And so the tinted moisturiser rave train continues. Up for closer inspection today is Laura Mercier’s Oil-Free Tinted Moisturiser, or the ‘safe bet TM choice’ as I’d like to call it. Available in an original formula and in oil-free and illuminating versions and with 10 shades in each (I have the shade Bisque), the chances are there should be one that suits your needs. I purchased the oil-free version at the beginning of the year and it’s since become a firm face base favourite…

Compared with all the other tinted moisturisers that I own, this probably has the most ‘true’ formula – more nourishing, providing the skin with a hydrating amount of moisture and a just a hint of coverage. My skin is left looking glowy, healthy and natural (see image above, I’m wearing just the Laura Mercier as a base), I don’t think it looks too bad – you can’t ask for more than that! As it’s super moisturising, it has quite a creamy formula and works well blended in with fingers or a Real Techniques Buffing Brush for slightly more coverage. If this is your first foray into tinted moisturisers then be prepared for a shock as it really doesn’t offer too much coverage – not that that’s a bad thing, I just remember it taking a while for me to adjust when I first applied it. It’s also not the greatest with staying power – six hours or so before it needs touching up and those with really oily skin will be best off using a powder. On really greasy days I skip moisturiser and just apply this which improves it’s wearing time. But given all that I would still recommend this over the Chantecaille Just Skin Tinted Moisturiser, which I also adore (review here), as it’s miles cheaper, has a larger shade range and is available in more shades.

At £33 for 40ml of product I won’t be mopping up a wayward tear at the checkout – you don’t need to use a lot plus it’s 10ml’s larger than your standard tube of foundation so it’s going to last that little bit longer, result. I picked mine up from Space NK, but you can also purchase it from counters in John Lewis and House of Fraser. So this is my top tinted moisturiser pick from ones I’ve used so far – a pretty good shade range, in specific formulas and with a true tinted moisturiser finish. Luverly. Have any of you given this a go? What’s your favourite tinted moisturiser?

  • OfficialSarah

    I bought this product after hearing you rave about it in your YT videos. And what can I say: I am not disappointed at all but LOVE the moisturizer. I also got the oil-free version as it is supposed to be a bit better for sensitive skin. 
    The other tinted moisturizer I really like is the one from KIKO. It comes out as white lotion and when applying it on the face it turns into (a very slightly) tinted moisturizer. And the result is very similar to the Laura Mercier one. It is really cheap (I think I spend 9 Euro for a tube as opposed to 49 Euro for the Laura Mercier one) so considering the price I think it is a good alternative.

    Love, Sarah

  • Liv

    This is actually my favourite base at the moment with alittle bronze universal over the top I’m good to go! I do find the staying power is abit longer on my dry skin, I can get a full day at work with no touch ups. Great post xxx

    • P Bacova

      Do you have oil-free version? I have dry skin, too and im not sure which one to buy.

      • Snezhana

        Same here! struggling for months between regular and oil-free one, which want have you bought eventually if you did? thanks in advance! :)

  • Silvia Quirós

    I haven´t tried this brand yet! but I am so looking forward to do it! thanks for sharing

  • Alice

    I’ve been wanting this for absolutely ages but seeing as I live so far from the shops it’s going to be a while I imagine before I can get my little paws on it!! I really want to get the Laura Merier primer as well…and a whole host of other things!! 



  • Ellie

    I’ve been wanting this for soooo long it’s ridiculous! This is definitely being bought on payday!


    Hmm, I think I’ll give this one a pass. My favourite TM is Chantecaille Just Skin – I’ve tried Origins Vita-zing too but found this a touch too oily/shiny. I don’t think I’d like anything with less coverage than the Just Skin. Although it sounds lovely! 


  • alice bea ☯

    I wnat to try this so bad! But i don’t think i can bring myself to pay £30 on a foundation!!

  • Beautyandablogger

    It looks stunning on you! Not sure I could get away it though, think I would need something with just a little bit more coverage! xx 

  • Margaret

    I was waiting for this review since a few weeks and has finally come! Thank you so much for sharing! You look gorgeous in this pic!! xx

  • Taylor

    I’m dying to get my hands on this and I can blame you for that!! I got a sample of the original formula but it is way too heavy for my skin so I will be going back for a sample of the oil free. I’ve also sampled the Chantecaille (again, on your rec) and hate to say that I’m in love with that now too. My bank account would hate me for that purchase though.

