…which would you pick? This question encapsulates every makeup lovers nightmare and is unsurprisingly one of the oft-asked ones that I get posed. My old answer was always Laura Mercier. I love their complexion products (the Oil-Free Tinted Moisturiser and Secret Camouflage Concealer rock) and their colour range has some crackers in it too. But recent contemplation has got me considering NARS (makers of some kick-ass palettes and my daily concealer pick), Dior (the primers, the nail polishes and BB Cream all hit the spot) or even CHANEL (the Les Beige Powder is always swimming around in my handbag, their cream eyeshadows are gorgeous, you’ve got to love their lipsticks and their foundation offering is vast and on-point too). It’s too tough for me, so for today’s edition of ‘The Forum’ I’m turning it onto you. Common’ be strong. If you could only use the range of makeup created by one brand for the rest of your life, what would be be? Now this is a comment thread I can’t bloomin’ wait to read…

  • Evelyn Morales

    I used to be a Mac girl through and through but recently I also have to say Nars has kind of overtaken. I just love all their products!!


  • Larissa

    I think Bobbi Brown would be my pick, it has amazing bases, blushes, eyeshadows and lipsticks!


  • http://www.hyacinthgirl.com/ Morgan @ Hyacinth Girl

    I would pick NARS! My base is 100% NARS and after being gifted one of their eyeshadow duos I’m realising their eye products seem equally as good!

  • Hannah

    I’d pick Bobbi Brown too, I love her focus on natural, enhancing makeup and I could do a whole look from her range (and not have to worry about not finding a foundation to suit my brown skin). Plus, I love her corrector and concealer!

    Hannah | Girl+World

  • Chloe

    I was tempted to reply a high-end brand such as Nars or Chanel but the truth is, the only brand I’ve always trusted for everything is Bourjois. Their foundations are great (gosh, they even do a CC cream now, so the tinted moisturizer territory is covered), their concealers are great, their blushers (Nude Velvet oh god) are great too, they’ve released good quality lipsticks and chubby sticks and they’re not doing too bad in the pencils/mascara department. Their eyeshadow collection lacks variety and originality but there are nice colours, and I’m not too much of an eyeshadow girl anyway. Plus, I’m sure a nice palette is on the cards.
    So… yep, for me it’s Bourjois.

  • Sophie Isabella D.

    Can I say one brand per makeup item?! Base I’d say Armani, lips it has to be MAC, eyes Chanel, cheeks Bobbi Brown, and highlighters from Benefit.. I’m weak, I know!

  • Chloe Astley

    For high end I think Nars really does it for me! The sheer glow foundation, laguna bronzer and all of them blushes are pretty damn hard to beat. For drugstore I think Rimmel is my favourite for foundations and maybelline or max factor is best for mascaras, but then bourjois has some amazing things too! Ahh I can’t decide x

  • Anna Blush

    This is such a difficult question! So many amazing brands but so different. More testing is definitely required ;) x


  • Heather Mcknight

    Urban Decay, for sure. I find the brand to have all bases covered really. Their eyeshadows are beyond beautiful, their newly formulated lipsticks and glosses are perfection and their foundation and new released naked skin hd powder applies like a dream too. what’s not to love?!


  • Sonya

    It´d have to be Dior, their Dior skin nude plus the Diorshow mascara are just perfect. But Benefit and Bobbi Brown are very close on my list. xx

  • SJ

    I’d pick NARS. Great range of shades for all skin tones, amazing eyeshadows (not to mention that insane primer), blush, bronzers, the list goes on!

  • Bella

    Nars, without a doubt. I use their foundations (Sheer Glow and Radiant Cream Compact), concealer, tinted moisturiser, bronzer, powder, and their colour products are always good for me. Their Larger than Life Volume mascara is also one of my favourites and their brushes are good.
    I shall miss my extensive collecion of Chanel lipsticks and glosses, but as a brand it is just not that failsafe.

  • Elizabeth Georgian

    Though I just started using Bourjois recently, they make my go-to foundation. A tough one (I love benefit and maybelline), but Bourjois takes it!

  • Alice Porter

    Oooooo it’s tough! I think it would have to be Bobbi Brown! I am obsessed with the Just Skin foundation right now and I luurrve the lipsticks and she cam out with such nice eye palettes last year! And the brushes are a beaut too!



  • HelloOctober

    Nars, all the way!

    • Ella

      But what about mascaraaaaaaa? I was going to say the same thing at first. Although it’s true, where would I be without their tinted moisturiser, concealer, blushes, bronzer, lip pencils… And apparently they do good brushes too! So Nars, definitely!


  • Bittersweet Shelby

    I think I would have to pick ah I DON’T KNOW! This is seriously such a hard decision for me, I cannot live without my L’Oreal True Match Foundation but I don’t really use anything else from the brand but I also love my Sleek… I think I would choose Sleek simply because I love my crazy dramatic eyeshadows and they simply do amazing eyeshadows and blushes :D I have heard a lot of great things about their ‘face forms’ as well so I would say that!


  • Wheelingalong24

    I don’t know how anyone could pick! If I had the money, hourglass…Or Soap & Glory, if I could keep my YSL foundation & my nars eye primer….or maybe Tom Ford, again if I had the money….
    This is too hard!!



  • Hope

    This is a tricky question….MAC, no wait maybe Bobbi Brown…but those NARS pallettes just can’t be ignored….I dont know, I give up! This question is just too darn hard H x


  • Lilmissezzieb


  • Esmee
  • http://www.brodiejay.com/ Brodie Curnow

    Oookk. I’ve thought about this for a while. And I’ve decided…I’m giving you two answers. Nars for makeup, because come on. Their blushes? SO good. And that’s not just it. But I also want to include Origins, for skincare, because damn they have a good range available!


  • seonaidrogers

    I would say Illamasqua (blush, lipstick) but I also really like Revlon for base and lipstick, although Rimmel are better for eyes. Ok, this is impossible. If I had all the money in the world though I’d probably go with a brand like Hourglass or Kevyn Aucoin.

  • Gemma

    That is so hard!! ooh Soap & Glory just for One Heck of a Blot, and the KIck Ass Concealer, Maybe Maybelline as well they are my 2


  • Popcorn

    I guess I would be pick Nars: great concealers/foundations, great blushers and great lip products. Overall it is the brand with the widest range and most of the products are great quality.

