Here’s a little snapshot of my dressing table at 6am this morning – I’m sure everyone in my house really appreciated me clicking and flashing away at the time. Opps. But there was a reason behind my early morn photoshoot as I wanted to quickly get a snap of my newest purchases before they got all smooshy. I had a voucher for Libertys that had been burning a hole in my pocket for too long and for a while I’d been contemplating a purchase of some Hourglass cosmetics so I finally put the two together on Wednesday and was served by a lovely lady on the Hourglass counter who talked me through all their bits and bobs, and I ended up walking away with two things nicely packaged up in a Liberty’s bag…

The Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer was top of my list of things to get. I’ve heard loads of other bloggers singing it’s praises and whenever I asked on Twitter for your guys Hourglass recommendations this always came out trumps. It claims to make the rest of your makeup water-resistant, therefore helping it to last longer, is oil-free and supposedly minimises pores. Sounds good, non? The only downside – the price. This tiny 10ml tube set me back £20, and the full-size retails for £52. Bloomin’ hell, it’d better be good. Considering I only applied it two hours ago, it’s still early days but I’ll keep you updated with this one; given my new fascination with primers I’ve got high hopes. My second purchase my eyes were drawn to immediately, the Hourglass Illume Creme to Powder Duo in Bronze Light. Although the combination of Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel Cream Bronzer and Jemma Kidd All Over Radiance Cream Dewy Glow serve exactly the same purpose I couldn’t resist. The casing is rather fancy, it makes me feel like I have an iPhone (I wish), and it contains a huge mirror so I think this will be a great one for traveling. I used the bronze shade as a contour and general cheek shade blended in with the Real Techniques Buffing Brush and then applied the illuminator over the tops of my cheekbones with a MAC 188. So far, so good. But will it last all day? I’ll let you know.

If you fancy an Hourglass haul of your own their stockists are rather limited – Liberty’s and selected Space NK in stores and then online at Zuneta. I have say I was really impressed by their range of products, much like most of my other favourite brands everything is rather neutral toned, subtle and has a natural finish. All I can say is thank God for gift vouchers…

  • Rebecca Brittle

    I love the blush duo. The mirror is fab, there is never a mirror when I’m out and want to check my blush!

  • Heather Morton

    ohh that blush duo looks so good. the primer sounds amazing but no way could i justify that price!

  • Daniella

    I like the look of the blush duo (it really does look a bit like an iphone!) but I can’t believe a full size face primer would be £52!
    Daniella x

  • rita maria

    I absolutely love the Hourglass primer. I usually hate primer, so that says a lot for me!! As for the bronzer duo, I didn’t even know that existed….and now I have to go investigate it. Oh dear, Anna, you are such an enabler.

  • Bárbara Ferreira

    I love Hourglass primer, I need to try the foundation.

  • Lipstick Fridays

    Looks fab hon x one for the wish list I think x x

  • thebeautyheroes

    the duo cream to powder palette looks amazing x

  • Rachel Ellis

    think i need to try some… ahh

  • Taylor

    Hourglass eyeshadows are amazing.. literally! There are no duds in the collection they all have great pigmentation(gypsy,suede, and exhibition are my favs out of the line)(:. Foundation is great; the immaculate is good for really oily skin and the veil fluid is great for dry skin. However, the only down side to the foundations is that they have a very neutral undertone. So if you’re fairly neutral this line would be great because I know for sure the veil fluid makeup has good lasting power. The brushes are great also, they’re very soft, don’t shed at all, and apply products evenly! Lipstick is nice also, but not my favourite products out of the whole line (but all set aside they have good lasting power). Last, but not least the primer. The mineral veil primer is great it has SPF and from my opinion makes my complexion look smoother and makes my makeup last longer. It feels smooth to the touch and I could literally rub this all over my face all day! The No. 28 primer is honestly great if you have really really dry skin! If you don’t however it feels very oily. This product saves me during the winter, but I wouldn’t advise you to put it all over your face; only apply it to your dry patches. Overall all the products that I have tried from this line has not let me down, they are great quality and worth the splurge!

  • mary {figwittage}

    When I worked at Sephora I got 4 testers of the eyeshadow duos in gratis. They are ah-mazing! Their face products break me out though… I think the anti-aging foundation was the culprit. xx

    • mary {figwittage}

      Totally forgot to mention that the mascara is one of my favourites!

  • Alice

    These products look gorgeous but in a way I wish I’d never seen them…I’m now just lusting after more things I can’t afford and hoping I have the will power to resist the urge to splurge!!



  • Joyce (bronzerbunny)

    Yay, I’m glad you decided to get the duo. :) I hope you like Bronze Light! Mineral Veil was quite nice too, but just not a great mix with some of my foundations, so not for me!

  • Rubiiee

    My friend swears by the Hourglass Prime Veil, she buys it up by the gallon! (not literally of course….)
    <3 Rubiiee

  • Laura Birch

    I got the hourglass mascara as a sample and I’m pretty impressed. Worth having a look at but very expensive. Not sure if I’ll purchase the full size… Can’t wait to hear about the primer!! x

  • JoySteib

    Wow!! Nice blog…think that could be a next try!!!! Thanks!!

  • Lauren Kealy

    That duo looks amazing! I will 100% be looking into it and perhaps make a sneaky purchase haha, thanks for the review :)!


  • Ambarina @ Beauty Passionista

    I just WISH my friends gave me vouchers instead of stuff I don’t want or need (sorry friends.. I love you really!!!) I think I’ve spent over £300 (ahem, maybe more) on Hourglass … but I have to say, it’s been worth every penny!
    Lovely to meet you today btw, I totally loved the perfumes and meeting Poppy too :)

  • Miss drifted Snow White

    I wanna buy this so badly but there’s no stockists anywhere near me. Rubbish!!!