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In all honestly January has been a bit of a ‘lazy makeup’ month. I have got into the routine of doing my makeup on the train (how un-ladylike of me) and have been reaching for the same old things. Skincare is what I’m really into so I have a fair few toiletrie-esque products that I have been loving this month. Plently more videos to come; had a bit of video making sesh the other day, so Tanning Routine, Career Chat and Makeup Brushes videos are on their way!

  • WhatRebeccaSaid

    Loved the video:) x

  • Raz

    Loved your Clarisonic review, the more I hear about it the more I want it.

  • sandra

    great video.


  • Kellykellitsa

    Yey for makeup brushes and curious for career chat!

  • Emily Tunstall

    Ooo.. Make-up brushes.  Have you got the Chanel Powder Brush?  I’m really intrigued by it but want a bit of a review before I buy it.  P.s.  That lipstick looks gorgeous.  :)

  • Clay

    Loved the video ! xx

  • Amy

    Yay loved the video! And cant wait for the others to come :)

  • Diane

    So interested to try out the Origins Spot Remover now!! Can’t wait for the videos to come :)

  • lauren

    I’ve ordered the Clarins face tanner but I’m worried; I never fake tan! Fingers crossed. 

  • Eda ♥

    I must start a tanning routine I’m looking like the ice queen…not a good look!
    Hope you’re well beautiful!

    Eda ♥

    P.S If you have twitter I would love for you to follow my new business venture – Bibby’s Cupcakes at #bibbyscupcakes (

  • Anonymous

    hooray for new videos, i have finally caught up with all your vids lol :D x

  • Qewtbee

    I’d love to try Origins  Super Spot remover! If you’d like to see my January faves …pls check my blog:

  • Nicola

    I always love your posts and videos! Your such a lovely person and i really love the colour of the Barry M lipstick, but they are so drying! 

  • Alice

    I love the packaging of YSL lipsticks <3

  • Maggie Ryan

    I really need to try Clarins face tanner!

  • Zoe
  • Carmen McIntosh

    Pass by my blog,there is an award for you!

  • Katherine

    Lovely favorites video! :)

  • sarahanifi

    Great video! I always look forward to and enjoy your videos and blog posts. I’ve bought so many things based on your reviews and you’ve actually inspired me to start my own blog too haha! :)

    xoxo, Sara

  • charlotte_queen

    january has been a lazy month for me too… ive rarely been doing myself up

  • Francis Dodson

    I can’t wait for your upcoming videos! :) x

  • koren

    i am really liking the nail polish you are wearing in this video, what is it????  I was looking for one of those chromographic pencils from mac and could not find it anywhere, the only one i found similar was one from the look make up range, so that might be worth a look! xx

    • Raisee

      Chromographic pencils are in the MAC Pro stores and are pretty hard to find – I found one by chance in Bicester Village – but Pro Stores are your best bet! There is one in Carnaby Street, London I believe :)

  • Emily

    Eekk SO excited about your careers chat video, Anna! I’ve been desperate to see one for a while, but felt too cheeky to ask. May sound a tad cheesy, but I’m really inspired by how you’ve become a full on beauty PR business woman since graduating! Also, love this video, obviously going to have to invest in the Origins Spot Remover as well as some new lippies. Oh and maybe some Clarins Self Tan…Thanks for another fab post lovely.xx

  • Amy Pocock

    I need me a clarsonic! They are such a great concept :)
    Amy x

  • Arena17_2003

    You look so lovely and glowy in this video!

    Btw, you shouldn’t use the Clarisonic more than a few times per week, as it’s quite exfoliating, especially if you use the muslin cloth with the Liz & Earle C&P in between.

    • Konstantina Samara

      Hello Arena17_2003, Clarisonic is not an exfoliating device.  It just cleans. On the other hand if you are to heavy handed with it then it might harm your skin. Use it sensibly every other day and you will be fine.

  • Guest

    Hey girlies! I’ve just started my own beauty blog and would love for a few of you to come and check it out. I’m sooo nervous about it but excited at the same time! Thank you so much for your time X

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