  • pam

    guerlain.they can do it all from primer to nail polish to even super luxe perfum. a bit on the expensive side but hey if your going to choose then you better make it a good one.

  • Wiebke

    When it comes to drugstore brands I would probably chose Catrice which is a German brand. With high-end products I am a NARS girl all the way!

  • sarazbeautytonic

    I cant say one…maybe a higher end and a drugstore would be ok to say..for drugstore i would pick rimmel or bourjois and for highend…i guess mac or nars.


  • http://julie-roses.blogspot.fr/ Julie

    I don’t know but I love Urban Decay for eyeshadows! After, I don’t enought try Bobbi Brown but I love this brand! Sorry for my english but I’m French! xo

  • Carmen

    Not really a tough one, it would have to be Dior – their base products just do it for me, they have something to sort me out on good skin days (BB Cream), or on bad skin days (Forever foundation), their bronzers are absolutely amazing, so finely milled, in my opinion they don’t get enough appreciation, I don’t see too many people talking about them, very extensive blush collection to choose from, their waterproof eyeliners don’t budge, their eye shadows palettes are absolutely beautiful, and the lipsticks are glamorous enough to rival the Chanel Rouge Allure ones. Not to mention gorgeous nail polish colors, with decent staying power (unlike Chanel, who nail it only in the color department, excuse the pun).

  • http://www.crazylins.blogspot.co.uk/ Anya Cross

    Dior all the way. Their BB Cream is amazing! It was one of the only things I wore on my face last summer. I also ADORE their lipsticks, the Dior Addict in Icon is such a beautiful glossy pink. I could go on and on, plus have you seen the packaging?! Oh my god. x


  • Alisha

    illamasqua. love the skin base, hydraveil primer, eyeshadows, lippies LOVE ittt

  • Nicola

    NARS! I use Sheer Glow and the concealer daily, alongside their lovely eyeshadows that aren’t too pigmented but work well on my ghostly skin tone. Douceur is also my favourite blush ever

  • PeonyandPeach

    Nars without a doubt!! For me, they have a product in each category that’s bang on. Although I’ve never tried one of their mascaras! (Might just have to try one now!) For me it’s a pretty easy answer but ask the same question about skincare and we’ll be here all day!!


  • http://fake-tales-of-home.blogspot.co.nz/ Henri

    Chanel! It’s so hard to pick but I’m basing my decision on the base products. Otherwise my first choice would have probably been NARS, but their foundations have never really worked on well with my skin, whereas Chanel foundations have. And I’ve always had a soft spot for Chanel lipsticks and their cream eyeshadows. xx


  • Jessica Sutherland

    I’d say Clinique! It was the first makeup brand I LOVED & I’ve tried a range of products & been impressed! When it comes to drugstore brands it’s between Rimmel & Bourjois . . . I can’t decide between the two!

  • Claire Dallison-Hawkins

    Er…. YSL..no wait NARS…no hang on… I cannot pick, trying think what I am wearing today I have no 2 products from the same brand! That is a tricky tricky one!!

  • Zazie Bibi

    I’m quite a drugstore girl, so i’d have to say Rimmel, but i’m sure if i tried more high-end brands that opinion would change! xx

    A Little Treat | Beauty & Fashion Blog

  • Kavitha Arur

    I would probably choose Chanel for a higher end brand (vitalumiere aqua for the win!) and Bourjois as a more affordable brand. But reading through the comments, I am going to have to give NARS products a try!

  • Sophie ♥

    Oh gosh, this is bloomin’ hard! I’d use narhoumacysl. Isn’t that a nice little hybrid? Seriously though, I’d probably opt for Mac. I love their eyeshadows, eyeshadow bases and lipsticks. Their tinted moisturiser and powders are pretty darn good too.

  • Marlenne

    Hard one! I would say MAC, but it feels as if I’m cheating because they have all products of which you can think of. I also love Bourjois and Chanel… Bourjois has good products at a lower price, whilst Chanel… well… Because it is Chanel of course!


  • iln

    A few months ago I’d have said Nars, but I think I’d probably pick Bobbi Brown, especially since their last mascara came out. They have bases products for every occasion, a large variety of lipsticks, blushes, bronzers, concealers, amazing brushes as well, and nice packagings. x

  • http://writtenbymexoxo.blogspot.co.uk/ Tori Russell

    Ohhh I think I would have to pick Nars- the eyeshadow palettes are amazing!


  • Nicola Simmons

    So interesting to see other peoples take on this I think if money were no object would definitely be Chanel (i want their whole nail collection) or YSL but otherwise I think it would have to be Mac or Bourjois!! x


  • Steph

    Wow this is harder then i thought! I would probably have to say between Nars (amazing primer and palettes) and Tarte (amazing foundation, mascara, blush and also their palettes)…..yes I definitely think these two but lord dont ask me to choose between these too haha

  • http://ameliarosel.blogspot.co.uk/ AmeliaRoseL

    Depends if you’d have to pay for the products. I don’t think I could afford to ONLY shop at high end brands. If money was no option I think Nars too, pretty much amazing all round. MAC might also be a good choice, although none of their bases are my absolute favourite, but their other products are mostly great and the shade selection is amazing, you’d always find a colour you wanted! x

    Amelia Rose | Beauty Blogger

    • lc

      That’s a good point. Chanel (or MAC) if money wasn’t a concern. Bourjois, hands down, if it were coming out of my own pocket! For me, they have at least one reliable product in each area (base, mascara, lipstick, etc.) that I’d trust for everyday use, and the range of colours and textures is fairly adventurous. I’m intrigued by all the answers though – some good recommendations for potential testing!

  • Rebecca

    Hourglass! I’ve just realised although a relatively new brand I now use their primer, concealer, powder, eye liner, eyebrow pencil, and I loooove their lipstick in Icon (try the lipstick not just the opaque rouge, it’s beautiful!). Now I cant wait to try their mew ambient blush. The only thing I don’t love is their foundation, for that its Chanel, eye shadows definitely Nars and mascara you should try By Terry (it makes your lashes grow) or for a night out the Tom Ford extreme!

  • AgentSmyth

    Hmm toughie!! Off the top of my head when I read this title I said Nars, but then you said Laura Mercier and I thought yeah I really couldn’t live without my Silk Creme. Gah, please don’t make me choose!! :)

    Claire | AgentSmyth

  • Catherine C.

