A few month’s back I dropped a ‘New Beauty Launches: Show & Swatch’ video. You lot seemed to like it, so I thought I would make it more of a seasonal thing. Coming at you with a quarterly edit of what’s new, slapping it on my face and dishing out a mini review at the same time. A triple threat. This time round I have some mixed feelings about YSL’s latest foundation, can’t get enough of Clinique’s new cheek perker-upper, there’s a mascara that I just can’t seem to get on with and a perfume that’s not due to make an appearance till September, but is well worth the wait…

  • nueyork

    I loved seeing this, I’ve been curious about the YSL foundation – it definitely sounds like something I’d enjoy! I love that it looks like a giant glossy stain, too!

  • Malissa Gibson

    I’ve been curious about the YSL foundation for a while now. Thank you for covering it in your video :)
    Awesome post! 😀

  • Clementine Buttercup

    Really looking forward to the launch of the new Jo Malone perfume so I can have a sniff.

  • impatienceblog

    I love the look of the Clinique blushes, I’ll have to make sure I take a look at these next time I’m in Boots! x

    Holly | Impatience is a Virtue | Bloglovin

  • Danielle

    Your videos make me laugh, the way you said ‘my spot shining away like a beacon!’ Ha :)
    I love the look of the clinique blushes, that one looks like a perfect colour on you. I really didn’t get along with my Bourjois bronzer though, it never seemed to add anything to my skin even though I’m very fair skinned. Which is a shame because it looks so damn good on everyone else I’ve seen use it!
    I would definitely like to be let loose in your make up drawer, your collection is enviable!!
    Danielle / Party Violets

  • Avanti

    Love this video! It really is a great triple threat video.
    Great recommendations.


  • Sarah

    I really love your video’s

  • Daniella

    wow! must try!



  • Laurel Loves

    Lovely video! Thanks for the great reviews :)

  • Grace

    I love show and swatches! Yay, thanks so much for this video! :)

  • Maddy

    Love these videos, such a great idea!

    Maddy, xo // UNSTITCHEDD

  • Lux Veritatis

    I think there are better foundations for lower price than the YSL one…
    I’m also new to this world of blogging so it would mean a lot to me if anyone checked out my blog and followed? Thank you:)

  • PeonyandPeach

    So pleased you’re making this a seasonal thing!

  • Hannah

    Definitely going to give the Rimmel Brow Gel a try!
    Loved this post – definitely added a few things to my beauty wish list.

  • Margery Ho

    Want to try the brow gel!!!

  • Allison

    Loved this video! those eyeshadows are so beautiful!!!
    Allison from

  • Chantal

    The Chanel eye shadows look absolutely beautiful! x

  • Abeer Daud

    As always… great post !

  • Kiara King

    I’m with everyone else – that brow gel looks amazing (or you’re just amazing at applying it!).

  • Natalie Morgan

    Eek need to smell that Jo Malone fragrance!

    nlmorgan, lifestyle & beauty

  • moniquitabella

    I love your videos! no joke you are my fave you tuber..on another note i went to buy the chubby stick for cheeks and it disappointed me a little.. i saw not enough pigmentation..hmm IDK

  • Sara Fleming

    Can’t wait to watch this later!

  • Sophia Charles

    That chanel quad is just beautiful!

    Sophia |

  • Michelle
  • Blushing Betta

    Great video :) I really need to get my hands on that eyeshadow quad!

  • Vcswitz787

    Beautiful eye quad!

  • Eguono Ogueh

    Great video! x

    Gegsy Blog

  • Tilly N

    Loved this video! Especially intrigues by that Bourjois bronzer highlighter duo and the clinique cheek sticks. I agree with you on rimmel gimme brows brush though, I bought it the other day and it’s definitely going to take some getting used to

    Tilly Enn // A Beauty and Fashion Blog

  • Taslima Rahman

    So many new products, such less money :(:(

    BLOG SALE | The little things in life

  • Victoria Macgregor

    I want it all… Is that possible …?:)

    Love from France, Victoria

  • Alex Grieve

    I really really really hope the Rimmel Brow Gels come out here in New Zealand. We don’t always get all of the new launches, and if we do it takes months but I would love to try them out!!

  • Vanessa Gonzales

    Great video and review doll!

  • Kira Retana

    i want to try that clinque product you mentioned!

    Thanks for sharing!!
    great post!!

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  • Siham Hamdan

    I’ve never used tinted brow gel, I think I’ll give it a go with these Rimmel ones. The Clinique sticks looked so pretty, love creamy cheeks!

    | |

  • Angeline Lee

    Yep, I really need to try that Clinique chubby stick!! And that bronzer too! Hehe x

  • Lindsay Weimer

    Thanks for the awesome round up of the all the new products. I can honestly say that I don’t feel the need to run out and buy any! (who am I?)

    <3 Lindsay

  • byClara

    Love this type of videos but now I want to buy almost everything!!

  • Gyudy

    I loved this video, so many great new launches! 😉 I’m waiting for the foundation and the Clinique brushes more than anything else 😉 xx

    Gyudy’s Notes Of Beauty

  • CassandraMyee

    Love these videos, there are far too many amazing launches!

    CassandraMyee | NZ Beauty Blog

  • Mehar Singh

    Its always fun to know about the latest beauty launches! Can’t wait to try some of them!

  • Gemma McFarlane

    Clinique stick blush & chanel quad added to the “want” list!! X

  • Jennifer Monforton

    I love these kinds of interactive reviews! That Chanel quad is absolutely stunning on you :)

  • ying

    I’m excited about the upcoming new jo malone fragrance. Will probably be getting my hands on it very soon when it launches :)

    Have a great day! ♥


    X x X x X

  • Libellule

    I need to try the Clinic Chubby cheeks, they look amazing.
    And I really like this type of video, it’s a great 3 in 1 :)

  • sarah torrence

    I love this video! The explanation, how you apply, and everything! This is great!

  • Kate Wilson
  • Claudia

    those Chanel eyeshadows look amazing! your eyes look stunning with these colors, so bright and awake :) and the mascara didn’t look too bad on you!
    the Clinique cheek sticks however… I was so excited for these and when I tried them, I was pretty disappointed. the colors look different on the skin and are not very intense – same thing happened when you applied Robust Rhubarb in the video, the color doesn’t even show up after you blended it on your cheeks. it’s a pretty expensive product considering that ‘meh’ performance :(

  • Sarah

    The clinique chubby sticks look so cute. Love it

  • Lauren S

    Such a fun take on the tutorial and review – I love the look of the Chanel Palette and Clinique Cheek

    Lauren x

    Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography –

  • Connie

    That quad tho. SO PRETTY!

    Connie | Sponsored by Coffee

  • Kate

    Love these style of videos!

    Kate xo //

  • i_am_sisi_3

    Absolutely love this video! Love your look, so simple yet chic and fresh!