There’s no official word no matter how deep I dig around on the Internet, but its absense from the shelves and lack of an empty spot reserved for it on counter has lead me to the devestating realisation that L’Oreal Telesopic Waterproof Mascara has in fact (I think) been discontinued. Hold me. First one of the most perfect foundations in the world disappears and now this, I’m in makeup distress people. But my feels have been dampened slightly by the fact that I’ve stumbled across some pretty good substitutes for my long-lost mascara love. Two oldies that I’ve finally begun to get on with and one newbie that’s piped as the predecessor. Ok so none of them as beautifully crimping, volumising, lengthening, just the right amount of clumping credentials as the Telescopic Waterproof, but good enough. To the Telescopic Waterproof lovers I extend a tissue for your tears and three alternatives:

Clinique High Impact Waterproof Mascara* – £16.50 – Boots. Of the three this is the most standard fluffy little brush set-up. It coats the lashes with a light load of defining darkness and keeps hold of a curl (as the other two do also). It sort of reminds me when Telescopic Waterproof used to get a bit dry, and consequently more subtle in results just before the tube got real bad. If you loved those last dregs then this could well be your replacement.

MaxFactor False Lash Effect Waterproof Mascara – £10.99 – Boots. After a month or two of playing around with this, waiting for it to dry out a little and smudging almost every single application all over my lid due to its mahoosive brush I’ve concluded that this is the next best thing to Telescopic Waterproof. It might not be as volumising, but you know what? I think it gives a nice little fluttery finish to the lashes. And the gawd damn clunky brush (can you tell the brush and I don’t get on) actually makes a good winging out tool for impossible-to-grab outer corner rooted ones.

L’Oreal False Lash Telescopic Waterproof Mascara – £10.99 – Boots. The new kid in town that’s billed as Telescopic Waterproofs official replacement. Are the two the same? No. The main difference between the two is the brush; the ol’ version housed a square cut comb, whereas the new one has a concave bendy end with a load more plastic bristles. The formulas are actually quite similar, but the change in brush means that the False Lash gives a much more subtle beefing up effect, but perhaps a tad more length, I’m coming round to the idea – it’s a grower, not a shower.

*PR Sample

  • Talisa Lauren Tossell

    The brush from max factor is SOOOOOOOO BIG! I was so shocked when i pulled it out and it was so big!

  • Maria

    This might be a stupid question, but have you tried using the brush for the Telescopic with the False Lash? If that’s the main difference, I would just clean the old brush good and well and then stuff it into the False Lash. The casing seems to be the same, so it might fit too….

    I love the Telescopic as well, though it is really hard to get off. Nothing holds the curl like it does, but I’m thinking of trying out some of the Maybelline mascaras.

  • bacardi chaser

    I hated the False Lash before it dreid out as well. I much prefer the clum defy, it´s so much more lenghtening and defining. :D

  • Naomi

    I can tell you that it is discontinued from superdrug. Not sure about boots though but I would imagine so :(

  • Isabella Koffler

    I quite like the sound of the Clinique High Impact Mascara but I find some clinique mascaras smudge a lot? I feel so sad for you if it was discontiuned! (I hate it when companies just do that!) the YSL babydoll mascara is really lovely if you haven’t tried it yet! lovely post, you’re awesome Vivianna :)

    isabella <3

  • Jane

    Try Clinique high impact curling mascara. It’s a tubing one, so waterproof. Bit wet to begin with but marvellous. Can’t recommend enough.

  • Fruity

    Have you tried Maybelline “The Falsies” one!? It’s waterproof and the wand is great. The lashes do not clump and will appear fuller and longer. For me the best mascara ATM :)

  • Alissia

    Oh no, now I’m sad I never tried the Telescopic Waterproof, I always wondered if it was that good seeing as it was your HG mascara x

    Alissia from Ma Vie en R0se

  • Anya Cross

    I’m soo gutted I can’t find the Telescopic Waterproof mascara anywhere. I’m definitely going to try these alternatives.