    The ‘smart’ choice for me would prob be NARS because they cover most bases – foundation, concealer, blush, eyeshadows etc are all among my favourites. But for some reason I never feel like I’m having as much fun w. Nars than with Chanel or Dior. I’d prob go Dior I think :) Or Chanel. Or Dior. Glad this is hypothetical!

    Cat | consumingbeauty.blogspot.com

  • Rachel W

    I’d choose Nars because I love the Sheer glow foundation, the creamy concealer, they have a good range of blushes, the velvet matte lip pencils, highlighters, eyeshadows in pairs or bigger palettes, decent lipsticks and lipglosses and a tinted moisturiser for a bit of lighter coverage. The only things they are lacking on (as far as I’m aware anyway) is eyebrow products, mascara and brushes.

  • beautyaesthetic

    For a high end choice I’d have to go with Nars, they do everything so well! You could easily get a full look from them though it would be pricey! For a drugstore option I think Revlon would be my choice as they have a wide selection of foundation shades, great lipsticks and powders.

    Sami | Beauty Aesthetic

  • http://nothingspaces.com Carina

    Definitely NARS or Le Métier de Beauté!

  • ceeebeee

    Bobbi Brown without a doubt. Everything from brushes to foundation, lip products, eye products and blushes are wonderful. I haven’t tried a dud product from the range yet!

  • http://whatlouiseisloving.blogspot.co.uk/ Louise

    I used to always say Laura Mercier as I adore their base products and think they offer a great range for other areas. However, I think lately I am leaning more towards NARS. I love their base, eyes and cheeks. The only area I haven’t tried is mascara but I am sure there would be one I’d love! If it were high street then definitely Bourjois! X


  • deliaoreo

    I would say for me it’s Bobbi Brown. I love the better but you look, and Bobbi has it all for me.

  • Francesca Trafford

    Easily Chanel, I can never get enough of what they have to offer and every trip to a counter leaves me hating my bank account! If they ever discontinued Vitalumière Aqua I think I may have a meltdown…

  • sarah

    Estée Lauder, 100%! My fave bases come from there, the brushes are decent too and the lipsticks are beaut! xxx

  • http://www.harrietmanson.com/ Harriet Manson

    NARS. Always NARS!

  • Georgina Kent

    Hmm what a loaded question! My initial reaction was Urban Decay, but I really don’t like their foundation :/ I think, even though I don’t own much NARS, I’d probably have to go with them as they have the complete package – great foundation, great eye shadow primer, amazing eye shadows and blushes etc :) For the high street, I’d probably say Bourjois, again, most of their products pack a punch :)


  • Embraham

    Definitely NARS. Amazing base products, constant new collections and come on… Their lip pencils are to die for.

    I couldn’t live in a world without NARS lip pencils.

    Oh gosh I am getting emotional thinking about it….


  • Sophia Xue

    Tom Ford or Suqqu probably? Eye shadows are my biggest softspot (makeup-wise), so these are the two brands that make gorgeous gorgeous eye makeup products and i simply couldn’t take my eyes off them! (plus i love tom ford perfumes!)

  • Sophie

    I’m with you on NARS, purely on the basis that I’ve never been disappointed by one of their products. Even though it’s obviously pricey, it’s one of the few brands that I feel hits the spot. Big fan, Anna!


  • Georgia

    Potentially Giorgio Armani…?? I am falling further and further in love with the brand, I just feel GA can do no wrong for most women. Luminous Silk (creamy skin!), Eyes to Kill (fluttery, bright eyes!), Fluid Sheer (oh so glowy!), Rouge Ecstasy (luscious lips!)… all wonderful, wearable, modern. Then again, Nars’ concealer, foundation, blushes (oh my, I am at 9, and counting), bronzer, eyeliners and eyeshadows are just so satisfyingly perfect. Oh and the lip products. Don’t even get me STARTED about the lip prodz. All prodz are pigmented and powerful. Easy to wear. Especially all together. TOUGH CALL. JURY IS STILL OUT.

  • Tanja

    I could live with Tom Ford alone (yes, please add the man and let him talk all day)

  • Tanja

    Damn….I’m missing Sunscreen so I need to add Nars :D

  • Jana

    Hmm… I love RMS Beauty, Kjaer Weis, Couleur Caramel, Lily Lolo, W3ll People and Ilia all for different reasons… But it would probably be a tie between the first 2 if I had to choose. Most likely RMS Beauty.

  • Ami Patel

    Bobbi Brown – it was my first love and I think I could use everything from this brand – the only thing I would miss is my Nars eye primer….


  • AM


  • http://www.lebeautynotebook.com/ Alexia_BM

    God ! That is a tough question ! I probably would say Chanel … Because they are “avant-gardiste”, and everything is pure luxury.

  • http://abeautymoment.blogspot.com/ Ash B

    I’m gonna say TARTE! They’ve got a great foundation, lipsticks, blushes, and shadows – and the price won’t break my arms off! :)

  • http://lipstickloveheart.blogspot.com/ Luci L

    I would have to choose NARS! I don’t think I could live without their sheer glow foundation or their blushes! Every shade is just so pretty! I would definitely miss my Make Up For Ever mascara though! x

  • Faye Marie

    I’d go for Illamasqua – Skin base is fantastic as are their cream blushes, powders, lipsticks and eye products. Even their fragrance is fantastic.

  • Elizabeth B

    nars is definitely spot on with everything: and a good all rounder: I especially love their base and cheek products but have yet to delve into lips – naughty considering how much you’ve raved about the lip pencils. Chanel is also up there, just so beautiful: les beiges, blushes and rouge coco shines are my most used, so dreamy. I just can’t choose Anna!

  • Susan A

    Chanel, Chanel, Chanel

  • http://oneforthewishlist.wordpress.com/ Yvonne Magner

    Nars without a doubt. I use their foundation, concealer, powder, blush, eyeshadow & lippie. The only thing I haven’t tried is their eyeliner & mascara.

  • Rachel

    Got to be Nars for me – Love the laguna bronzer, orgasm blush and really like their lipsticks. Also the new narcissism eye palette looks divine. But I do also loveee Clinique…and Laura Mercier..So hard to choose!

  • Emma Bradford

    I think it’d be MAC. They have such an array of products with collections being released all the time that vary from brights to naturals. The cost is also kinder to my bank balance than the likes of Chanel or Dior. I’d love to be able to live off High end but I feel that MAC is a meet in the middle brand that I love to love. Have you decided yet?

