There once was a time when I dreamed of having every single MAC neutral eyeshadow that you could possibly own (like at least 50), have colour co-ordinated, labelled palettes and spend ages in the morning meticulously applying lid, crease and ‘smokey v’ colours. I have since come back down to earth, realised that there are only about 10 eyeshadows that I like to use on repeat and been on a bit of an eyeshadow ban since. Back in the day I had one of the huge MAC 15-Pan Pro Palette thingys, filled in with a ton of shadows that I never really touched, then had a huge clearout and got rid of most of them in a Blog Sale. Now I only own 7 MAC eyeshadows and they are housed in much easier to store 4-Pan Pro Palettes. I quickly flashed one in a video and so many of you asked what colours they were, so I thought I would show you my MAC Palettes.

The palette on the left is one that I use the least. I don’t find myself reaching for the colours all that much but I just can’t bear the thought of getting rid of them! It contains Sable, a lovely bronze with a hint of purple  that is great for a smokey eye (especially if you have green eyes), a random Milani shadow which looks suspiciously like MAC Sumptuous Olive is you ask me, Antiqued which is a very reddy bronze, I can never seem to get it to work for me but does look nice lined on the undereye and finally Patina which is a bit of a staple in a lot of people’s collections. I don’t find the cool tones of it too flattering, but it is a nice one just to pop all over the lids as it has a slight duochrome effect. Then on the right is the palette that I reach for daily! Of course the one (and only) eyeshadow that I have actually hit pan on is All That Glitters – my favourite neutral eyeshadow! Such a gorgeous creamy, nude with a hint of pinky gold; I could go on. Next to that is Smut, one that I don’t think gets enough love on here – it’s a dirty, purple brown – the perfect crease colour and evening accompaniment with All That Glitters. Aside from All That Glitters, Espresso is probably my next most used colour as it’s my everyday brow shadow. Simples. Finally there is Woodwinked. I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with it, and I do think that it’s one that (on me personally) requires a bit of tan-age before, or the orange-y tones in it can make me look a little ill. It also is a requirement that you wear this with dark liner or you will look like you have pink-eye. And on that note….

  • Simone G

    God, I couldn’t agree with you more. Everyone goes through the wanting-to-own-every-shade stage, and then after awhile we realise we only use about 5% of them! Like the ones you decided to keep, you can never go wrong with a few great neutrals x

    • Vivianna

      Haha it’s so true! I think everyone goes through that phase! xx

  • Lydia

    Love to have a nosey at other peoples MAC palettes! I am seriously impressed with your little collection though. I am thinking of parting with quite a few of my MAC eyeshadows but I could never whittle it down to just this amount haha. x

    • Vivianna

      Aw in all fairness I just don’t wear eyeshadow that often, I’m more of a face products girl! xx

  • Anonymous

    I love MAC there is so much I want! x

    • Vivianna

      Me too, although I was definitely more obsessed with it back in the day! xx

  • Marie

    walked right past a MAC counter today, I was incredible proud not buying anything :P
    But can’t resist a nosey on the website x

    • Vivianna

      Haha I’m proud too! xx

  • Anonymous

    I have a more use-able palette now too. Even though it’s nice to have a full collection, it does seem a bit of a waste sometimes. All That Glitters is definitely my fave too xx

    • Vivianna

      LOVE all that glitters! xx

  • lozzie jones

    Woodwinked is my  favourite mac shadow :) xx

    • Vivianna

      I need to wear it more! xx

  • alice_eve

    definitely took some inspiration from these, purchased woodwinked after you’d mentioned it loads the other day and i LOVE it! going to try all that glitters next! alice xoxo

    • Vivianna

      Oh yes All That Glitters is amaze! xx

  • Nicki _ 96

    I really want to try a mac product! They seem amazing and i so want to try them! The eyeshadows are amazing, love the colours, im a big neutral girl too :3 

    • Vivianna

      Me too! xx

  • Romy

    I use wood winked in the centre of my eye only to add a ‘pop’ if u will! It looks great lined under the eye too! 
    I’d love to try Patina, and I have yet to even SWATCH all that glitters! haha Xx

    • Vivianna

      Great tip! xx


    those colours are right up my street, might have to go out and get a couple xx

    • Vivianna

      Oh yes, do ;) xx

  • frecklie george

    Both palettes are gorgeous!!

    George |

    • Vivianna

      Thanks! xx

  • Boscy

    Ha ha, oh dear, I wear Woodwinked without eyeliner quite a lot.. hope I haven’t been scaring the unsuspecting public off thinking I have some infectious pink eye conjunctivitis disease malarky. For shame. Antiqued is one of my absolute favourites, as is Patina. Yum.

