Please excuse the misleading of this title post, but in my woeful lack of reliable Internet state a long forgotten boxset of Arrested Development has become my best friend and when I came up with the idea for a nude nail edit, it would have been criminal not to mention the phrase ‘Never Nude’ in this post. But lets move on for the non-Arrested Development obsessed folk and chat nudes. When it comes nails I tend to go for extremes on both sides of the colour spectrum, brilliantly bold – I’m thinking Nails Inc Baker Street (remember that one?) or stylishly simple. Right now, I’m embracing the neutral side of proceedings…

Leighton Denny Leading Lady* is the pinkiest out of the bunch – think Essie Topless and Barefoot but with a hyped up tone of taupe. Easy to wear and a great pick for darker skinned gals due to it’s blushed colour. If I had to pick a top five nail polishes ever then Nails Inc Porchester Square* would be in for shot at one of the top spots. I’ve posted about this before but it’s easily one of my all-time favourites, so why not rave about it again, eh? A slight heather grey undertone takes the edge of this otherwise neutral nude. The newest addition to the clan is CHANEL Frenzy – a colour I tried to resist the urge for but just had to give in. Shade wise it’s pretty darn similar to Porchester Square if a little beige-ier and I love it. The formula is questionable (it’s true what they all say about the chipping), but I’ll handle it’s short appearance on my nails cause it’s a beaut. Moving onto two picks which are a little darker, Essie’s Chinchilly and OPI Berlin There Done That* (please can I be best friends with the person who comes up with their names!?!). Both are more grey that my other picks and give a nod to the mushroom trend that was all the rage when nudes first became popular. Barry M Mushroom anyone? Such a classic!

So only one question remains – are you a never nude or a nearly always nude? I have to right now I’m nearly always nude….oooh er!

*PR Samples

  • brusselslifebeauty

    Essie and OPI rock those nude bottles!haha!
    on my nails is currently the Not just a Pretty Face, which even though nude, goes into the pinky nudes family.
    id be flattered if youd like to check out my blog too

  • Elle

    Definitely a nude girl, there is something so clean and chic about a nude nail. I’ve just done a post on Autumnal nail shades- there’s some deeper vampy ones on there which I’m enjoying this season x

  • Emily

    I love the Essie and the Chanel one:)

  • Line

    Never nude wearing, I love my deep reds. Right now I’m loving Essie “skirting the issue” :) x

  • charli

    Ohh these are lovely! Essie and Nails Inc are the best x

  • thebeautyheroes

    OPI names are always amazing ! x

  • Margaret
  • Bryn

    nearly always nude! I’m obsessed with the nude nail trend :)

  • Rachel

    I wear nudes a lot of the time, but I do like a dark plum or red from time to time as well. Love the Arrested Development banter! ;-)

  • Kerry McMahon

    Anytime I see anyone in cut offs I always presume they are a never nude :)

  • Becky

    I love nudes, purely on the basis I think they suit my nails better but then every now and again I break the mould and opt for a bolder colour with my fave of the moment being Essie cute as a button!


    beckys makeup

  • Berna

    All of them look lovely!! I like MAC Endless Night when I’m in nude nail mode. It has a little bit of greyish, purplish tint and pink shimmers. And I paint one of my nails with bright yellow if I find it too boring:D

  • Jas

    The Leading Lady one looks interesting, because frankly I would like a bit of warmth in a nude. I feel like nude looks a bit sickly on me (I have neutral-olive skin). I really don’t think something like Frenzy would work on me at all.

  • Clara

    Tobias Funke!! Haha I love that show! And Barefoot and Topless is my absolute fave, great post!

  • Michaela Smith

    LOVEEEE Arrested Development! I’m a ‘sometimes nude’ lol! These all look like such great colours!

  • Lulu

    I own a Rimmel nail polish that leans taupey-lavender, but I haven’t bitten the bullet and gotten a true nude just yet!

  • Yesim

    try a different base and top coat when wearing Chanel. I can go over a week without any chipping. Great post on nude polishes. It’s nice to know what the differences are between the polishes.

  • TJ

    Definitely nearly always nude. I like to have toned down colours on my nails, it matched almost everything. I tend to be never nude on my toe nails though. I opt for neons and bright colours for a peep of colour in summer/spring.

  • Hodgeysdorris

    If in doubt then i always pick a nude as it goes with everything and looks super chic. I do love colour and glitter in abundance aswell though. Just purchased Porchester Square!x

  • Phoebe

    I’m definitely more of a colour girl but nude is such a classic! Have you tried OPI Dulce de Leche? It’s a pinky nude, but probably one of my favourites.

  • lynnsay-xo

    I have just recently got really into nude nails! I bought one from topshop ages ago called ‘nice n neutral’ and it does what it says on the tin! Looks really good with a tan. Love your blog Anna!

  • Chelsea Wears…

    I saw a small nail polish brand had released an Arrested Development line recently and I remember commenting how they totally missed naming a nude a “never nude!” It’s just too perfect! Glad to see it here lol!!

  • Diane11792

    tough question Anna but i have to say I love my fiery reds, bold bright pinks but at the same time I love my classic, ”safe” nude choices. Nah I can’t choose between the 2. It’s like asking who do I love more. Channing Tatum (who’s really daring ahem *cough* *Magic Mike* and Joseph Gordon-Levitt who’s a lot more tame and conservative. Both hot men species but complete opposites. Catch my drift? Why choose when you can have the best of both worlds? :D

  • instantphoebe

    I actually find the Chanel Frenzy formula to be really awesome! I get no tip wear, no chips, and only growth from the cuticle. It lasts at least 5 days for me. I’m so sad you didn’t like yours as much.

  • Charlotte

    I love the look of all of these, gorgeous! X

  • missigocommando

    I’m quite rarely totally nude but I’m definitely into more muted tones for my nails. I kind of want all of these right now, but I should probably just decide on one…

  • Rebecca

    I love nude nail polish because they are so classy!!

  • Joyce

    i think nudes on nails are so pretty but i can never make them work! I think I have porchester square so i’ll have to give it a try!