  • http://ilovemakeupandotherthings.blogspot.com/ Shel

    I think for a drugstore/highstreet brand I would pick Rimmel and for more high end I would go with Illamasqua because they cover all the bases! Such a good topic for debate Anna!

    Shel x

  • Fi Mac

    Clarins all the way – I always wonder why bloggers don’t rave about them more. Right down to skin care they are so fab. Foundations, blushers, lipglosses and everything else in between.

  • http://www.miadylanrose.blogspot.de/ mia dylan rose

    definitely mac. every single product in my daily routine is mac and i know, i can totally count on them. but i would go for nars if you ask for lipsticks.. i love their velvet lip colour!

  • Fernanda

    Oh, this makes me sad! I am a newbie at makeup and have not tried any of the brands you mention above yet!!!! Need to do some shopping hehe


  • Joycelyn Steib

    Great blog and the style is quite unique as well. This was really a very difficult question but after some deliberations I think Clinque won with Revlon and Nars so very close in tow!! Great job Anna!!

  • Abi

    Dior. I think. I don’t knooooooooowa.

  • http://www.hanguptheglamour.com/ Katie

    This one is super hard, I couldn’t possibly pick. Nars perhaps, I don’t know haha!

    Katie | Hang up the Glamour

  • Nanda

    Dior, hands down! It’s perfect all around – foundation, eyeshadows, mascaras, lipsticks… and the packagings are to die for :)

  • http://mintteaandpeonies.blogspot.com/ Raquel

    My answer would definitely be Nars! I love their face products, from foundation to powders. Their blushes, bronzer, concealer, lip products, etc, are amazing. I can definitely see myself only needing Nars in my makeup bag!

  • Oresiri teru


  • http://www.beautyclassyfied.co.uk/ BeautyClassyfied

    ohh….ONE brand?! That’s like saying eat only one thing for the rest of your life…super hard. I would say…NARS. xx

  • Laura

    NARS, apart from the mascara… everything else, they have it nailed

  • Alessia

    Soooo difficult… but I maybe would say Tom Ford because i looove their brushes and packages, but because of de price of their products prefer Nars maybe


  • Kristiana

    Definitely Chanel. It already makes up most of my arsenal anyways.

  • http://www.glittergeek.ca/ Arianne

    I love the new NARS base makeup products in recent years, and I think that’s enough for me to say NARS. They’ve just been hitting it out of the park with all the recent releases. Perfect textures, me likey!

  • Pixie1104

    Gawd! What a conundrum! I guess, in the end, it comes down to what product I value above all others that would force me to stick with that brand forsaking the rest. And the answer to that would be my Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation so I guess I’m in the Chanel camp. Not a bad place to be I suppose, I used to be addicted to their eye quad palettes and lipsticks. Now I favour Charlotte Tilbury and Urban Decay eye palettes and a gazillion different brands for lipstick and blusher so those don’t really matter. If I had the time and money to try Charlotte Tilbury’s entire range then I may be persuaded to switch to her but her foundation would have to be pretty special to beat Vitalumiere Aqua in my eyes!

  • Becca

    I think possibly YSL! I love the youth liberator foundation, baby doll mascara is the best! And their range of lipstick and glosses are just gorgeous!


  • Carrie Ward

    If you asked me last month I’d say Nars but I think I’m gonna say Chanel or Bobbi brown. Oh no that’s two isn’t it. Sorry no I can’t decide x

  • Allison

    I think I would have to go with Tarte, I love love love their blushes, their foundations are having a moment and their lip offerings rock too


  • Ada Drgas

    I’ll go a different way and say Burberry. Oh, and I could rock all-Burberry outfits too. And their perfumes. Seriously in love. If only I could afford that!

  • http://lottiekerr.blogspot.co.uk/ Lottie Kerr

    I think it would have to be NARS or MAC, completely adore them.

    Lottie x


  • Tamar

    Drugstore, definitely Rimmel. I use their Wake Me Up foundation, Kate Moss lipsticks and various mascaras regularly, and also own a powder, blush, and concealer which are great. I could do my entire face Rimmel and be thrilled with the result.

    High end, there are so many brands whose bases, eyeshadows and lipsticks I love, but for me, a look isn’t complete without mascara, and there are definitely some high-end mascaras I hate. So I would probably go with MAC, which I think is a little bit of a predictable, boring, answer, but there’s just so much range within that one brand I would never have to wear the same look twice!

  • http://10amBeauty.com/ Alison M

    NARS all the way. They make my only perfect foundation match!

  • Rachel Ho

    High end…I’d go with Bobbi Brown I think…good bases and they have beautiful eye and cheek products. So yea…Bobbi Brown…I think…

    Drugstore, probably Bourjois, they got that good ish.

  • http://frailrouge.blogspot.com/ Victoria Larroque

    Ahh my entire face is slathered on with different products..no two are the same..
    Although i have not tried much from guerlain (aside from their bronzer), i have heard only rave reviews and their foundations have been compared to those of armani (Luminous silk is my holy grail), so probably guerlain.

  • Louise Smith

    I think either YSL or Dior, I love their foundations!


  • Margarita Castro Quintero

    YSL and Chanel….

  • Amy Taggart

    I’d have to say Urban Decay because, for one, the Naked palettes and their foundations are great! Their products have great staying power too! X.


  • Jen

    RMS without a question. The coconut cleanser, the uncover up, the highlighter and lip2cheek are my daily choices. And I can’t feel guilty about crappy ingredients plus all of the four aforementioned make me look luminous!

  • Hannah-Amy Rutherford-Thompson

    soooooo hard to pick just one. Would have to be Bobbi brown their foundation and bb cream are great, pretty blushes, good eyeshadows, nice lipsticks and nail polishes and their eye liner and mascaras are good too. such a good all rounder, but I also love Chanel, And Nars is amazing too :( :(


  • Isabelle

    I think for general all-round, Rimmel’s a safe bet – although I’m too pale for their foundations, they do great face products (Stay Matte powder, WMU concealer), lip products are gorgeous, and you can’t beat the Scandaleyes range! (thebeautyfloss.blogspot.co.uk)

  • conni boykins

    NARS. End of.

