So last week I was traipsing around town and a few things ended up in my shopping basket – you know how it is. A quick perusal of Boots and Space NK resulted in this. Naughty? Yes. Completely uncessary? Yes. But did it make me one happy bunny? Oh hell yes. I can safely say I picked up some absolute crackers – I’ve already blogged about how much I can stop staring at Nails Inc Baker Street (post here) and the This Works Perfect Look Skin Miracle? Well, words evade me it’s just so darn awesome. I’ll let the other two speak for themselves in the video.

Select to watch on Youtube for all the extra links and info, and hey even like and subscribe if you fancy it. It always makes my day that little bit sweeter, ah you guyz. And to make up for the horrendously over priced items in this haul I’m planning a drugstore favourites for my next video. Yours and my wallets can both breathe a sigh of relief.

  • Coco Juliette

    You must love this tinted moisturizer very much indeed! I need to get my hands on one of them now! Maybe help me with the shades? I’m a NC25/NC30. Thanks
    Juliette x

  • Line

    I really want to try the 1 molecule perfume. Please do an full in-depth review once you’ve tried it out. :) x

  • uftade

    what a pretty color nail polish !
    and you really making me curious about this tinted moisturizer :)


  • CharliesChoice

    Wow it’s kinda ridiculous that Chantecaille raised the price. I really want to try it but I can’t justify spending that much money on it. :) And I’m scared that I will really like it and will continue purchasing it! Ordered the nail polish yesterday after seeing it on you.

  • Hannah Maggs

    arrrg i ansolutely LOVE space nk, its my weakness in life! x

  • Diane11792

    love all your new beauty bits missus. Bad for the purse. VERY bad. :) . I want to try the Chantecaille Just Skin Tinted Moisturiser but the crazy expensive price tag is rather off-putting. Love the sound of it though.

  • Lo

    Could you please please please do a concealer roundup video! I absolutely love all your foundation recs, and I’m in dire need of a new concealer! x

  • Sophie Murray-Morris

    Baker Street looks fab. It’s so difficult to just window shop these days though…

    I have a giveaway going on currently at Sophie Rose, make sure to check it out!x

  • Leti

    I wish you would take more photos for your blog instead of just posting your videos! I figured the point of it would be to watch the video but be able to come to your blog for close up product shots <3

  • Michèle

    I love your videos. All of them!
    Looking forward to your drugstore favourite video! :)

  • Erin Rosen

    Oooooooh Chantecaille, how I love your products… At first though, I did not see what the hype was all about with the tinted moisturizer, but then I kept using it and comparing it to the Laura Mercier one and it all became so clear. Must. Buy. Now!

  • Rebecca Morgan

    i want to purchase just about everything you EVER talk about! looking forward to the drugstore faves so i don’t feel so guilty for wanting all these wonderful things!

  • Kate Braithwaite

    Bought the this works perfect look skin miracle (mouthful or what) and adore it! Looking forward to perhaps reading/watching a review from you?! Was slightly disheartened when I got home and had a mooch on Beauty Bay to discover it’s on offer at £22.12… But not so disheartened, as the whole range is on offer and I am thinking of snapping up the perfect legs to cheer myself up – that’s acceptable right?!
    Always love your posts Anna! :) xx

  • Holly Stewart

    Every time I watch your videos I think my bank card has a minor heart attack! The next time I am home in Edinburgh I am definitely going to pick up the Chantecaille, I just can not resist it anymore! And at 50ml in a tube, it’s actually not that hideous (i’ll keep telling myself that). The molecule cologne sounds really interesting, I’d seen a bit about it, v funny reading some of those reviews! x

  • Emma

    I got the molecule 01 perfume a few days after you posted this, any thoughts on it yet? I’m really not sure… it smells like cedar and no-ones told me I smell fabulous yet!!

  • Divs

    Is it always amazing to indulge into luxury and nothing pleases me more than bagging Chantecaille!!