  • Naomi Carndorf

    So happy to finally see this review! :) It’s just made me want it more, you’re such an enabler! Your skin also looks lovely here. Nx

  • Phoebe

    I’m actually loving the Garnier Miracle Skin Perfecter at the moment, I find the coverage is really good for such a light product. Really want to try this out though, need to locate a Laura Mercier counter!

  • Tisa

    My favorite tinted moisturizer at the moment is the Nars tinted moisturizer! It is amazing! I got this around a year ago I think – and haven’t looked back ever since. It gives more coverage than what I’d expect from a normal tinted moisturizer but at the same time also gives a glow that’s incredible. It gives my dusky tan skin a smoother appearing surface and defs gets all the thumbs up from me! You should try it since your a tinted moisturizer fan! You won’t regret this one! :) will be eagerly waiting for your review/thoughts on this dynamite baby! Xxxxxxx

  • Beth Bradley

    I think I’d be more suited to the Just Skin cause I do like some coverage, I imagine the Laura Mercier one would be good to take on holidays because it isn’t heavy. Great review :)

  • Sarah S.

    I still love Stila SPF 20 Sheer Color Tinted Moisturizer the best.  Shade medium is perfect for me, which is unexpected b/c I’m NC25! I don’t need a separate moisturizer with it, and if I haven’t got any spots I hardly need concealer (just a dab under the eyes and on the red veiny bits of my nose).

  • Rainer Lara

    I really want to purchase this but I have so many BB creams, foundations and tinted moisturizers, I’ll have to finish a tube first. :-P

  • BeccxBeauty

    Purchased this a few days ago on your recommendation! waiting for it to arrive :) i’m  a huge skin care/light coverage junkie! check out my blog :)

  • Michelle Forsyth

    I’m using up a sample of Laura Mercier’s TM right now however mine is not the oil free one and I wish it was – it leaves me fairly shiny! I love the formula though and it has great coverage. At the same Sephora visit I also picked up a sample of NARS tinted moisturiser and I have to say I am enjoying that even more than the LM one. I prefer the finish and the overall look it gives my skin. 

    • Snezhana

      Do you have oily or normal or dry skin that it leaves you oily? thanks!

  • Daniella

    Great review, I’ve never really tried any tinted moisturisers  or any of Laura Mercier’s products but great for an easy base
    Daniella x 

  • serena

    great review but don’t think i’ll be trying as my skin is nowhere near as perfect as yours!

  • Jaclyn Liang

    I’m tempted by their mineral powder – have you tried this? You don’t actually need make up though :)


  • beckysmakeup

    I bought this on your recommendation and I have to say it was love at first use! It does everything I want in a tinted moisturiser and personally I feel it gives me just the right coverage for a daytime look. I ummed and ahhed over this for forever, constantly swatching in Space NK until I finally caved and I am so so glad I did so thank you for introducing me to thing product :-)

    beckys makeup

  • Sara

    My favourite tinted moisturiser, I also have the regular version but the oil free is just that little bit better on my skin

  • FloribundaR

    I have the normal one (with oil) because I quite liked the slightly dewy look it gave me back in the depths of winter! I think I possibly need to go and get the oil free version for summer… I can’t imagine going back to foundation now. I put some on today and my face just felt so heavy! xo

  • me1001

    I have the illuminating version and it is the best base I have ever used in my life, the lady at space NK also said that the illuminating version has more coverage too, and because of the illuminating it feels like it hides more too!! I thought it looked really glittery when i tried it on my hand but it looks stunning on the face, really dewy.. like a mix between JK light as air and Benefit High Beam :D couldn’t be happier, wish it lasted a bit longer though!!  x x x

  • Katherine

    I tried this but I don’t like it…

  • Joyce (bronzerbunny)

    i have tried this and I thought the original formula was nice. Felt a bit tacky on my skin though; got a coworker obsessed with it! I’ve also tried the oil free formula and feel like it is a bit harder to blend/not the same coverage as the original. But I may just be crazy! :) My favorite tinted moisturizer is Nars! Although I do agree that it may not be great for oily skin. 

  • Marion

    I have the Laura Mercier original formula and I like it but my fav tinted moisturiser is the Chantecaille one even if it is soooo expensive.. it is just perfect and I love the packaging as well..

  • Louisa

    I really like the sound of this as I have oily skin but hate heavy coverage. The price does make me wince a bit though!

    Louisa’s Notebook