  • Sandy

    After my fragrance direct splurge I thiiiiink I’dsay Becca! They have some amazing base products! But I think I would eventually get bored of the natural makeup look and crave something along the lines of MAC Candy yum yum! xx

  • Sheryll Renata

    NARS NARS NARS. No other brand has as great a color range, with undertones for everyone. I’m literally obsessed with the tinted moisturizer and radiant creamy concealer. The Taj Mahal blush is holy grail for dark skinned women, and the lip pencils are to die for. AND the casino bronzer and multiple sticks. Swoon.

  • Ana Rita Mendes

    From the ones I’ve tried, KIKO, Maybelline or Rimmel. I can’t choose one!! I never tried high end so, I guess makes the choice easier? haha

  • Hannah

    Chanel for me, They have my vitalumier is my HG foundation and all of their products are so luxe and amazing. Besides sometimes having too much choice is a bad thing :| cough MAC cough!

  • Bridget

    YSL for definite. Bit pricey at times but their packaging is always on point and the touche eclat is such an iconic product.

  • Ninoh

    Make up Forever

  • Ninoh

    Make Up Forever. hands down. Better formulas than Mac in my opinion. MUFE has great primers, foundations, concealer and correctors, blushes, bronzers, eye shadow, eye liners, shadow sticks, lipsticks (matte, sheer, glossy), mascara… Even their brushes are pure luxury.

  • http://procrastinatingpretty.blogspot.com/ TheProcrastinator

    ermagerddddd. I think I have to go with MUFE…or Benefit — they’re shaping up nicely. Gah this is too hard.

  • http://finedestination.tumblr.com/ Hannah

    I’m going to go with Tarte (love their bases, blushes, and lip products), but I have a feeling if I’d had the chance to try more NARS makeup I’d say NARS.

  • Nicci

    I think I’d have to go with Hourglass – I’ve loved everything I’ve tried from them. The only problem is they don’t have a brow color that quite works for me. I’d have to cheat on them with NARS or Anastasia for that.

    • http://jilliciouscosmetics.blogspot.com/ Jillian Hardin

      Fancy seeing you here, lol. Totally with you on this, Hourglass (and By Terry) could get me through.

      • Nicci

        Well, helloooo there! Would you believe I STILL haven’t tried By Terry? I’ve got my eye on the Ombre Blackstars after reading your review though.

  • Gail Kilroy

    Ahhhh..that’s so hard…but I think Chanel… Love the aqua Foundation….but no …I can’t commit to one..!!, although my ikea 9drawer would look awfully pretty filled to the brim with Chanel…..

  • AlinaValero

    Armani! i’ve been using their ETK shadows and mascara, as well as their master concealer (THIS STUFF IS GOLD) and maestro fusion compact foundation DAILY for months. All I would need is to pick up a blush and a powder, and maybe a brow color, and i’d be all set.

  • thebeautyspotHQ

    High street: Bourjois or Revlon. (I can’t pick between them!)
    High end: Tarte. Or The Balm. Orr… Bobbi Brown. Or Dior.
    That’s not one brand is it? Damn.

  • http://wicker-bar.blogspot.com/ Sarah Mann

    Oof. *thinks* I’m much more of a drugstore girl, so I think I’d have to go with Revlon. Most of my staples (foundation, liquid liner, lips) are from their range and I can never go wrong with them, really!

  • Natasha

    I think I’m going to have to go with Nars… I love their tinted moisturizer, blushes, concealer and eye shadow primer. I’ve only tried one lipstick of theirs (Dolce Vita) and loved that too.

  • http://almeidas.se/ AlmsBeauty

    I would pick MAC just because I find that most of their products have worked really good for me – everything from blushes and eyeshadows to concealers and foundations. It’s also my first “high-end” brand purchase so I have a fondness to it unconsciously I think :) x

  • Zoe Kennedy

    This is hard but I have to pick NARS. I am very fair skinned and Siberia is one of the only shades that matches my skintone in the winter. Plus the blushes are great, Laguna is great, they have amazing cream highlighters and the multiples, their eyeshadow formula is decent, amazing eye primer, and their concealer is hg status. I loooove NARS.

    But as a runner up, especially for everyday, I’d have to say Dior. The BB Cream, Rosy Glow Blush, Brow Pencil, and Mascaras are all amazing. And they have great sheer lip products.

  • Daniela

    I’d like to say Nars but I’ve never tried any of their mascaras and mascara is the most important beauty product for me. So, I guess the brand I’d choose is Dior (for their mascaras and base products).

  • http://charlottehavs.blogspot.co.uk/ Sharlotte

    MAC, because they have such a variety of products! xx

    Sharlotte //


  • Madeleine S-B

    Hmm, this one is difficult! I think it’s be a close call between Laura Mercier and Chanel… maybe with Chanel just having the extra edge? Love them both so much though!


  • Sophie Bly

    ysl, chanel, dior, nars, laura mercier

  • Shruti

    I would actually choose Kevyn Aucoin! They do amazing products from their foundation/concealer (the Sensual Skin Enhancer) to their great blushes and mascaras as well as some rocking twin eyeshadow palettes.



    Ouch! Anna why so mean? Giorgio Armani. Runners up are By Terry (would have won, but too expensive) Nars, Urban Decay, Hourglass and Laura Mercier. And…and…and…

  • http://allbeautyconfessions.blogspot.it/ Livia

    I would probably choose Nars or Mac because they both have a big variety of products :)

  • debasree banerjee

    it would either be rimmel or maybelline.

  • Sarah Johnson

    I would say Tarte but I would be super sad if I had to only use one brand forever. I know it’s hard to get tarte in the UK but they have amazing blushes (I picked up exposed after you talked about it). Their other products are great too!

  • Melissa Hahle

    I’d have to go with Mac from the higher end and if I had to choose drugstore it would be Maybelline all the way

  • Sarah S.

    I’m vegan so I have to go with Tarte (lots of great vegan options). Runners up would be Too Faced or Urban Decay. If I didn’t have to get vegan I’d probably go with Dior because the matching packaging would be so luxe and to-die-for!

  • kiera thomas

    highstreet.. bourjouis or rimmel definately, high-end probably YSL or benefit(does that count as high end?

  • Bryanna Bean

    I want to say Rimmel, because for me, they get it done with complexion products (foundations are perfect, Stay Matte powder… duh, bronzers, primers), but then I think about my beloved LORAC Pro Palette, my Stila blushers, my Revlon lipsticks, and I get frazzled and spontaneously implode.

    But if I HAD to pick one, I’d go with Clinique, only because you’re guaranteed to find something that works for you (plus that new palette… holy hot damn).

