Zara Leather Skirt

Let us address a few things first. Number one – this is not actually a leather skirt, it’s p-leather. A 100% polyester/polyurethane mix that makes your thighs stick together like attracting magnets on a hot summers day (a phenomenon only amplified by the inclusion of tights). Number two – yes this has already cropped up as the star of the show in my ‘Autumn Style Staples’ video (click the link to see it in all its glory in motion), but I just love it so darn much I thought it deserved a whole blog post of its own and it’s a nice easer inner to a few fashion posts that I plan to sprinkle VDM with on the odd occasion. You have been warned.

If I’m such a jeans gal then why has this skirt got me baring my rarely uncovered pins? Well  it’s black and therefore very much in my comfort zone, but there’s something about the fit – a pencil-length, not-too-tight, not-too-baggy silhouette – that balances the right amount of ladylike modern chic without spilling over into girly. It’s sort of like grown-up Posh Spice from the ’90′s. Girl power.  I pair it with a baggy knit on top and then strappy heels on the bottom for a more fancy ensemble or tights and boots when I’m going for something a little  casual and lug a big bag over my elbow either way to stop it looking too dainty. Done. The best bit? It entered my wardrobe to the tune of £29.99 from Zara. Tip off: despite looking like an item you might will have to shoehorn yourself into, they run quite large so it may be worth investing in a smaller size than normal. Now it’s time to give my thighs an airing…

  • Anna Blush

    I can imagine things would get just a tad warm under this one, don’t think I called pull it off :( x

  • Ivy Vijay

    it definitely looks good on you!

  • Gita Bončina

    I think this pencil skirt is amazeballs and you look stunning in it. As always :) !


  • Bhavi

    This looks gorgeous on you. I hate that my legs are so short! This would come up to my ankles :(

  • Supria

    Looks beautiful on you :)

  • abi

    i absolutely love this skirt, love how you’ve styled it too

    abi x

  • Christina Abdilla

    Love love lovee it! & it’s at such a good price!


  • PeonyandPeach
  • Selma Gabela

    Not what I would usually go for but I must admit that you intrigued me. I might even go and check it out myself! :)


    LOVe this! I just wish it came in petite as it’d probably sit at a really unflattering length on me! I think Next has something similar in at the moment too x

    Elissa |

  • jodie moores

    This skirt is such a bargain and so lovely too! x

  • liza prideaux

    Ah love this!
    Liza | Glambeautys | YouTube

  • Maddy Cane

    Love this, it looks so pretty on you too! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD


  • Ivy

    Love the look! Especially with the cozy knit on top!

    Ivy xx
    Style Life lovely

  • Isabelle McWilliam

    Looks so lovely on you, I feel like i’d have a Ross from Friends moment and get stuck in it if I tried it on though!

  • Imogen

    Hmm I love the look of this skirt but the whole sticky legs issue puts me off!

    Imogen – A rendezvous with you

  • Katie

    Love this skirt! Great find, Anna!

  • Jo Sharma-Stray

    Looks gorgeous! Love it!

  • kellidanielle

    I just bought this exact skirt a few weeks ago, it’s so great. Where is your sweater from btw? It looks so soft!

  • Alittlespaceforeverything

    Love how at first glance it looks very soft and girly but then on closer inspection you see the edgy leather. Looks amazing together! x

  • Cassie

    That’s so cute! I love the way leather skirts look.

  • Alexa P

    Hi Anna! Love this look – so chic and sophisticated in a non fussy way! I’ve been such a long time fan of your blog – I used to follow under the blog name “my eye on fashion” back in day!! :)

  • Chew Huiting
  • Lara Rodriguez Diaz

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  • Sascha Sophia Beauty

    Anna, absolutely LOVE the skirt. I’m on my way to Zara now (ok, not really at 11pm, but soon!). xo

  • AuntyMiff

    I’ve been looking for one of these in every shop I’ve been I’ve been in… No joy. I could just go into Zara and get one, but then I’m kinda terrified on what other “essentials” I’d find whilst in there.

    Charlotte – xx

  • Radhika

    Oh I love this! I’ve been looking for a simple leather skirt that wasn’t too short or too flashy that’s work appropriate. I love the way you paired it with a knit. I’ll have to pick this up from Zara too!