Oh yes it’s that time again! Monthly favourites! And for May I actually managed to acquire and fall in love with quite a fair few new things so be prepared for a bit of a ramble here. Note-worthy mentions here have to go to the Origins Drink-Up Intensive Overnight Mask and the Bourjois Magic 1 Second Nail Polish Remover; I can already tell that these will be my favourites for months to come. If you fancy checking out any of the extra info and links it’s all on the Youtube info bar so just select to ‘Watch On Youtube’. Right lets bring on June – I’m excited, who’s with me!

P.S) I bought my first Jo Malone fragrance today – expect to see a post on it soon! Summer in a bottle, seriously!

  • rebeccaxoxo

    everything you’ve put on here I really want to try! will have to get mint candy apple and fiji from the new essie diffusion line:)


  • Diane11792

    I should really show Toasted more love. It’s a beautiful eyeshadow shade but I’ve been ignoring it like some kind of disease. I’ve been really loving Smog and Darkhorse though.

    As always I want everything you have mentioned in this video. I need Essie nailpolishes in my life so badly…..

  • Lasurfeusedebisca

    Ooo :) Can we know the name of the Jo Malone perfume you bought ? :) )))))

  • Emilia

    Great Vid! :) I don’t know if it is easy to get hold of the nail varnish brand Depend in the UK, but they have a similar nail varnish remover and it’s amazing! Works like a blast! :)

  • Simoneg

    Great vid Anna, I’m obsessed with Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray too. It’s amazing, although a teeny bit expensive. x

  • koren

    I wanna know what jo malone you got!! P.s  your make up in this vid is AMAZING!!!!

  • anna

    Great video – as always ! 

    Your makeup looks flawless BTW ! 

    I have actually just purchased the borjouis nail varnish remover – we will see how that goes.


  • TattooedTeaLady

    I love watching your videos especially your favourites videos :) xo

  • Zoe_AmeliasAllsorts

    Great video :)   I feel I am one of the only women who don’t own a Jo Malone perfume yet… I must try some! xx

  • http://twitter.com/lilypebbles Lily Pebbles

    Bets on that you bought the nectarine blossom and honey. x

  • http://twitter.com/Sparkle_freeze Bridget

    I love the English Pear & Freesia! And Plum Blossom, and Nectarine.. But then again Jo Malone makes choosing a favorite really difficult..  ^^

  • Ela

    Your make-up looks phenomenal in this video! Love Origins products, love the look of the Drink Up Intensive Mask! Ela x http://and-the-beast.blogspot.com.au/

  • SiobhanBentley

    Your my May favourite. HA! Also I am never allowing you out at lunch time alone – because you broke this rule you will have to share your new Jo Malone fragrance (JEL!) with me :D xx

  • Ying_Cheung

    The origins mask, you have just persuaded me to buy it since i have combination oily skin and i think this will be perfect for me because the weather has been so humid and drying for me. I really am amazed by the bourjois 1 second polish remover too :) bought it the other day and i am impressed with the ease of the removal of my polish. Really want to try out the bumble and bumble surf spray because i’ve heard alot about it. I have been using the ‘Umberto Giannini: tousled sea salt spray” which i think works quite well too :) Thanks for sharing~x


  • http://twitter.com/EatPlayShopBlog Charlie

    i need the origins mask in my life. your make up looks lovely in this vid, cant wait for jo mallone post! x


  • chloe

    i love the origins mask! i’ve been using it for over a year :)  
    The nail polish remover looks amazing! i bet it’ll take another 6 months to reach australia -_- 
    do you know how long the Bourjois Nail Polish remover would last? is it a sponge or something? will it eventually dry out?


  • Nicola

    Love the nail polishes, you looks so gorgeous in this video!


  • Clay Butterfleyes

    Loved your favesies ! The Illamasqua gloss and the japonesque brush look AMAZING :) xx


  • Beautyful Fashion

    Just watched this video on youtube, I love your favourites videos and get so excited when I see them pop up in my subscriptions box! I could even blame you for getting me so obsessed with skincare! xx


  • Lucy

    I’m loving the bourjois  polish remover too; word of warning though, it’s so full of essential oils that if you (I) spill it (on your brand new trousers), it will leave an oil stain.

    Great vid as always hon, particularly like your eye makeup in this one. x

  • Kathryn Wilson

    That blush looks amazing!
    here are my May favourites

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