  • Lizzie P

    Stila – I never realise how much I use daily; powder, eyeshadow, liners, tinted moisturiser, lipglosses and I dabbled in their skincare once but am not sure if it was good or bad (friday night at a friend’s)!


  • Tina Teaspoon

    I think I would pick Bourjouis. Their happy light foundation is my favourite one and to be honest I struggle to find anything else that fits me as much as that happy pot does. Their lip crayons are great and their 1 sec nail polishes does the job quickly and painless. It’s funny, cause I thought I would not be able to choose but if one must that would be my choise. Do you think you would choose it?

  • Ally

    Kjaer Weis for me! To me, it’s a better version of RMS. Beautiful formulas that are clean to boot (no chemical nasties) and this is no crunchy, hippie range. It’s total luxe, you’d never know it was non-toxic.

  • http://wetwellies23.blogspot.com/ Ca Re

    Drugstore- it’s between Bourjois and Revlon
    High end- either Tarte or Nars.


  • Lori Mac

    Nars. Has to be, they have my ‘can’t live without’ concealer, my foundation, lip products, blushers….everything! xx

  • Niamh

    i’d have to say Smashbox. Some of the 1st make-up products i ever owned and amazing quality. The photo-finish primer is just the best! :)

  • Hollie Galvin

    I’d probably choose MAC. Colours for every purpose and my favourite foundation would never leave my side (face + body). Such a toughie though! If it was drugstore it would have to be Rimmel for their lippies

  • Elayne

    Drugstore: Maybelline (I wish we had Soap and Glory make up in the states). High end: Benefit. They have a good range of everything you would need.

  • http://www.girlwearsgreen.blogspot.com/ Susan girlwearsGreen

    For sure it will be Tarte!

  • Sammy L

    Charlotte Tilbury. Every makeup item of hers is holy grail status for me. And there’s so many looks you achieve, all of them fool proof.

  • sophie brewster

    NARS, without a doubt. But if we’re talkin’ drugstore – then No7. :)

  • Naf

    Too hard to choose!

  • Sam


  • Helen Kim

    NARS. Base, concealer, eyes, lips – all covered! X

  • Lisa Marie Thielemann


  • Annie Lindsay

    I’d have to go with L’Oreal. I know it’s not fancy but they have SO many solid selections. I can cover all of the major makeup must-haves from L’Oreal.

  • Sandy Davidson

    probably bobbi brown! Love their corrector, love their foundations, love their lip colors, and cheek colors and eye shadows.
    but only if bobbi brown made mascaras good as my loreal telescopic….

  • Kurohana

    DHC, only skin care i use and have liked what makeup products they offer too

  • Kirsten

    Absolutley NARS, perfect foundation, bronzer, blushes and shadows

  • Rachael Stewart

    I would have to say Nars.. Love their foundation (Sheer Glow), eyeshadows, blushes, bronzers, lip products and concealers! Could easily live off this brand :) x

    Rachael | http://www.overdosedemaquillage.com

  • aimee green

    for high end i would go bobbi brown and drugstore would have to be bourjois

  • Prettysnoopy

    Think I’d have to go with NARS too! They have a good version of everything, and the eye primer is the best! The new NARSissist palette is amazing too! xx

  • http://autumnleaves-x.blogspot.co.uk/ rebeccalouiseee

    MAC or L’Oreal!

  • Honor Whitfield

    100% NARS – I’m in love with my NARSissist Eyeshadow palette and the Velvet Matte Lip Pencils too!

  • http://subjectbeauty.blogspot.co.uk/ Rinica Warner

    NARS all the way, there tinted moisturiser is amazing, sheer glow is my top foundation, I love there lip pencils cheeks and eye shadows and highlighting powder ….I’ve just never tried a mascara by them hmm x


  • Tori

    I would have to say YSL. I absolutely love Touche Eclat as well as their glossy lip stains, not to mention their mascaras are all on point.

  • http://www.thesartorialscot.com/ Lynnsay

    NARS. Perfect bases, lip products, cheek products and eye shadows/liners.


  • Bronte

    Revlon. Their matte lipsticks are amazing quality. foundations in such a range of colours (light enough for me!). and their concealers are great

  • http://www.inaworldofbees.com/ Brooke Ellen

    Dang this one is hard. But based on all the products I use the most is L’Oreal love their foundations, mascara, and eyeshadows. But NARS or MAC would be close behind if I had a bigger array of products to pick from, sounds like I need to go shopping!!



  • Allyson Lyn

    This is so hard but I think I would probably go for Nars as I think they’re good for pretty much any product!

  • Iso Bean

    This is difficult. I think I would choose Lily Lolo because I’m obsessed with their foundation and foundation is easily the most important item in my make up bag. Also they have some lovely eye colours etc

  • Ella

    NARS 100%. I am unbelievably addicted to their sheer glow foundation, and they’re one of only 2 brands I have ever found that make a base product pale enough. Concealer is obviously genius, blushes are on point, eyeliners and eyeshadows awesome. I have never heard anything about their mascara (If I could cheat and have one other product gotta be They’re Real) but their lip offerings are also on point.

  • Ashlee

    I love hourglass products. As they bring more products out (ahem Ambient Blushes) they’re range just gets better and better. Their powders are fabulous, their foundations are on point. And the opaque rouge lipsticks made me weep. All in all: top brand winner for moi.


  • Lakshmi

    MAC! I’m Indian so great shade range for the whole face – base, eyes, lips, cheeks. all the extras are decent, too…overall great range with a bit of everything. oh not to forget the back-to-mac policy!

  • Esha

    Nars or mac, perfect all rounders !! Xx

  • Marghs;

    I’m gonna keep it drugstor-ish and go for Rimmel!
    But come oonnn i can’t pick just one! ): x

  • GeorginaEdith

    Very difficult! I guess I would pick Clarins or Chanel. Chanel make-up is as great as Clarins skincare products!

  • Hillary

    That is a really hard question. I think I would go with Nars, I just think they are so fun to play with while still having the everyday staples.

  • Georgia

    I was set on answering MAC to this question, and then I remembered the Illamasqua Skin Base foundation and that is a product that I just could not cope without, so Illamasqua it is! Plus their lipstick and eyeshadow ranges are beautiful too.

  • Cecília Alvares

    I just love Bourjois. I think the brand is charming and makes good products with a great price.

