it’s way out – *insert a chorus of boos*. Although there hasn’t been too much said about it – don’t shoot the messenger – I first saw it reported on this article on the Daily Mail (my not-so-secret guilty daily indulgence); Jemma herself hasn’t officially confirmed the news on her Twitter page, but she did tweet that, “Light As Air Foundation will be back, watch this space”. Oh I’m watching alright.

If I had a penny for every time I raved about their Light As Air Foundation, then I would be a very rich lady indeed. My most notable post was this one – I practically drew a halo around the top of the bottle – decent, long-lasting coverage that leaves a natural finish on the skin. Ah I love it. Luckily the fact that I have three bottles of the stuff hanging around and prefer more of a lighter coverage finish these days means I’m not going to start hyperventilating just yet. But in the wake of the recent news I have been testing out some new foundation formulas which I haven’t yet found to match the Light As Air spot on, but have come pretty darn close. Expect to see a video or post soon on these beauties.

It seems that all the usual stockists still have some hanging around, and if you can find the Light As Air in your shade – then firstly buy it, then secondly, give yourself a pat on the back. Another notable must-buy is the Dewy Glow All Over Radiance Cream in Ice Gold – glowy skin perfection. I’m all stocked up for the minute, but I’m crossing my fingers for a comeback – who’s with me on this one!?

  • leylajasmine

    Quick question..Whats your preferred shade? I’ve had no luck finding it over the past couple of months!

  • alyoops22

    Oh my god! This makes me incredibly sad, why would anyone do this to us?! I need Dewy Glow All Over Radiance Cream in my life forever…and I’m yet to even try Light As Air even though I’ve been lusting after it for well over a year…if this is true it’s a sad day for the beauty addicts among us!



  • Monica S.

    Space NK told me it has been discontinued so I couldnt purchase the Light as Air but so good to know she will be bringing it back! Im guessing she’s planning a major overhaul/rebrand of the line x

  • Gillian

    Aww how sad I loved this foundation. Feels so light on the skin! x

  • Kelly C.

    I hope they come back out with this foundation! I managed to pick up the dewy glow in a feel unique sale, but after hearing so much about the foundation I would like to try it!

  • Yu

    I still haven’t tried this but I always wondered if I should.. but then I’m afraid I’d love it now haha!

  • Margaret
  • Anna

    Oh I have always wanted to try it and now that its being discontinued I must try it soon!

  • Laura Birch

    ohh noo! Hope it doesn’t finish haven’t had the chance to try the foundation yet! Fingers crossed it continue x

  • beth.willcox

    very sad :( really fancied trying out that foundation ….on a posotive note…I am a fan myself!!! did you see the article about the lovely taya burr?

  • Siobhan Emma

    I’m with you100%!!! When I heard the sad news I not only went and got myself one last bottle of the foundation just so I can love it that little longer, as well as treating myself to the Dewy Glow All Over Radiance. Sadly they had sold out of the Ica Gold so I settled for Rose Gold xx

  • Line

    SO annoyed, I just found the perfect nude lipstick for my complexion and it’s from Jemma Kidd, typical! haha :) x

  • becky

    hey, i don’t know if you saw but there are jemma kidd freebies with next months cosmopolitan uk and it looks like it has some new packaging, so maybe the whole lot is just being rebranded? :) hope so!

  • becky

    actually it might have been marie claire or glamour – had a bit of a magazine overload recently and i’ve got them all mixed up. but i definitely saw it in one of them! x

  • Carys Lloyd

    I love the dewy glow radiance creme! I was so sad to hear that the line has gone bust :( x x

  • L and E

    Been so sad about this news, you got me hooked on the light as air foundation!! Sad times in the beauty world!!

  • Kelly

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhh what am i going to do?!

  • Summer

    I haven’t even tried it yet for myself and it’s already being removed from the beauty shelves. Why???? It sounds like a complete must have.You make it sound so damn appealing Anna. It’s unfair. haha :)

  • Fernanda

    The Dewy Glow is my favourite highlighter. I’d heard rumours about the end of the line, I really hope they aren’t confirmed!! :( xx

  • amy.bevissmith

    i have dewy glow…and i love it – wear it everyday without fail but theres still loads left so im hesitant to buy another right now. im just hoping its a silly rumour that is intended just to boost sales (cinical much?!?)

  • thebeautyheroes

    such a shame ! her brand sounds fantastic ! xx

  • Lila

    I love the Dewy Glow, it’s my favorite highlighter ever!

  • Bebe Badkon

    Maybe they are just re-packaging, renaming the products rather than discontinuing for ever. Let hope hey? I haven’t had a chance to even try these products everyone raves about so much! the highlighter has been on my wishlist for a while now.

  • Zoe Marie

    Light as Air is my all time favourite foundation. My last bottle run out in July and my shade has been out of stock everywhere since. I have since been trying to find another foundation similar but so far found nothing :( please please PLEASE post the similiar foundations you have foundation ASAP . thanks :) X

  • tiggles

    Damn! But I really wanted to try the light as air foundation *thrashes around like a baby*! I hope, once her finances are all in order, she’ll make a comeback sometime soon. This line seems too good to go to waste. Here’s to hoping!

  • lynnsay

    I’ve been trying to buy the Light As Air foundation for months now! But I’ve never found my shade :( This is a sad day for the beauty world!!

  • BeingRaquel

    I LOVE both the foundation AND the Dewy Glow in Ice Gold… love love love! Fingers crossed they may reappear :) xx

  • Harriet

    Hey am a fellow jemma kidd light as air lover and am trying to make the last bit of mine last. Having a nightmare trying to find a half decent replacement. Please can you give me your recommendations? Thanks

  • Marit

    He Vivianne,
    I am literally searching for hours online for the jemma kidd dewy glow all over radiance cream but i can’t find it anywhere. I am from the Netherlands, and the don’t sell jemma kidd anyway. I was wondering if you have any news that the dewy glow and lights as air foundation will reapper? If they don’t do you have a dupe for jemma kidd dewy glow? I prefer this creme highlighters over the powdery ones. Thank you in advance!