  • Lizzie P

    Anna – after searching for aaaaages on amazon I found telescopic waterproof! It is the right one – I ordered it and I loooove it too!

  • VeriHolden

    Please show us the brushes when you do mascara posts – they are key in my opinion

  • Rebecca Sheen

    I love the false lash telescopic, it’s amazing for length, volume, no clumping and lasting power – even lasts a whole day on the beach xx

  • Shrutilaya

    JUST when I was thinking about trying it! Ugh.

  • AgentSmyth

    Is it just the waterproof that’s discontinued or the ordinary one too? I’m devastated, they’re my favourite ever mascara :(

    Claire | AgentSmyth

  • Anouk

    The clinique one is my favorite macara ever. But thank god I still have a backup Telescopic one!

  • Niamh

    Glad you wrote this post. I am loving the replacement false lash version, but I will definitely look into the others too :)

  • Lotte Keasberry

    Hi Anna,

    In the Netherlands it’s still available in some places.
    And on (, perhaps you can order.


  • Tanya

    Oh no you didn’t! Jaw literally hit the ground… but can’t stop laughing! What a climax!

  • Line

    Try Maybelline Define-a-lash. It has been my replacement and I think the result is pretty close to the telescopic, I don’t know if they do a waterproof version though. :)

  • Katie

    So sad they’ve discontinued it. It’s one of my faves!

    Katie Loves..| UK Fashion & Beauty Blog

  • Charlotte

    Couldn’t you clean the old brush and use it with the new Telescopic, since the formulas are similar? :)

  • Gaya

    When I last shopped on beautyexpert, they were giving gifts with any order including l’oreal telescopic mascara. It really is good. In France too, we don’t have the waterproof version anymore. But if the formula is similar on the false lash one, why don’t you use the brush of the telescopic waterproof with it?

  • alex fellows

    Amazon and direct cosmetics are your friend Anna, they still have stock and I should now cuz I’ve been buying 2 a month since they started disappearing if the shelves! Plus it’s cheaper! :) I don’t think I will ever find a a replacement, I’ve tried all except the Clinique one and they just don’t cut it for me!

  • Mai-anne

    bahahaha “hold me”! Hilarious post! you’re such a great Anna, loved this post :)

    x, mai-anne
    between the end and the start

  • Carly Jade

    I really like the Maxfactor Waterproof Mascara as a mascara, but ohhhh lord it is not waterproof at all! It came with me on my holiday to Mexico, and I’m a bit of a water baby so needed something good…I looked like a swimming panda.

  • Katherine

    First off, love you Vivianna and your wonderful blog. Secondly, I guess I’m bragging here when I tell you we have your fave make-up remover and mascara here in Canada! I would offer to bring you some as I’m heading over to London on Sunday morning. Let me know :)

  • Bluebelle Blogs

    I hate when brands discontinue your favourite products. I like the telescopic false lash, you should try that next!

  • Sophie

    I seem to go through mascaras so quickly, so love this round up :) I might head for the telescopic waterproof next…



  • Icaria

    Isn’t it unpleasant when we find a product we love and find that it’s going to makeup heaven? Reason why I got a few backups of my Infaillible gell liner in slate! :)

  • Sally

    Hey Anna, why don’t you just use your old telescopic brush with the new false lash telescopic? It would probably give you the same effect as the old telescopic! xx

  • Amy Zhang

    Last time I went Into target I still saw some hanging on the wall :)

  • Kady Sandora K

    Cool.. I’ll try the L’Oreal false lashes since I’ve been looking for a waterproof mascara.

  • Hannah B

    Im so sad about this! You got me onto L’oreal Telescopic about a year ago and i havnt looked back! I have tried the Clinique one and found it didnt hold a curl at all well for me, so i might give the max factor one a go next! I also quite like Maybelline Falsies Waterproof, really good for holding a curl and mega volumising power, but if you dont like the big brush id give it a miss! xx

  • Sara

    I’m sure I saw tons of the original waterproof Telescopic mascara at my local Boots store, I’ll check for you next time I’m there.

