Guys, my candle coveting has reached new levels of ridiculousness. Anyone who I’ve ever entered the realms of Liberty with can vouch for the fact that I like to suspiciously hang around the Le Labo counter, spritzing and sniffing the NY-based creations and getting a little doe-eyed at their achingly cool aesthetic. They primarily serve up perfumes, a bath and body range and candles. Yep, you got me. One time during my Le Labo counter lurking I spotted a candle emblazoned with the words ‘Figue 15‘. Sold. Fig + candle + a personalised label (Le Labo’s signature thing) = I went home one very happy candle-laden bunny feeling a lot lighter in pocket. Don’t, just don’t. Here’s the thing, the scent that this billows out is beautiful. Fruity, figgy deliciousness. Think of Diptyque’s Figuier as its warmer, more coconut-y older sister; Figue 15 is like the more summer-friendly sibling. After just one burn I was already rejoicing in my purchase/grimacing at the thought of a repurchase, but here’s the thing. When I returned to the flat after three days away this candle was the overriding smell that wafted in my face when I opened the door. Usually it’s the contents of the bin where I’ve forgotten to take it out, so score.

There you go, so that’s my justification; it does the job of a room fragrancer and candle all-in-one – scenting the scene whether it’s burning or not. What’s your excuse?

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  • Abeauty-fulllife14

    Oh Anna I too was at the Le Labo counter just over a week ago and had to tear myself away from the aesthetically beautiful simple packaging and smooth talking French man. I so wanted the bergamot perfume but couldn’t justify the price. I settled for a Diptyque candle instead. xx

  • Hayley M

    This candle sounds lush! …Iv got my eye on the Jo Malone Sweet Almond and Macaroon one at the moment!
    Hayley xo |

  • Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD.

    This sounds amazing, I love fig scents so much so this looks perfect for me! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD

  • Charlotte Copeland

    Sounds amazing! I’m a sucker for a good candle x

  • Mari x

    I LOVE the label on this candle it’s too cute! Going to have to look at the different scents from these :) . You’re one of the main blogs that inspired me to start my own… a week ago! x

  • Hope

    As if my candle addiction wasnt bad enough all ready! H x

  • Louise Smith

    I just really love candles! Next time I’m in London, I shall be trying this!

  • Arianne

    Oh, man. Le Labo is one of those brands I am afraid to start buying because I know it’ll be a slippery slope. Good thing this is a bit hard to get around here in Toronto. Love fig like you, so I’ll have to give this one a sniff whenever I find myself in a store that carries the line.

  • PeonyandPeach

    I really wish I hadn’t clicked through to see the price, maybe one day *sighs*

  • AngelDust

    Hahaha £47 for a fucking candle, shut the hell up.

  • Daniella

    This sounds like it smells lovely

  • Shruti

    Only just getting to terms with the cost of NEOM candles. Can’t justify this.


  • Cassie

    That looks like it smells so nice. I need to get some new candles!

  • Becca

    Oh Anna, Anna, Anna, why do you do this to us! This sounds gorgeous.


  • Zazie Bibi

    This looks and sounds so good! x

    A Little Treat | Beauty & Fashion Blog

  • Carrie Ward

    Oooofff the price tag! I’m only allowed to get Diptype candles at Xmas. If I walked in with this I’d think my husband would divorce me.

  • Lauren DellaFera

    This sounds amazing. There’s nothing quite like a beautifully scented candle to add ambiance to a room. If only my wallet wouldn’t cry for purchasing something like this!

  • Chloe Hooper

    I would love one of the figure 15 candles, will have to pop it on the wish list!

    Fashion and all that

  • Gina Fercho

    Can you recommend any candles made with essential oils and soy or beeswax? I do love the smell of candles and the warm feeling of having them lit,but tend to get headaches from the artificial fragrances. Thanks :)