  • Beverley

    The brand who really consider pale skin tone NARS
    I love other brands for different reasons but none of them suit my skin for concealer/foundation/tinted moisturiser as perfectly as NARS

  • Amy Hockenberry

    I find it impossible for any brand to compete with Make Up Forever. HD Foundation, Blushes, Primer, Powder and their Aqua Cremes are absolutely incredible!

  • Jane

    Maybelline, they do good colours for cool skintones, and cover bases, blusher, the eye paints, lipsticks galore and mascara aplenty.

  • Kelsey Kelly

    I’m a Bobbi Brown girl for sure!

  • Hannah Gibbins

    Dior! I can’t resist the amazing formulas and equally as amazing packaging! Rosy Glow… mmm

    Hannah @ http://hansaddiction.blogspot.co.uk/

  • Rach Mac

    Drugstore: Rimmel for sure..high-end: Chanel

  • Victoria

    Drugstore – L’Oréal, Luxury – Chanel for sure.

  • Emilybelleblogs

    As a 16 year old I veer towards more highstreet brands so I’m definitely a Maybelline girl. Although I do hate this question because let’s face it, our minds change all of the time xx http://www.emilybelleblogs.blogspot.com

  • Madison

    A tie between Bobbi Brown and Nars.

  • xolTaylor

    Hourglass hands down! Hourglass tinted moisturizer, visionaire eyeshadows, primer serum and veil..Everything is amazing.

  • http://ashleedel.blogspot.co.uk/ Ashlee Adele Brame

    I think I’m a YSL girl myself, but its always so hard to ultimately chose!!

    Ash xx


  • Immi

    YSL for sure! Their foundation and mascaras are the best, it’s just their lipstick that let them down (because I’m a matte lip kind of girl)


    Beauty Rambler

  • Ellery

    definitely Revlon drugstore wise! If only us Americans had easy access to bourjouis & sleek :( But high end I’m having the same Laura Mercier vs Nars dilemma but I think Nars wins because their lippies are just to die for and I’m all about a good bold lip

  • http://blushnglow.com/ Liv N

    Chanel – Rouge Coco Shine, eyebrow pencil and Vitalumiere Aqua are my HG.

  • http://www.beautyandludlow.com/ Victoria

    Tarte for sure! Love how it’s all natural and they even have amazing skincare. Their complexion is just as great as their color products. They have everything!


  • http://beautyfineprint.blogspot.com/ beautyfineprint.blogspot.com

    I will say Clarins and Korres for skincare and Lancome when it comes to makeup (although it’s one of those questions like when people ask you what’s your favourite book, you have so many but in that moment you can’t think of any).

  • Ariel


  • KelseyRene

    Probably Tarte – i’ve never been disappointed by their beautiful and natural products, and they offer light enough shades for us pale gals, all at a middle-ground price range <3

  • Alexis Ekaterina Graves

    I’m a cruelty-free makeup user, so I would pick…
    Drugstore: Wet n Wild. (They have a range of EVERYTHING, from amazing eyeshadows, to great foundations and awesome lipsticks.
    High End: NARS. (I’ve only tried a sample of Sheer Glow and OMG it’s brilliant!)

  • NorahwithanH

    Tom Ford, Tom Ford, and also Tom Ford. Not just because it’s high end, but because every product from A to Z is unparalleled. Gorgeous long lasting formulations, and unique, stunning color ranges…not to mention the packaging is swoon worthy. I can’t live without my Tom Ford Shad and Illuminate. This was an easy choice for me! :)

  • Khaliha Hawkins

    Definitely Make Up Forever, their products are amazing to me, and especially because of my very oily skin their Matte line works wonders.

  • Jonathan Curtis

    I would totally pick Smashbox, everything they put out has such a gorgeous finish!

  • wldflwr78

    So many of the brands mentioned that would like to try but its not in my budget. I have tried a few Nars items, but my skin seems to react badly..(same with Maybelline, they use certain ingredients that I’m allergic to in a lot of their products). If I had to pick now though,I’d say I’ve been impressed with the NYX items I’ve tried and with several of the Flower beauty line. I can’tsay that I’d love for all of my makeup to come from one brand though…unless maybe I was able to afford Laura Mercier…or maybe Clarins

  • Olivia Dunham

    MAC. It used to be the only brand I used until I branched out. You can’t go wrong with them.

  • ♧lu♧

    illamasqua! It has everything a girl needs from a basics face to going a bit cuckkoo! I use the cream foundation then warm it up with bronzer and it’s consistently faultless:)

    • http://itotallypaused.com/ Georgina Fox

      going a bit cuckoo! amazing!

  • http://www.9outoften.com/ WengYee

    Laura Mercier has been my firm answer for quite a few years now, but I think Chanel is slowly creeping up the first place as their bases, lipsticks, blushes and polishes just bloody rock.

    find me on 9outoften.com

  • http://www.themistymom.com/ Shari


  • Diana

    The Japanese brand Koh Gen Do for foundation and concealer. Chanel, Tom Ford for color and glamour. Organic makeup RMS beauty and Tromborg. Helena Rubenstein for mascara.

    • Diana

      Ohhh only one brand… Didn’t read it properly. Then I would pick Koh Gen Do. They make the best complexion makeup, and that’s the most important part for me!

  • Manouk

    If I could only use one brand from now one… Very tough but I guess it would be MAC. I love their concealers/foundations and eyeshadows.. X Manouk http://www.womanouk.com

  • Stephanie

    Rimmel! I could probably live on NARS too but having never tried a foundation that’s risky business!



    Follow @ bloglovin: http://goo.gl/VYmLfM


  • http://qworterlifecrisis.com/ Maddie

    Oh lord this is a tough one! Maybe Revlon? But I’m addicted to Bourjois bases and Maybelline mascaras (though I hate everything else they do). I think I’d have to say bourjois. Great bases, great concealers, great blushes, great mascaras. Shadows not so good but I’m a liquid liner girl anyway.

  • Luisa

    it’s gotta be Tarte!

  • Nia

    I have to say probably Benefit or Rimmel! I love benefits cream eyeshadows, blushers and the foundations but rimmel have amazing foundations and lipsticks. Soooo hard xx

  • Carolina

    Gotta be bobbi brown, i love tehir concealers, foundations, bronzer powder, shimmer brick, blushers (cream and powder), lipstick, brow pencil… Everything¡ the most amazing brand

  • http://www.chloewitty.com/ Chloe Witty

    bobbi brown i think! or maybe nars, one of the two. their stuff is top notch

  • Sofia Sousa


  • Tabitha

    CHANEL!!! everything about Chanel i love, from the packaging to the quality of the products. i mean where would i be if i didn’t have my beloved vitalumiere aqua to slap on every day?? and emerveille is seriously the most gorgeous cream eyeshadow ever.