  • Beauty Angel

    I love that max factor mascara it’s one of my favourites!

  • Amy

    I need to try some of these alternatives! I never got round to getting the Telescopic from L’Oreal, such a shame too because it sounds like it was amazing! :)

    Amy |

  • Sarah P

    Does the brush from the original fit in the new version? If so wash it, dry it and put it in the new tube!

  • Zoe

    You should try Maybelline The Rocket waterproof. It’s so nice!

  • Emily Allen

    Have you tried the boujois liner effect mascara? I’ve been loving it :) been wanting to try a clinique mascara for so long, know where Im going to start now! xx Emmi

  • NelleShoeGirl

    I never got around to trying the Telescopic waterproof before in vanished, but I have become a massive fan of Telescopic Carbon Black because of the wand and the formula, and while I don’t need waterproof on a regular basis unless on my lower lashes (hello Clinque bottom lash), I find the Carbon Black to be budge-free until I take it off with remover at the end of the night. I’m assuming you’ve tried it, but I just wanted to share. :)

  • Eloise

    You should try the max factor masterpiece in waterproof it has a similar brush and gives a beautiful separated volumised look! It’s holy grail stuff!

  • Erin and Kat

    i have to try these! and actually waterproof mascara in general x

  • Celina

    If it’s just the brush that bothers you most about the L’Oreal False Lash Telescopic Waterproof Mascara, why not try washing up an old brush from your well loved L’Oreal Telescopic Waterproof Mascara? The containers look quite similar so it might just screw on perfectly too.
    Also, holy smokes! Mascara in the UK is expensive!

    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

  • Winnie

    I think you can still buy a couple tubes of the l’oreal teloscopic waterproof on ebay. :)

  • clawsandfangs

    Have you tried the Clinique High Lengths? It’s the perfect mascara in my opinion.. Compared to the High Impact it’s just a tad more lengthening and volumizing and even though the formula isn’t waterproof, the damn thing will not budge no matter what! I live in a tropical climate in which the summer goes as hot as 40ºC and the humidity is unbearable so if this doesn’t move for me in here…

    I made a blog post about it in case you’re interested..

  • Angela

    Long time youtube watcher and blog reader here! I live in the States where it still seems to be in stock and I go to London about 3 times a year (I’m a professor and I teach at the Imperial Business School). Do you want me to bring you a few tubes when I’m there in October? I think it is only $11 in the US so I think you might even save some money! Oh, and this is my HG mascara too (thanks to you) and the fact that it is going away in London is making me hoard backups now! And lastly, Maybelline the Rocket is also good – holds curl, though not quite as dramatic as Telescopic and also has a stupidly huge brush……

  • Div

    Do you think you could wash and use an old Telescopic brush on the new one? Is the formula really the same?

  • Rebecca

    I hope it’s not discontinued! This was my first mascara favourite!

  • roshkud

    I haven’t tried to orignal telescopic, but I really do love the new one! I didn’t think I could enjoy a mascara so much

  • charlatanandthief


  • Ivy Vijay

    I need to get my hands onto False Lash Telescopic! It sounds so wonderful, who cares if it works or not :)


  • Bianca

    Why dont you use the brush of the Telescopic Waterproofs to aply the L’Oreal False Lash Telescopic Waterproof Mascara???

  • Dani

    Anna, I must say that if you are looking for the most incredible mascara in the world, no competition and you are a fan of the loreal telescopic (as I am) there is no going past the By Terry Terrybly Mascara. Incredible, most expensive tube of mascara I have ever bought but by far the best. Worth every single hard earned penny

  • Lucy

    I’m a huge telescopic waterproof fan, and I must admit I love the false lash version. Maybelline’s Illegal Length Waterproof is pretty good too. It’s a bit more fiddly than Telescopic and has a regular mascara brush, but I’ve found three coats of this really pushed through the lashes gives lovely, almost Kardashian-esque length,volume and flutter. It’s about four quid cheaper than Telescopic too.
    Lucy x

  • Charlotte

    IVE FOUND IT! i think this is the one you are looking for?xx