This one goes out to all the ladies out there who have been trying to coerce their other halves into some sort of skincare routine that doesn’t involve shower gel and body lotion, for I have the solution. I’ve done it. It’s taken almost five years, but we’ve got there. My boyfriend, Mark, is now the proud owner of a two-part skincare routine. A routine that he loves so much that he pesters me to refill his stocks when they deplete. Result. The two products in question: Kiehl’s Facial Fuel SPF 15 Energizing Treatment for Men and their Facial Fuel Energizing Face Wash Gel Cleanser for Men. I asked him his thoughts on them and this is what I got…

“The Facial Fuel moisturiser feels nice on my face and I err like the smell. I don’t really know what to say. I feel the effects of it all day, when I get back from work my face still feels nice, errrrrm. I don’t need to use that much of it either.” That’s where I interject and call B.S, I’ve see him use a golf ball size each morning.

“I think the cleanser feels quite fresh, it’s nice without it being aggressively fresh – you know when things have bloomin’ mint in them (this is where I interject again and explain that’s why shower gel is not to be used on the face). I use it in the shower every morning and my face just feels clean after I’ve used it.”

Who knows? Maybe his skincare stash will come to rival mine and then we’ll have real storage issues in the bathroom. With just two products in his routine at the moment I don’t think I need to worry about that just yet though.

  • Charlotte MacDonald-Gaunt

    Great suggestions for gifts for that special Male in your life :o ). Xx

  • BohoRush

    I absolutely love kiehls! Great that they have a skincare collection for men! xx

  • Ella

    Aha this is great! More mark please!

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  • Heather

    I bought Hubby the Nivea for Men Sensitive face wash, moisturiser and post shave balm after I caught him putting my hand cream on his face…(!), “because my face feels dry”. He uses it when he remembers – about once a blue moon. Perhaps I should have bought Kiehls??

  • Heels Forever

    Lol love the reviews, will have to get them for my boyfriend for xmas! xx

    Heels Forever

  • Lia

    My husband uses the Facial Fuel with SPF as well! What drives me crazy is that he never washes his face with anything but water, but has perfect skin…not fair!

  • Anya Cross

    Haha I’m glad I’ve seen this! Just added these two items onto Daniel’s christmas bundle. I neeeeed to force some sort of routine onto him as well, what is wrong with men? x

  • Rocaille

    My husband shies away from all skincare but he’s quite particular about his shampoo. Btw, is it weird that Mark reminds of my dad when he was young? The reddish(?) beard, the hair… ;)

  • LauraR

    I’ll be dropping these in my husband’s Christmas stocking this year. Thanks for the recommendation (and thank Mark too!).

  • Nicci

    Great success! My husband only caves to using skincare in the winter when he gets dry and itchy.

  • Emma and Emily

    Adore this post! Have tried so hard to make my boyfriend use moisturiser! He loves the facial fuel too!!

  • kirsty thompson

    Trying to get my otherhalf in to skin routine is a nightmare! Maybe this post will help him xx

  • PeonyandPeach

    Well done for getting him to use them! My other half uses a golf ball size of everything too, it means he goes through products at an alarming rate :S

  • Živa

    I was thinking about semi-forcing my boyfriend to do some reviews too. But he is soooo bad at applying products, he always forgets to do it! x

    Živa | Nothin’ Fancy. Really.

  • Eileen Pang
  • Naghmeh

    haha his explanations are just so “boy”! love it. These just might become Christmas presents for my bf :)

  • andulac

    I’ve made my BF use a face gel cleanser when he’s in the shower! :) don’t think we’ll ever make it to a moisturiser though…:) good luck ladies! :D

  • Agnes

    This is so funny, I actually got my fiancé (like you, after a lot of “Moisturisers are your friends!”-comments) to try these out. He was so amazed by how smooth his skin became that he actually started using it, almost, daily. He has a beard, like Mark, (It’s a bit freaky but they actually sort of look similar. :s) and the first time he used them he was like “Do I use this wash and moisturiser in my beard as well?”

  • Emily Knott
  • Annie Lindsay

    Ha! He looks very pleased, I think? I’ve been wanting to get my fiance into a skincare routine too and wasn’t sure where to start. Thanks for the advice!

  • Laura Bolton

    Haha, I got mine into kiehl’s as well, Ad loves the All Terrain because its a shampoo, shower gel and a cleanser so he doesn’t have to worry about lots of different products. He even uses the clarisonic once in a while as well.

  • Kayleigh Webster

    You are clearly some sort of genius, my other half won’t use anything >,< because "it will break him out", sigh. Even after reading Mark's man review to him he still isn't taking me on :( . xo


    This post made me laugh so much! You have a really really lovely writing style!

  • Cassie

    love it! i finally convinced my husband to get some Khiels stuff this year at the Nordstrom sale, and now he’s obsessed. He’s got a serious stash going. #proudwife

  • Aleksandra Nikolic

    5 years and you’ve done it. congratulations!

  • Michelle

    Great post, i’ve had the same issue for years but my boyfriend tried a sample of the facial fuel a couple of months back and loved it! success!

  • Shari

    This is TOO cute!! I got some Kiehl’s Facial Fuel samples for my husband too and well, they never saw the light of day after night 1!! It’s so hard to convince him of any skincare routine. “It’s just not..manly!” Thus, the bar of soap for body and face usage continues. Your boyfriend is the cutest for doing the mini reviews, hahaa! Cracked me up.

  • Hephzibah

    Haha, love it! :) x

  • Emma

    My hubby is now bang on it with his Boots No7 for men face wash and moisturiser! It was actually pretty easy to convince him about the oil balancing moisturiser with the argument “it’ll stop you looking so shiny”. The face wash was a tougher challenge, he was deluded that water is adequate, but once he tried it once, he liked it. Now he even uses a Champneys exfoliator once a week! The fact that he can actually see a difference I think really helps him stick to the routine! Just need to convince about eye cream next…!!!

  • Catrin

    Now you just have to worry when you see your stuff gone!

  • Astrid

    Haha my boyfriend uses the exact same products! The only difference is, I didn’t have to coerce him, I think he likes using products more than me!

  • Tessa D’haene

    Hahahaha! My boyfriend just watches me doing my thing but still doesn’t get why I do it!

  • Sophie

    I love his reviews! Haha



  • Sally Mavin

    This made me laugh so hard. And the funny thing is, I bet 99% of readers will be nodding furiously that their fellas would be the same :)

  • Emma

    Finally got my husband to try some products, bought the kiehls moisturiser and it’s made him some and red in the areas where he doesn’t shave. Any tips on what to use on mens sensitive skin?