I’m currently in organisation/packing overdrive – my inner Virgo is basically having a field day – and with just two days before I head to Paris with Lily and our other halves for a weekend stay in the capital before heading down south for some sun, I’m pleased to say that the packing is practically done. Even better than that I’ve managed to streamline my beauty stash like never before with just one bag is coming with me. ONE BAG!? Yep, that’s right; just one zipped pouch to hold all my makeup, skincare, body and haircare holiday must-haves and surprise, surprise it even closes. Want to see inside? Of course the real test is whether I can fit everything back in for the return flight, new purchases and all. I think we’ll have to see about that one…

  • Kiss & Make-up

    Okay, it’s one bag, yes, but it’s STUFFED! :-) This was fun to see, thanks for the little sneak peek!

  • Avanti

    Wow! You fit quite a few different things in one bag!
    You are one very organised person.


  • Alexandra Fráňová

    Wow, so many things in one bag! I always end up with three huge cosmetic bags, maybe it is time to buy small empty bottles for traveling. Your videos are so entertaining!

  • emily couture

    thats alot of make up in one bag!

    emily xx

  • Angela

    Super organized, and all together. Looks great! I need a one stop shop bag like that too!

  • Claire

    That’s amazing that you managed to fit everything in that bag, it looks perfectly organised

  • Laura

    This is such a cute makeup bag I love how organised you are! xx


  • Linda Libra Loca

    That will come in handy as my trip to southern france is only 8 days from now. Looking forward to watch it tonight.

  • Aishah B

    I always look forward to your posts/videos!! Love the fact that you can squeeze tons of items in one small bag :-)

  • Jenny Burgess

    If only I could be that organized! This makes me want to go home and rearrange my vanity.

  • Rachael

    I have at least three bags full of products so I applaud you for managing just one! Love your YouTube channel :)

    Rachael x

  • Kiara King

    If you can close it on the return flight, I’d be disappointed. But have an amazing time in France! I sure hope you take a zillion photos and hopefully a video or three!

  • hanaa

    Top ideas here- I so need to take notes from this! Too often I’m lugging around loads of cosmetics bags of skincare and makeup and it’s such a drag carrying it around. Off to the Mujji website to grab that compartment organiser! Have a wonderful time in Paris x

  • Ann Baghdasaryan

    Can you please do a review/blogpost about your deodorant? This may sound weird to ask but im struggling to find a good deodorant :///

  • joysteib

    Super impressed with how organized you are!! I need you in my life…not being creepy! lol Thanks for sharing with us!!! <3

  • Nadja

    You’re so well organized. Can’t wait for a haul video when you get back from travelling.

  • Ruby

    this bag is perfect for a travel. iloveit

  • Charlotte // BeautySoup

    Perfect travel bag! I like it a lot. xx

    Soup || UK Beauty Blog


    Well organised!

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  • Claudia

    so useful and beautiful video, well edited and nice background xx

  • alicekatex

    So organised! I wish I could fit all my travel make-up in one bag haha!

    alicekatex ♥

  • Jennifer Monforton

    Cheers to you for fitting so many lovely products in one bag! We’re getting a Muji store here in Toronto soon and I can’t wait! Have an amazing time on your trip- sending all my good vibes to Mark and Rich! xo

  • Maddy

    Such an amazing organised selection, I will definitely have to take note from this!

    Maddy, xo // UNSTITCHEDD

  • Yiming

    Wait – aren’t you going to France? Why don’t you just stop by a pharmacie there and pick up the products instead of packing them (Bioderma for example) – I’m sure they’d stock pretty good stuff and some in small bottles – an even better excuse to buy some French pharmacy products!

  • Katie

    Love this video – I’ve been looking for a good travel make up bag for a while now. Thanks Anna. I’ll pop into muji this week, let’s hope they’ll have it here in Germany too.
    Could you please tell me where you Lilly will be staying in Paris?
    I’m planing a Paris trip for me and my mum right now and desperately need some tips for moderately priced “hotels”

  • Holly McLoughlin

    Loved the video :) You have such great picks x

  • Sophia Charles

    Love this video! That bag is a magic makeup bag, love it

    Sophia |

  • Karen Heidi Rees

    Fab video! Seriously impressed with everything you managed to squeeze in… I need to invest in more travel size products & leave the biggies at home x

  • Allison

    I’m so excited for your vlog from the trip! I’m sure your trip was (is?) super amazing! Great job on the packing
    Allison from

  • Bell Santiago

    Love the bag, ive been looking for smth like that for ages

  • Sara Fleming
  • Elif Karamehmetoglu

    I am in love with that bag! It is the perfect size!

  • Rebecca @ Hello Creative Blog

    You might just need to pack an extra little bag for the trip back. :)

  • Velveteen Rabbit

    Haha that looks so handy!

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  • Heidi :)

    Been lusting over this! So handy :)

    ♡ Heidi ||

  • Angeline Lee

    Omg I love the bag!!

  • Mickeyluvhev

    Does anybody know the nail varnish she’s wearing??!!! Love it!

  • Macha

    Very inspirational ! You’re so good at sizing down !

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  • Charlotte Roberts

    I need to get one of these travel vanity case thingys that everyone seems to have, would definitely help me cut down on things I take away with me :)

  • Ella

    That bag is fan-freaking-tastic. My travel makeup bag is SO small and only holds like 6 brushes. SOB! I need to pick this one up, ASAP!

  • Ellenor
  • Lauren S

    That is such an awesome bag! You really do get loads in – all necessary of course! Dreamy organisation

    Lauren x
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  • Margery Ho

    Really helpful and it all looks so nice and organized!

  • Lindsay Weimer

    Wow you fit way more in there than I was thinking it could hold. All the essentials! I’m going to Spain too and now I feel like I NEED that bag for my trip!

  • Gem

    How have I been living all this time with a makeup bag that has no compartments? The organiser in me is loving this.

  • Emma and Emily

    Loved this video! You have made me want to go on holiday again!

  • Melissa @ Treats With a Twist

    what do you use the muslin cloth for? I need you to pack my beauty stuff because I take practically another bag! Loved this video

  • CassandraMyee

    That is the coolest makeup bag I have seen, it would make travelling with makeup and products so much easier! Love your organisation too

    CassandraMyee | NZ Beauty Blog