Today marks the occasion of my 200th YouTube upload (whoop, whoop), so I thought I would continue honouring the tradition of marking each hundredth milestone with an updated makeup collection. Now, I’m warning you – my stash seems to have gone a little rouge since you checked in last time and the whole ‘one-in-one-out’ thing may have got a little skewed somewhere along the line. But I still manage to squeeze it all into my postage stamp-sized flat in a rather practical way if I say so myself. The fancy schmansy dressing table has gone and has been replaced by a sleek one-drawer system, with drawers filled from left to right in an orderly fashion according to the order that I apply it to my face. Oh yes. It’s got Virgo written all over it. And there’s a rather large IKEA and MUJI contingent as always. Who knows what my collection will be shaping up like next time around. Perhaps I’ll be swimming in it?

  • Jessica Rose

    That a lot of editing!!! Well done on your major milestone. x

  • Kirti

    I want that Ikea dresser now! Lovely collection btw and so well organised :)

  • Ailyn Koay

    Ooooooooooooo I want the table more than the makeup

  • Charlotte Lucy Philpotts

    looks so nice! love a good bit of organisation x

  • Parisian To Be

    This video was HEAVEN; heaven, I tell you.

    xo Lillian from

  • Cornelia Kennedy

    Loved this video, thank you for sharing, what do you wear foundation wise when you want higher coverage? I would love to know.

    Ineffable Beauty

  • Sugar Spun Sisters

    Love how you’ve organised everything – as a fellow Virgo I totally relate to the absolute THRILL of everything being perfectly ordered.

    Happy 200th video, too!

    Eve x

    Sugar Spun Sisters – a blog about charity shops, cosmetics and coeliac disease

  • Zazie Bibi

    love your makeup! want it all xxx

  • Natasha Kembrey

    well done on reaching 200 videos! and well done for being so super organised x

  • Samantha
  • Maddy Cane

    Loved this video, your collection is amazing! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD


  • Casey

    Eeekk! So jealous of your make up collection! Check out my Pick Your Prize Give away!

  • Amy

    I thoroughly enjoyed watching this :) You have some lovely make up there.

    Amy x A Little Boat Sailing

  • Lexie Blush

    What a fancy makeup boudoir collection! And it’s so pretty and elegant the way everything is organized.
    Shame on me who has my makeup stuff thrown is a bag….definitely gonna go to Muji soon :)


  • Lou S

    OMG! That is a real make up collection. I just love it!


  • Maha Maven

    Love how organized everything is, and the white is beautiful. Every video I see with these white vanities push me one step further to getting one for myself!

    Maha Maven

  • Jennifer Monforton

    Wow, what a fantastic collection you have! My stash is pretty intense too, but I’m definitely envious of the elegant way you have everything stored. Looks beautiful! xo

  • Zoe Cayetano

    Wow. That is sooo adorable!

    xoxo Zoe

  • Kaelyn

    I would love to get a better storage system for all of my makeup! Wanna get a big wrap around desk to double as an office desk and makeup table.

  • BeautynBuzz

    Love your new dressing table Vivianna..Love your setup and the collection too <3

  • megs

    do a skincare collection pleeeaaasse

  • blushandlaughter

    Even though the make up is absolutely fab, I’m blown away by those flowers!

  • ns510

    Loved it, thank you anna!

  • Emily Knott

    You have such a fab collection of makeup!

  • Muggle

    What is the apple device on the vanity?

  • Muggle


  • sophiesoph

    Awaiting your reply on the video xx