Masks play a hefty role in my skincare routine. Whether it’s for a mid-week pep-up or a weekend pamper it’s a step that I thoroughly enjoy and I promise that it has nothing to do with that fact that I can creep round the flat scaring others. My bevy of face masks is pretty all-encompassing but there was one tub missing that I’d been itching to add into the mix, Omorovicza’s Deep Cleansing Mask. On an evening where I was feeling particularly spendy in this pricey pot went to the basket and since its arrival I’ve been painting it on as a twice weekly occurrence. With additions of Hungary’s healing waters and thermal mud this is supposed to work like your usual cleansing mask with some added oomph. And I find it to do just that; I apply post-cleanse, wait 10 minutes till my face starts to resemble that of a statue then rinse off and continue on with the rest of my routine. The next morning all the gunk is there for the world to see in the form of some pretty pesky pimples, nice. Drawing toxins out is nothing new in the world of mud masks, but although this tends to bring them on it does seem to rid of them pretty quickly. Two, three days later and everything’s healed and peace is restored.

In terms of my other favourite mask offerings there’s not much between them. The Omorovicza works like a slightly more souped-up version of Origins Clear Improvements Mask but isn’t as radiance boosting and blackhead-zapping as the Borghese Fango Active Mud for Face & Body. If you too are feeling (very) spendy, then you can pick up the Omorovicza Deep Cleansing Mask from Cult Beauty for £57 (thank gawd my Mum doesn’t read my blog!). My top clay-based pick is still the Origins Clear Improvements; not too pricey and rids your skin of any lurking nasties. But now, with the Omorovicza, my mud mask massive is complete.

  • Louisa McNally

    I’m a fan of the thermal cleansing balm so am definitely lusting after this now also!

  • Leonie

    Have you tried the Omorovicza thermal cleansing balm? I got a sample of this and I like it, but I just can’t justify the price of a full size! This mask looks really nice especially for a weekly pamper!
    Leonie –

  • Shannon Lei

    I have been itching for the Borghese Fango mask, ugh. Anna, you need to try the LUSH Mask of Magnaminty. I always recommend it. Favorite clay mask evaar. XX

    Shannon –

  • Laura

    I dont actually have a face mask at the moment so might have to invest in one of these (:

  • mariam_93

    I’ve recently purchased the Aesop Parsley seed mask after you made it product of the week. I’m not hugely keen on this Omorvizca one but I do intend on purchasing the Origins clear improvement mask very very soon! I really love masks, I think they are my favourite part of my skincare routine. :)

  • Alexa

    I love The Body Shop facemasks, if you’re after a budget one that does the trick. :)

    • ewelina windycity

      I love them too. Especially the tea tree one and pink one with Vitamin E. Its funny because nobody ever talks about them and they have been my favorite for a long time :)

  • Millie Robinson
  • Paula Kelly

    A good mask should not give you pimples, that is an old wives tale.

    • Smecksie

      Agreed. If you already knew they were there and it brought them more to the surface, that’s one thing. But not having any and then some magically appearing? Not so good.

  • Maddy Cane

    Love the look of this but I’m not sure I could cope with all the spots! xxx

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD


  • Helena Whitehead

    This sounds amazing! I really love using masks

  • Jas

    Ana, I know this is a touchy subject but could you do a vegan/natural/cruelty-free recommendation post? It’s a bit depressing to not see a single product on here that I can add to my wishlist (we are talking mud/clay masks here, so I had hope). I live in the U.S. and I’m a massive fan of REN, if that helps.

  • yanksgurl613

    ooo this sounds like an absolutely lovely product! I love masks thanks for sharing a thorough review! xx. gigi. food and beauty blogger @

  • Catherine

    I remember being very into masks back in high school. I haven’t done one in such a long time. I’m glad to hear this works so well for you… I’m not sure that masks in general agree with my skin unfortunately

  • Rita Toctá

    I’ve used this mask because I’ve received a sample bottle with my order from cult beauty and I’ve actually thought it wasn’t any good and thanked god for samples. It was two years ago, so I can’t remember the experience exactly but my skin was not happy at all. There is a great french brand Cattier, that has wonderful great products at affordable prices, I use their green clay mask, I think it costs between 5-10 euros.

  • clareelise

    I just recently came across this brand here in Dubai in Harvey Nic’s I’m really impressed the cleanser. I just started using a sample this week and so far so good :) xx

  • Yale

    Is it similar to Aesop parsley seed mask? How would you compare them?