Last week I attended the Olympia Beauty Show in London with the Boudoir Privé lot. I have never attended before, and I wasn’t really sure what to expect, and in all honesty I was sort of disappointed. The place was full of exhibitors from all aspects of beauty – hair, nails, makeup, skincare hell even cosmetic surgery! But it all aimed more towards beauty professionals, which was all a bit too much for a little old beauty blogger like me ;) However, I still enjoyed wandering around and when we stumbled over a stand that people were going absolutely potty over, I just had to stop and see what all the fuss was about. You know what all the fuss was over, half price OPI, that’s what – completely justified! I can’t remember the exact price, but I think they were around £5. Now that was enough of a saving for me to get my purse out.

Firstly I picked up a the ‘Natural Nail Base Coat’, despite my nail polish obsession I have never owned a base coat (shocker), but after my nails were left ridiculously stained by Essie’s Limited Addiction the other day (a gorgeous, gorgeous red), I knew it was time to invest. I have used this twice already and I must say that my nail polish appears to come off my nail easier. Thumbs up! Then I decided to grab a colour while I was there, I went for ‘Skull & Glossbones’ which I will admit was 100% influences by Laura’s post on it a while ago now. This is going to be my go-to autumn/winter colour, it’s more neutral toned and less green than Models Own ‘Concrete Mixer’, and paler than Essie’s ‘Chinchilly’. The combination of these with with a heavy dollop of Seche Vite Top Coat is perfecto!

  • Hayleyxoxo

    i don’t own any OPI polishes (yet) i really want to try OPI and Essie polishes! I’m loving my ELF white polish (fab as a base for nail art) x

    • Vivianna

      Oooo I might need to try that out :) oh yes I highly recommend OPI and Essie – they do some gorgeous shades xx

  • Kelly Gay

    I love that colour! Perfect shade for Autumn/Winter. 
    I’ve never gone to the Olympia Beauty Show, I do go to Salon International though, which I can imagine is just as hardcore! Chaos!! 

    • Vivianna

      Haha yes it was chaos – beautiful chaos lol! xx

  • Bettina@BeautySwot

    I went last year and yes I too found it was aimed at the beauty professional. However I did have a skin analysis with Dermalogica. I also found the crazy stand that was OPI and picked up my all time favourite – Dulce De Leche shade (I bought it just by looking at the bottle, instant love and I never regretted it. My sister bought a bottle of Show from their Designer collection.

    • Vivianna

      Ooooo I have never heard of that shade before, will have to give it a go! Thanks for sharing your fav :) xx

  • karola5

    I ‘m wearing OPI 20 candles on my cake a lot lately like always in this time of the year/season. It’s like vintage rose red.
    thanks for sharing xo

    • Vivianna

      Oooo that sounds lovely, might have to try that out xx

  • EmmaDazzle

    I love that colour.  I am having my nails done tomorrow.  you have made the colour choice very easy.  Thank you

    Emma x.x.x

    • Vivianna

      Haha lovely! No problem hun ;) xx

  • Jodi

    i love opi nail polishes, especially that colour! I wish i was there to make most of the discount. X

    • Vivianna

      Ah you can usually get that cheap off ebay too xx

  • Anonymous

    i love the polish i got the pirates mini set and it came in that, its a great colour, they do a slighter darker greener one called stranger tides which is lovely too. cant believe you dont sue a base coat tut tut ;) xx

    • Vivianna

      Haha I know, I’m so naughty – loving using a base coat though! Im converted xx

  • Katy

    oh I love this colour! I really want the minis from this collection :) xx

    • Vivianna

      I was eying up the mini’s too – they are all such pretty colours xx

  • Viviianna

    I really love the first colour

    • Vivianna

      Thank you hun xx

  • Summer

    Lovely colour! x

    • Vivianna

      Thanks! xx

  • Lola_loves

    Oh that is such a lovely colour! I really need to invest in some OPI but the price tag just puts me off. Maybe I will take the plunge and buy one! X

    • Vivianna

      Thanks hun! Oh they are such beautiful polishes and they apply so nicely xx

  • Rachel

    Skull and Glossbones was my FAVOURITE colour of the summer. I wore it for two months solid. Good choice ;) I hate how expensive these polishes are here :( or I’d have a better collection thats for sure! xx

    • Vivianna

      Haha good, think it will be on my nails now for 2 months now :) xx

  • Sarah

    Gorgeous colour! :) I recently purchased some polishes from the Nice Stems OPI collection – Come to Poppy is such a pretty colour xx

    • Vivianna

      Oooo that sounds pretty, looking into that collection now :) xx

  • Sarah S.

    Skull and Glossbones looks so much cooler-toned on me!

    • Vivianna

      Really, well I have quite warm toned skin so maybe it is that bringing it out ;) xx

  • irene spaccapietra

    Love that colour!! ^^

    • Vivianna

      Thank you! xx

  • Rhi

    What an absolute bargain! Even if the rest of the event was a let down this would definitely make it worth it! Today I received the Pirates of the Caribbean mini collection and Skull & Glossbones went straight on- frickin LOVE it! xx

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    • Vivianna

      oooooo lucky you get the mini’s – it is such a lovely little set – I was tempted by it too! xx

  • angelamarie_beckett

    Half price OPI, it’s the kind of stuff dreams are made of!!

    • Vivianna

      Haha it is!!! xx

  • Khaddy

    I am officially jealous! heee! Skull & Glossbones looks fab! How many coats did it need to get that opaque?  x

    • Vivianna

      It took 2 coats :) xx

  • Sarah Tilley

    Gotta be Quartz by Chanel.. so gorgeous :)

    • Vivianna

      Ooooo that shade does look beautiful xx

  • rebecca

    i know what you mean, i’ve never used a base coat on my nails either, whoopsie! i love that colour though:)x

    • Vivianna

      Haha! What are we are so naughty! Pleased you like the colour xx

  • Natalie@pixielashes

    Even though it hasn’t been around for too long,  Skull and glossbones is my all time fave polish, I am totally obsessed with it! :) xxx

    • Vivianna

      Oooo I think I am too! It is such a gorgeous colour! xx

  • Sophie! Beautycfw

    I bought Skull & Crossbones plus the Muppets mini collection, and three others. They had discounted ones for £3! Mum can get them half price anyway (she owns a salon) but I really wanted to choose them myself haha! xxx

    • Vivianna

      Oh wow! Check out you – what a haul ;) xx

  • Rubiiee

    I really like that! Looks a bit like Essie’s “Sand Tropez” color!

    Great deal ;D

    Blog: MizzRubiiee

    • Vivianna

      Yes it does! Pleased you like it hun xx