  • Megan Capon

    I love high end brands but Rimmel has a power product in every sector!!


  • Abby Evans

    This is so difficult! I would pick either Stila, Nars, or Maybelline. But that doesn’t mean I don’t love other brands or hate some products from those brands.


  • Sirens and Bells

    Ooh, this is a toughie! Maybe Revlon? They’re a good overall brand….one brand is hard!

  • http://itotallypaused.com/ Georgina Fox

    REVLON! They’re killing it recently.

    Georgina at itotallypaused.com

  • Jen M

    Hourglass. In a heartbeat. Simple as that.

  • Jenn

    I think I would lean towards NARS.. I love their concealer, blush, bronzed, eyeliner and lipgloss! Never tried their foundation, but I would!

  • Anna

    I’m with you on the Dior! Absolute go to for both skincare (a year ago something I never thought I’d say – hydralife I love you) and makeup! Also such a creative picture idea, love it!

  • Miss_M

    Tough question, since I’m normally all over the place when it comes to my favourite products. If I had to pick one drugstore brand I would definitely go for Catrice. They release really nice trend collections every month and they actually have a foundation that is fair (and not too yellow) enough for me.

    When it comes to high-end brands I’m on the fence between Bobbi Brown and Liz Earle, since I’m a neutral girl and really like the majority of their products. I also like Dior and MAC, but Dior e/s are not my cup of tea and I’m not a huge fan of MAC foundations, concealers, bronzers and their sticky lipglasses.

  • http://girlbehindglasses.wordpress.com/ Nikki Paderna

    Hourglass or NARS. It’s a tough choice between the two.

  • Ellie

    I’d usually say Maybelline or Rimmel (drugstore wise, lets be honest – i’m not rich) but Revlon have been GREAT lately! :D


    Elephant stories and more

  • http://www.vibrantbeautyblog.com/ Jennifer Monforton

    Gosh, I have to cheat and pick 3- Revlon, MAC, and NARS! xo

  • http://insertwth.com/ Denisse

    I think I’d have to say Chanel, though MAC eyeshadows are absolutely awesome..Sure Chanel nail polish is pretty bad in quality, but I wouldn’t say it’s a deal breaker!

  • Valentina

    Chanel!!! Loooooooove the packaging, the products… everything

  • Rose

    Lancome, hands down. They have my absolute favorite nail polishes, skin care, and lip glosses.

  • Emilia

    I must say Dior! Classic products with great quality (l.o.v.e the Dior Iconic Mascara).. You can never go wrong with Dior..

  • rachel

    For me and this is hard because you always love one of a certain brand , but for every product ive purchased and really loved !!! Everything ! It has to be by terry ! Which isnt good because its so blumin darn expensive x

  • Kalista Campbell

    Bobbi Brown or NARS fo sho

  • Lucinda

    Estée Lauder every time, the quality, choice, longevity and package never fail to impress me which results in an empty purse!

  • Zaza

    It would be Dior! Love lot of the make up range.
    A drugstore brand: Revlon.
    But I would so miss Guerlain’s scent…

  • Carolyn Hernandez

    I’d have to be cliché and say MAC- not because they’re my favorite brand but because I know their products the most and probably use the most from their line :)

  • Mardi

    Makeup only? It would have to be cruelty free. I think Urban Decay because I can’t go without their eye shadows and lipsticks. Now if you’re asking about skincare that’s a much tougher question!

  • Liv

    Bobbi Brown! I couldn’t live witout their concealers/corrector and they’ve got a beautiful choice of blushers/highighters and bronzers! I think their eyeshadow palettes are stunning and they have such beautiful lipsticks.

  • Ky

    Skincare: Kiehl’s or Clarins. Makeup: Chantecaille or Giorgio Armani. Hair: Oribe.

  • Florencia Henriquez

    Bobbi Brown, for: BB Cream, corrector/concealer, pot rouge, eyeshadow sticks…

  • Lucy Bates

    Nars, Nars, Nars. If I can have Dior mascara.

  • AmalieXx

    Chanel Chanel Chanel Chanel with an exception of a few Mac bits oops!

    Just did a review on Chanel bronzer check it out



  • circafashion

    Mac for their vast range of blush and lip stick colors

  • annadolld

    High End – I’d have to pick NARS…but if I was on a budget then Rimmell

  • Eva in Sweden


  • Jen McLaughlin

    Ah…such a tough question although I’m on the same page as you are. Laura Mercier was always my favorite, loved her foundation and eye liners. But..I wasn’t into lipstick at this point in my life. Now, NARS is my definite go-to. I don’t use foundation anymore (I’m a HUGE BB Cream advocate) so I find myself picking up my NARS eye palette and matte pencils for my every day look.

    For skincare…FRESH. Without a doubt.


  • Gina Fercho

    I would have to choose Tarte. There is so many items from their range that just work with my skin. Not only makeup but skin care as well. I hope everyone in the UK will be able to get their hands on this wonderful brand.

  • Jocelyn

    It would be NARS for me. The tinted moisturizer, concealer, amazing blushes/bronzers, eyeshadow, lipsticks, I’d be set! Plus I love the sleek packaging.

  • http://www.beautyandrambles.blogspot.be/ Anouk

    I would have to say Clinique. No breakouts, good foundations, CC cream, High Impact Mascara, Brow Pencil, the new 8-pan eye shadow palette (gorgeous), nail polishes are good, they have great skin care as wel… Yes, I would have to choose Clinique.


  • http://styleandsucre.com/ Jerrell // Style & Sucré

    I would say Nars because I use their foundations and concealer on an almost daily basis. I also love their lipsticks and blushes. I haven’t tried too many of their eye products, but I’ve heard so many great things.

  • Stevie-Rose Miller

    I’d choose Chanel if I could afford it! Hightstreet/ drugstore wise, I’ve got a small obsession with Soap and Glory at the moment!

  • Elle Hawthorne

    Bobbi Brown or NARS…..BB foundations are too yellow toned for me and I don’t like NARS Mascara. Other than those issues, they both consistently tick every box for me!