So I’m a little late on this one, but after consuming my own body weight in homemade chocolate truffles, chocolate selection boxes, chocolate covered fruit, nuts etc etc over the Christmas holidays, I finally decided two weeks ago that it was time to kick start the workouts again. I’m a bit of a floozy when it comes to lugging my arse out of my very comfy desk chair – I’m either so in the zone or come up with ridiculously lame ‘my dog ate my homework’ excuses – and with those wearing thin, I’m back to a 6am alarm and a 30 minute sweat-a-thon each weekday morning. I flit between a swim down the local pool or a Fitness Blender workout (I’m currently unable to lift my arms higher than my elbows thanks to one of their videos) and though the majority of activity is done from my very living room, there are some beauty bits that I reach for immediately to make myself feel human again after the shock of feeling the sensation of cleavage perspiration at 6.05am.

BYE BYE SCALP SWEAT. I hate washing my hair – always have, always will. So anything I can do to prolong a blow-dry I’m more than happy to oblige. I tend to wash my hair on a two day cycle anyway or things start to look a bit shinny at the scalp, so to eke out my second day I shove a bit of Bumble and Bumble’s Prêt-à-Powder in the roots to keep things fresh. It does look a bit grey-ish on first shake but it’s nothing that a good hair ruffle can’t fix; plus this adds volume, doubling up as a dry shampoo and styler in one.

STAY MINTY FRESH. There is nothing better than having a good sing-a-long to Beyonce in the shower after you’ve exercised. Well it’s perhaps only beaten by if there’s a bottle of the Dr Bronners 8-in-1 Magic Soap in the shower with you. Does this stuff make you feel fresh or what? Plus it works as a shower gel and a hair shampoo. Particularly handy to lug with you if you have to shower elsewhere.

WIPE IT AWAY. Wipes?! I know. I know. But they do have a time and place. I never use them when I’ve worked out at home, but when I take a trip to the swimming pool these do get thrown in the bag. I like my changing room trips there to be short and sweet so taking one of the Yes to Cucumbers Daily Soothing Cleansing Wipes quickly over my face to get rid of the grime post-swim until I get back home doesn’t seem like too much of a dirty act. And though I wouldn’t suggest it, one all over the body if you’re really, really pushed for time after aerobic activity has never hurt anyone.

THE ONE-STEP SKINCARE. I feel naughty saying this (especially after a mention of the ‘W’ word), but sometimes it’s all about being able to slap something on your face that you know does the job and skipping straight onto makeup. No fuss. Things are bound to get sweaty so conduct a thorough cleanse if you can; balm, cloth, water, the whole shebang. Then whip out a moisturiser/SPF in one. Though these arguably contain lower SPF levels than you probably need just massage in a thick layer which should leave everything moisturised and protected. My choice is the Murad Essential-C Day Moisturiser with SPF 30.

THREE PRODUCT FACE. It depends what the rest of the day is shaping up like, but if I need to make myself look averagely presentable (and fast) I propose just a three product face. A hefty blob of the CHANEL Vitalumiere Aqua or whatever your base of choice is, blended all over with a little extra on areas where you’d usually swoop concealer. Then curl the lashes and coat them up with a mascara – I like the Max Factor False Lash Effect Waterproof one and finish off with a slick of gloss that doubles up as a balm and colour like Maybelline’s ColourSensational Lipgloss in Cashmere Rose. Done.

Before I sign off today I’ll leave you with a rather entertaining story. To recapture my interest whenever I decide to get back into the sweat-inducing swing of things I have to motivate myself by purchasing a piece of workout gear (girly maths I know) and this time round I decided on a swimming costume as the only other option I had to sport to the pool was a skimpy All Saints number. Into the shop I went and one of the most unattractive garments you’ve ever seen was purchased. Two minutes later the fraud protection unit at my bank calls because they suspect somebody else is using my card. I doubt a spend at Space NK would have triggered the same reaction.

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  • Holly

    Oh vivianna how you make me laugh! Another great post as always, I think I’ll give bumble and bumble a whirl. I have yet to try their Sunday shampoo also….

  • Amy Rose

    I know what you mean about trying to prolong your blow-dry, thanks to Bumble and Bumble’s Pret a Powder I will no longer use ‘But I just washed my hair’ as an excuse not to work out! Also, it’s hilarious that your bank rang you, better do a quick shop in Space NK so they know your card hasn’t been stolen ;)

  • sophie brewster

    Pahaha! I love the story about fraud protection! I’ve really got to up my workout game, any recommendations on your favourite youtube channels for that?

  • Jessica Rose

    My diet went a little too pot over the Christmas holidays as well…I blame advertising and peer pressure!! ;) )

  • nina alexandridis

    Love this post- I too hate washing my hair which is bad as it’s nearly down to my hips!

  • sarazbeautytonic

    i really needed this one..specially after a hot yoga you need something like this!

  • slyslittleworld

    Getting up at 6 am??? I bow to you! I try to do some sports right after work before I hit the couch.^^

  • Maria

    I so hate washing my hair too! And combing it through after!




  • Parisian To Be

    Ha! You’re hilarious, Anna. I think the more you work out, you’ll realize how good it feels afterwards (sounds corny, I know–but I’m always more productive after a sweat-a-thon). xo

    Lillian from

  • Zazie Bibi

    Ooh really need to try that hair powder! xx

    A Little Treat | Beauty & Fashion Blog

  • Tiny Alis

    These are such great tips, I’m gonna give the Pret a Powder a try! I work out with the Nike Training Club app on my phone, it’s really helpful and gives you a program to stick to for four weeks. Don’t think I could manage to do it at 6am though…

    Tiny Alis

  • Puri

    LOL, oh the credit card thing, that cracked me up XD if you’re swimming, maybe you can help me out: I wear a cap, and I wanna shower after a swim, but I don’t always want to wash my hair (especially if I go for a swim a few days in a row). But my hair still gets a little chlorine in it…. Any advice?

