I’m the type of gal you see walking down the street with a bag on her arm so big it probably has the kitchen sink, dishwasher and fridge in it. Diaries, moleskines, magazines, drinks, iPad – oh yes, I manage to fit the whole shebang in there. Given this intro you may think that I would haul around a face-full of makeup in there with me, but that really isn’t the case. I’m too lazy for touch-ups so I just carry around a very edited selection of products that I can jazz myself up with if the occasion arises…

The must-have item that everyone has swimming around in the bottom of their bags has to be a lip balm. This is probably the one thing that I couldn’t leave home without. I switch it up, but at the moment the tiny little nub of the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment that I have left is what tends to my lips all day. The next must-have on my list would be my rollerball perfumes – I own two and carry around both cause I can never decide between them. Paco Rabanne Lady Million and Fresh Brown Sugar; easily my favourite scents of all time. Another little extra is the Jurlique Rose Hand Cream. This stuff is super nourishing and I have been known to cheekily apply this to my limbs if I’m having a particularly woeful skin day. Always good to carry around a tiny tub of multi-tasking moisturiser with you. Finally there are three makeup products, and a brush that come in handy with freshening up my makeup if it’s been all day and I have evening plans (euw but true). The Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer in 3 Medium (in the nameless tube) is a great full coverage, but not too cakey concealer that I blend in wherever I’ve got a little redness (or even worse, a dreaded spot has popped up). The Lancôme Hypnôse Waterproof Mascara is fab for going over my lashes without making them look to spidery and just add a touch of extra length for some extra drama. Then I tend to pop a little of the Tarte Amazonian Clay Bronzer in Park Avenue Princess all over the cheeks (and generally all over my face) with the Real Techniques Blush Brush. Bronzey Goddess complexion be mine!

Of course, there are a few other bits that can sneak their way into my bag. Namely hand sanitiser (Soap & Glory’s Hand Maid is my fave), tissues, neurofen and a cream blush from time to time but the products mentioned above are pretty much lugged around everyday. Now I’m sure there was a sneaky lipgloss that’s made it’s way in there….*hides head in bag and rustles around for the next five minutes*

  • Mwang927

    great post anna! i’m the type of girl who carries around about 5 lipglosses and a dozen lip balms in my bag. whenever i try to reduce my ‘luggage’ , the stuff just mysteriously end up back in there! x

  • http://www.facebook.com/silvia.quiros Silvia Quirós

    nice things thanks for sharing

  • Michaela Smith

    Oh I love these posts! I’m also too lazy for makeup touchups during the day, but I cannot leave home without lip balm! 


  • http://preachingbeauty.blogspot.com/ Amanda

    Once again great post, love reading them there always so easy to read, what bag is it your using love the colour xox


  • http://www.rhiisparks.com Rhiannon Owen

    Hunting around in my bag for bits and pieces is the story of my life! I always have a few bits of makeup in my bag though just in case, especially the Collection 2000 concealer – what a Godsend!  :)

    Rhiannon xx

  • http://twitter.com/ellie_pearson98 Ellie Pearson

     I’m exactly the same, my bags have to be huge and full to the brim of my stuff!
    Your posts are always so well written, I always look forward to seeing your name pop up on my reading list! xx


  • Kings.ofneon

    love this post!


  • http://twitter.com/piesandliesblog Aoife

    I love seeing what other people have in their handbags! Mine is always so disorganised your handbag puts mine to shame! I’ve also been meaning to pick up Hand Maid for my handbag for ages, I’ll have to pick one up!


  • Line Juul Noergaard

    Great post, I should really start putting a makeup bag in my purse :) x


  • http://gobigorgohomehoney.blogspot.fr/ Jos

    Can we take a minute to discuss this tiny TicTac box?! How many mints are in one box? Just adorable.
    Great post, as per usual :).



  • Ying

    I enjoyed reading this post :) I always find it interesting what others bring around with them in their handbags. I pretty much bring the same things, except that i do not own any rollerball perfumes :( I do however own a travalo though, which i carry around my Marc Jacobs daisy around because it is such a fresh summer scent~ xoxo


  • uftade

    great post :)
    i also must have a lip balm on my handbag too 😀
    and laughed so much to beginning of writing :)

  • Jac

    Can’t leave without my lip balm and hand maid! :)



  • Sian_laugh

    Where do you purchase your rollerball perfumes? Ive had no luck searching online for UK stores. :( xx

  • Lena Fuchs

    want that brush & concealer so badly but can’t get it where I live… need to check the internet now! I feel like you always choose the BEST products! love xx

  • Beth Bradley

    Lipstick and lip balm are my handbag essentials. I carry a leather satchel and can’t be bothered to fill it with diaries and make-up, it gets too heavy.


  • http://www.thelilywhiteenglishrose.blogspot.com/ Lilywhiteenglishrose

    the bottom of my handbag is always swimming with lip balms and hair bobbles

  • Denisegullett20

    I can’t seem to leave with less than 5 lip products in my purse.  So ridiculous !


  • Rach

    Why do I want that teeny packet of Tic Tacs so badly?! I MUST HAVE THEM!


    NO WAI VIVIANNA EATS TIC TACS i must eat tic tacs. i want everyfinngggg in your handbagzzz xx

  • kiran

    uhhhhh, you make me want everything!!!!!!! love the post xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  • Amy

    I hate carrying around a huge bag! I can never find anything. So I try to have a tiny handbag and in it I have a makeup bag that it all lives in. I try to only carry the barest of essentials but some non-essential things creep in there from time to time! 


  • http://twitter.com/chlowitty_ Chloe Witty

    the curse of the big bag, finding all the products!

    chlo @chlowitty blogs

  • Elise

    I always try to reduce the amount of stuff I carry around, but I don’t seem to succeed:)


  • Jaguar Zinnias

    I’m curious about the rollerballs, I was thinking about one of those travelo things because I am petrified of taking perfume along with me for fear it will shatter. 

    As far as make-up, I only carry lip products, mascara, and  blush with me. My bag is just filled with a load of other things I insist on toting around 

  • Abi

    Did you know you can get rollerball versions of Travelo atomisers? 
    http://www.travalo.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=3762&products_id=7433 Solves all your woes!

  • sophia

    Love this post and that is the cutest pack of tic tacs ever! Aww xxx

  • Rainer Lara

    I carry everything you can possibly think of in my bag. Usually the stuff I need when I’m out and I’m like darn! I should have brought some along! I have children so it’s a little hectic in my bag. haha

  • Erin Russell

    mine is pretty much the same items! :)

    I keep in mine:
    A Nail File
    Lush Charity Pot Hand&Body Lotion
    the Real Techniques retractable kabuki brush
    Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder
    compact Mirror
    Diptyque travel/sample size of DO SON (which I got in my #beautychatlive bag)
    Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer (which is also labelless)

    And the past 2-3 days of lipsticks because i’m lazy and never remember to remove them…. right now its:
    Maxfactor tinted lipbalm in Voluptuous Pink
    Too Faced Sample Size in Naked Dolly
    Mac Matte Honey Love