    • Vivianna

      Haha a touch of a black or brown or even neutral liner round the eyes will sort that out! xx


    Big fan of Patina and woodwinked.. this makes me want to try all that glitters even more! x

    • Vivianna

      It’s my fav! xx

  • Michelle Forsyth

    Thank you! Finally someone that understands! Woodwinked has been recommended to me over and over again and every time I say I don’t like it because it makes my eyes look bloodshot people can’t believe it. I thought I was the only one that had trouble with that shade. Great post! I love Patina and you’ve made me want to give my Smut more attention. :)

    • Vivianna

      No it definitely needs a bit of work on me too! xx

  • Anonymous

    All that Glitters is my go to MAC shade as well, I wear it daily! x

    • Vivianna

      Fab shade! xx

  • Abby Smith

    All that Glitters looks amazing, have wanted it for ages! Think next pay day I will take the plunge :) x 

    • Vivianna

      Oh yes do! xx

  • Laura

    Patina is one of my newest and current favourite MAC shadow, have to agree All That Glitters is absolutely amazing too – it’s the only shadow I’ve ever hit pan on! As a fellow green eyed girl I think Sable has to be my next purchase!

    • Victoria

      I love Sable, you’ll love it if you have green eyes :)

      • Vivianna

        I agree! xx

    • Vivianna

      Sable is such a wicked shade! xx

  • afro

    let me tell you that i couldn’t agree more with you! to begin with i’m not a fan of 15-pan palettes,they usually look messy! i prefer either pots or 4-pan palettes! i have only 6 eye-shadows from mac and i have to admit that although the colours are interesting ,in terms of  consistency i’ve tried better (sometimes even cheaper).So….i have my eye on some matte shades and then…i’ll call the break up! :D

    • Vivianna

      They are just so much easier to store! xx

  • Lauren

    I don’t have any MAC eyeshadows apart from a random All that Glitters one, definitely my aim to try them out when I have an actual salary! x

    • Vivianna

      Ah if you have All That Glitters – that’s all you need ;) xx

  • Brightowngirl

    I used to want to own them all, but i own 15 and rarely use them now. Woodwinked is definitely my favourite. x

    • Vivianna

      Yeah I think we all go through the phase! xx

  • Keeleylaura

    Lovely colours. :)

    • Vivianna

      Thanks! xx

  • Sarah

    Great colours in both palettes! All That Glitters is my most favourite MAC shadow! Along with Naked Lunch and Shroom. Woodwinked and Patina are on my to try list though :) xx

    • Vivianna

      Might need to try Naked Lunch xx

      • Sarah

        You definitely should! It’s a stunning neutral colour that works well with most other shades :) xx

        • Vivianna

          Fab! x

  • Victoria

    All That Glitters is my favourite too. I also love Patina, Sable, Copperplate and Satin Taupe too. I have loads I never use much any more now too, I need a clear out!

    • Vivianna

      You’ll feel better after a clear out! xx

  • Charlotte Molyneux

    Great post! I had a MAC voucher for Christmas + wasn’t sure what to spend it on but think you just convinced me to go with eyeshadows!ha x

    • Vivianna

      Fab! xx

  • Oh Chlo

    I literally value your blog as the bible aha! Seriously considering investing in a MAC palette/ eyeshadow now!

    • Vivianna

      Aw thanks hun! xx

  • Makeuplover Confessions

    Great post! I’ve got a 4 palette too, only have one colour in it at the moment :| so i’m going to try and fill it up soon aha :) xxx

    • Vivianna

      Perhaps this has given you some inspiration! xx

  • MDR Make Up Artistry

    Loving the MAC blog Vivianna! I use MAC mostly when I’m freelancing and I have exactly the same colours. I invested in a 15 pro pallet but it’s just too big and like you said, there are only a few colours you actually end up using! I think I might trying investing in some smaller 4 pallets as then you can group together the shades that really go together.

    One colour I’d really recommend you try (especially with green eyes) is a colour called Retrospeck. It’s absoloutely stunning for the corner of the eye and just under and gives a beautiful shimmer. I tend to mix this with Tempting or Patina for a daytime look! 


    • Vivianna

      Thank you hun! And cheers for the tip! xx

  • Hanne –

    I don’t have any eye shadows from Mac but I’m definitely considering to invest in a palette like this (I’m obsessed with the Naked palette right now). Love all the colors on the right :)

    • Vivianna

      Thanks! xx

  • Emma Computergirl

    OO I have a lot of those.  They are good choices!