  • Amber Hunter

    I don’t know why but it always makes me so happy when I hear people say they swim to workout! I’m a competitive swimmer so if you ever want any tips/workout ideas just let me know! :) (Also, Nike has really good training suits that aren’t unattractive!)

    Anyways, love when you mix up your posts with something like this!


    Lovely Notions

  • Beautyandtheb

    This post is so needed, i am such a mess post workout!! Great tips :)

    B xx

  • Carly Jade

    I’ve started back at the gym too and I also hate washing my hair! I’m trying to leave it as long as I can to sort of train my hair to not get greasy so quickly, but sweaty head leading to horrific hair are scuppering my plans!

    I’ll have to try these root powders, I just don’t trust anything to salvage the mess!! So any tips anyone…wing them this way, please!

  • Katie

    Sometimes you just need a plain but flattering swimming costume. Not sexy but the do the job! :)

  • Eleri Roberts

    LOL at your sporting spends blunder! Bloody great post as per! I got my Tesco spend trend club card vouchers the other day, and get this, I got money off the following: Salad, apples, bananas, long life juice, onions and Reeses peanut butter cups. I think they might suspect I’m some sort of rabbit who enjoys the occasional nutty choc treat. xx

    Eleri Roberts

  • Emily Allen

    I’ve just started trying to excercise more and eat healthier so really have been taking notes with this post Anna, I’ve been wanting to try the pre-a-powder for a while now so will have to pick it up :) x


  • Megan Rose

    Love this! I always have to use the cucumber wipes after my workout or I feel icky! Check out my blog if any of you need skincare tips checkout my blog as well. I’m an esthetician :) Ill be sure to subscribe to your posts!

  • AmeliaRoseL

    Great post. I’ll definitely be trying some of these things!

    Amelia Rose | Beauty Blogger

  • Mahsa K

    haha! love the story at the end
    Mahsa xx

  • Hannah

    Wait why are wipes bad? This is the second time I’ve seen something on wipes being bad and I use them every day! :(
    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

    • jenny

      Most of them are pretty drying/ not as good for the skin as a thorough cleanse. then again, most bloggers seem to overcleanse, ahah

    • Jess

      They tend to be said as bad products when it comes to removing make-up because they rarely remove it all, everyone says you should always cleanse after using them to make sure your skin is clear and doesn’t dry out :)

      Colourful Stuff | Beauty, Fashion, Life ♥

  • Harriet

    Haha that is hilarious – I love swimming too! The lipgloss looks beautiful too! x

  • Rachael

    Ha amazing story at the end…at least you know your bank is actually doing its job


  • Maria Suessmilch

    Hey, did you know that your blog is featured in one of the Instyle articles this month? Named one of the must-see beauty websites! :)

  • Jennifer Monforton

    Nice picks! I’m super curious to try the Bumble and Bumble dry shampoo and I love the Yes To… wipes for post-gym! Their tomato ones are perfect for my oily skin :)

  • Talisa Lauren Tossell
  • Prettysnoopy

    love the fact your bank thought you were doing fraud!! I once had a similar experience buying a CD (I’m doing a music degree), yet the time I did damage 3 times in a week at Space NK was fine! haha!! I do love your blog Anna!! xx

  • kirsty thompson

    Love the look of that lipgloss x

  • Victoria Reilly

    Fully enjoyed the end story! I need to get myself a swimming costume, I really love a good swim!

    Vickie xx | VickieBlogs

  • steph

    this is such an interesting post thanks!

  • Beth

    I HATE washing my hair. Worst buzz. You’re story at the end was gas.


    Beth Young Makeup

  • Catherine C.

    haha!! The fraud detection is epic! Needless to say my ‘exercise 3 times a week’ resolution has yet to kick off :)

  • Laurie Medina

    haha love your blog! very funny (“the w word”) but also super informative and helpful! thanks so much for the tips, have a good day :) xx

  • Faidah Mimbantas

    I do love chanel vitalumiere also! it doesn’t break me out

  • PeonyandPeach

    I’m terrible at finding the motivation to work out, especially if it involves leaving the house! There are some great youtube workout videos out there! Can’t believe your bank rang you, that’s hilarious!

  • Angelica

    I finally got back into exercise, hoping to have better body for the summer! I hate hate washing my hair, need to try out the Bumble and Bumble Pret-a-Powder. I love hitting the gym in the morning, and yes I love buying workout clothes too.

  • Chrissabella

    This is such a cute post and very informative x

    Greetings from London,

  • Khannablog

    I love the fitness blender exercises, I stumbled on about a year ago and have been hooked since!…Workout complete!

  • Sophie K

    Oh anna!! You always make me add things to my wishlist :/ thanks for reccommending the Fitness Blender too. they look awsome :) x

  • Bella

    LOLOL at your credit card story!!!! I just decided to bugger it and purchased the Nars Narssisist Palette at Nordstrom when I live in Europe (on the premise that a palette in the hand is worth two in the bush), and my bank called 5 minutes later too: “Have you just made a 50 dollar purchase with 35 dollars whipping and customs fees?” or something to that effect LOLOL!