Double Photo Test

After almost five years of traipsing after me shopping, my Boyfriend knows the drill. He waits outside, or gathers in a quiet corner with all the other dudes waiting for me to return with a huge grin and armfuls of bags. He gets it. But there’s one beauty shop that can sometimes draw him in – Space NK. Now if there was ever a sign we should be together… I jest, I jest. Perhaps it’s the block of blue stock or the huge sign that might as well read ‘This section is for you man over there who looks lost’, but it’s a spot he likes to peruse from time to time. Though he’s never actually left the store with a purchase a few weekends back that changed and out we both came with a new possession in hand. A ‘his and hers’ haul if you will. After the success of his YouTube appearance I think he’s feeling brave, so here it is ladies and gents – Mark’s editorial debut and his take on the latest addition to his (one product) skincare regime…

Mark’s thoughts on Kiehl’s Facial Fuel SPF15 - So I didn’t even know the name of this face stuff I’ve been using until I saw it in this post, very embarrassing. Anyway – a bit of backstory – I had been using E45 Lotion every morning for my face and hands for ages. It seemed to have been doing the trick (or so I thought) but after months (maybe years?) of badgering by Anna to have an improved skincare routine, I thought I would finally get her to pipedown and try something she recommended. While in SpaceNK I wandered over to the men’s section, Anna soon followed and started up her usual talk about how this and that would transform my skin in to a beaming ray of sunshine. For some reason on that day, much to her surprise, I agreed and said “Oh go on then”. I now use the Kiehl’s every morning just after I have showered, and compared to the E45 my face is as soft as a baby’s bum. With working outside all day the added SPF stops me looking like a lobster when I walk in in the evening, it smells nice and the packaging looks good too. Maybe, just maybe, I will add another step to the skincare routine, one step at a time though.

Anna’s thoughts on NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser in Alaska – I’d previously managed to nab a sample of this when it first launched a year or so ago and after making my way through the 2ml tube I came to the conclusion that I didn’t like it. A little too radiant in finish and not long-lasting enough for my tastes. But after spotting this on my mate whose skin looked awesome and remembering it was a favourite of Millie Mackintosh, of whom I have a little beauty crush on, paired with that fact that I like a pretty sheeny finish these days I thought I’d give it another go. And you know what? I’m glad I did. The staying power still isn’t there but I just lob this in my bag and dollop on a little more throughout the day. The finish is fresh, the coverage light and the shade match is good. I’d warn the super oily among us to steer clear, but if you don’t mind a bit of glow then it’s one to look into. And after stuffing my tinted moisturiser drawer so full that it now won’t open or close. I promise that’s it on the purchasing front. Unless Mark wants to take another visit to Space NK of course…

  • Ivy Vijay

    hehehe..why does this story sound so heard? Go Anna go!! where there is your will, Mark finds his way :)


  • Delia

    It’s such a cute idea to get your boyfriend involved in your blog! Mine doesn’t like it when I get all caught in make-up and stuff, haha.

  • KatHorrocksMUA

    Loving Mark’s cameo appearances on VDM! I always buy my boyfriend skincare sets for Christmas, which he uses for a few months then forgets about. *sigh* this post gives me hope that one day my beauty grilling will get to him!! x

  • Alissia

    Haha sounds like you do the same to your boyfriend as I do to my brother. Not only is he using Bioderma Sébium these days, he’s even starting to use La Roche Posay Serozinc. Thorougly impressed with him :D x

    Alissia from Ma Vie en R0se

  • Zuzik

    This is adorable :) . My boyfriend has a seborrheic dermatitis on his face so he always had “his” shampoo and “his” face cream. But now he started to use my moisturizers and I laugh my ass off when he uses words like hydrated, moisturized… He even has a favourite – Bioderma Hydrabio. He’s never done that before. :) Maybe in the future he will have a full skin care routine.

    Blu Button Box

  • Olivia S

    Cute post, for some reason I love hearing men reviewing skincare haha. Xx

    Olivia –

  • Anna Blush

    I love this style of post, good to hear a guys view! x

  • Shrutilaya

    I loved this post! So nice hearing a guy’s opinion on things!

  • Nina Rivers

    I’ll have to get my boyfriend to read this so I can convince him to use a moisturiser!
    Nina xx

  • charlotte foster

    daaw…usually for me it’s more of a ‘I get a trip round Boots, you get Burger King’ sort of deal, but same principle I guess!

  • Oresiri teru
  • Zoe Bennett

    This was such a great post
    Zoe x

  • Maquillage Magic

    so cute, my boyfriend would never venture make up shopping with me!!

  • Hope

    Haha, maybe if I got my male friends to read this post they would stop stealing my face wash and moisturisers every camping trip and party!! H x

  • joysteib

    Loving this latest post with thoughts from Mark and of course yourself!!! Thanks for sharing with us!!! <3

  • sof

    Very cool that you tried the facial fuel even though it was targeted for “men”, i will ask for a sample the next time i go to kiehls!!

  • Leonie

    Good post! Love it :-)

  • Anya Cross

    I’m definitely taking my boyfriend to space no with me now. He’s gonna love it ! Haha x

  • Andrew James

    Facial Fuel is pretty amazing, ive used it on clients before and they love it i think Kiehl’s is a great brand for guys

  • Emma Vincent

    So cute! Mark can now enjoy shops with you! Or maybe just Space NK from time to time.. :-)

  • Amy Zhang

    I’m in love with the Nars tinted moisturizer! I find it really great for dry skin and the winter time :)

  • Danielle

    I love the NARS Tinted Moisturizer. I’m actually wearing it right now haha.

  • Sandy

    I wish I could get my boyf to up his skincare! Although he is partial to joining me in a facemask every now and then! Heard great things about the NARS TM – the fact that Millie uses it has definitely swayed me!


  • Abi Bailey

    I wish my boyfriend would listen to me about skin care! His skincare routine only involves water, occasionally washing his face with actual face wash! Love this post x

  • Celine

    This is so cute! Think I’ll have to try that Nars Tinted Moisturiser!! Xx

  • Fernanda

    Cutest post ever! x

  • Celina

    This is such a cute post. I’m starting to get into skincare and I’m pretty sure I’ll be dragging my boyfriend along with me on this journey soon.

    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

  • TheYummyChummies

    Brilliant idea for a post! Maybe one day I’ll get my boyfriend to actually go look at skincare rather than groan, roll his eyes and change the subject. *sigh*

  • Kassandra Fairhall

    hahaha I`m always yelling at my boyfriend to take better care of his skin, he never listens

  • Anna Talks Beauty

    Kiehls have some great stuff for guys. I bought a bottle of the Cross Terrain all in one (hair & body) which simplifies the whole routine somewhat for the most picky male relative ever and has asked for it every birthday and christmas since! Anna x

  • Lucy

    Ithink I recognise that Space.NK- I’m there all the time!xx