    • Vivianna

      Thanks! xx

  • ella gauntlett

    this come at a perfect time for me, its almost my birthday and with any money i get im hoping to put towards some long awaited for mac eyeshadows, All the glitters is one ill be buying first,seeing as iv seen so many beauty bloggers/youtubers that love it! xx

    • Vivianna

      Haha it’s like I knew :) xx

  • Niks_123

    All that glitter is 100% next on my list, haha! I also really want Wookwinked, even if I do have to tan up a bit ;) My current faces are Naked lunch and Stain taupe :-)

    • Vivianna

      Oooo need Naked Lunch :) xx

  • Georgia Lee

    All these shades are on my wish list but I am desperately trying not to buy makeup as I just don’t ever change my everyday makeup enough.


    • Vivianna

      Good girl :) xx

  • essjay23x

    All that glitter is the only MAC shadow, I’ve reached pan on and I miss it so much. So gorgeous on the lid and yet when I first saw it in the pan, I wondered a little what all the hype was about. I soon found out!

    • Vivianna

      Yes it’s such a gorgeous shade! x

  • Belfast Blogger

    I’m all about the Naked Lunch. :-)

    • Vivianna

      Need to try that! xx

  • Jennifer Morgan

    i had a mac palette which i filled up and i lost it all WAAAAAA – ove these kind of colours though xx

    • Vivianna

      Booo! xx

  • Diane

    Oh yes, I  definitely went through the “I-want-every-mac-shadow” stage. So glad I stopped myself from impulsively buying any (apart from some limited edition shades) :)

    • Vivianna

      Haha that is good! xx

  • Beauty Daze

    Ooh I love kind of nosey posts like this! Also, love all the little tips you give about you wear your colours :)

    Steph xx

  • charlotte_queen

    love the colours. ive never bought any mac eyeshadows, i tend to just stick to my urban decay naked <3 

    • Vivianna

      Oh yes I love UD too! xx

  • frostsweet

    Have you tried mixing wood winked and patina together? It takes the orange out of wood winked and warms up patina

  • princesselfy

    I have 11 MAC eyeshadows and they don't get used nearly as much as I thought they would. But I still can't part with them! All That Glitters is definitely a fave of mine too, so easy to wear on its own x

  • Anonymous

    i have an empty MAc quad that i need to fill, definitely need all that glitters :D x

    • Vivianna

      You do! xx

  • Aimee Bradley

    i have a fair few of those, i was like you wanted everyone going but what a waste of money it would be when you think about it

    • Vivianna

      Yes it works out very expensive! xx

  • shmellie_angel

    I’ve been wanting to try some more MAC shades, so thanks for this!

    e x

    • Vivianna

      No worries :) xx

  • Beautyincrisis Ili

    I am planning to buy patina next time i visit MAC! I bought all that glitters just because u rave about it, i didnt even swatch it but…I LOVE it!! i pair it with swiss chocolate ( i actually wrote about it in my blog)
    After ur post ill check smut too! It sounds interesting;-)

    • Vivianna

      Yay – sounds like a nice combo! x

  • Katie Evans

    Love those colours, really lovely! xxx

    • Vivianna

      Thanks! xx

  • Maria Nieto

    I love love love MAC eyeshadows, although recently I’ve gone through a NARS addiction phase, so I’ve forgotten a little bit about them. Everyone loves a comeback, though!


    P.S. I mentioned your blog on my latest post, Vivianna, so feel free to check it out :) .

    • Vivianna

      Oh yes NARS ones are beautiful too :) xx

  • Udane

    How did you sell all you mac eyeshadows, I also do have lots of new mac eyeshadows I don’t use and I want to get rid of them.
    By the way, I love you latest video, you’re gorgeous and I love that no make up make up look :) Your eyes were BOOM! You have beautiful green eyes, mine don’t pop has much as yours. Maybe, someday could you do a make up for green eyes? xoxo

    • Vivianna

      I did a blog sale :) xx

  • MrAJBx3

    OMG Patina!! <3 sorry hehe i just love Patina haha xD

    • Vivianna

      Haha I need to wear it more often! xx

  • xdollybird

    I don’t own a mac eyeshadow but this is making me have second thoughts on that, there ridiculously  expensive considering there £13.50 each? yet you can get palettes and stuff cheaper than that! all the same though I’ve been lusting over all that glitters for what seems like forever, and now i think smut has been added to the list! x

    • Vivianna

      If you get them in pan form I think they are around £10 x

  • Kumiko Mae

    i have the same dream! but i find that they’re so expensive and the dream is a bit futile. :D i love what you have though!

  • Hayley

    I agree, as much as id love every neutral, theres only so many shadows that you will actually use xx

  • Millie Rose

    One of my mac eyeshadow palettes is scarily similar… All That Glitters, Espresso, Woodwinked and Shroom. I also have another palette consisting of Twinks, Wedge, Brulé, Shale and Sketch! Check out my blog here