Double Photo Test

Foundations, lipsticks and the occasional notepad aside, the next item on my list of hoarding is bags. But not big bags (well the occasional Zara one may fall through the net). The little dinky ones; perfect for travel, tote-lugging or just to house your everyday beauty bits. When I go on holiday it’s not ‘how many bikinis to take?’ it’s ‘how many bags can I compartmentalise my luggage into?’. Such a Virgo. But I really hit the mini pouch jackpot when I spot one with a quippy little quote on it; they’re my real weakness. Usually found hidden amongst the stationery and my most recent find, a new home for my boyfriend’s tache tools and beardy bits, discovered in the precarious area of Selfridges between the beauty workshop and the magazine stands makes the perfect his and hers match to my very battered but much-loved ‘Contents: My Face’ bag, which never fails to make me laugh because it can hold no more than a brush and a NARS Laguna Bronzer. A good five products short of ‘my face’, but one of my favourites that I squeeze as much as I can into and lob it into my big bag choice for the day.

The ‘Tache Tools and Beardy Bits’ Bag is from Happy Jackson for £15 and the ‘Contents: My Face’ from Waldo Pancake for £8.50. Because all beauty bags should put a smile on your face, right? 

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  • Maddy Cane

    Such funny bags, I love both of them! xx

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD


  • Dannielle S

    I love bags like these, they always make me laugh whenever I see them :) xx

  • WY

    This is so cute! x

  • El

    I love makeup bags- I have way too many!

  • Amy

    So cute! I adore Waldo Pancake’s things! x

    Amy |

  • Denise F.

    So cute!…want!

  • Louisa

    I love nice makeup bags too, that company which made the “contents: my face” one has some really nice ones!


  • Sara Thomas

    I bought the Waldo Pancake one last year as a treat to myself for finishing my dissertation prep from Leeds train station, I spent the whole day back to Birmingham giggling at it – no shame!

    Sara – Pretty In Pink

  • gigi

    love those quotes. these sure did put a smile on my face. I need to get some of these thats for sure! thanks for sharing this! xx. gigi. food and beauty blogger @

  • Em Sheldon

    These are really cute. I always find that pretty make up bags just aren’t big enough though.

    Love Em


  • Carrie Ward

    I have that makeup bag, its great but fit FA squared! It currently houses all my nail polishes now.
    I love the stationary bit in selfridges, it’s right next to the sweet section as well, so I usually get my make up/asian stationary/cute stickers/sweet hit once every 2-3months when I visit. Its convienient as its all under one roof!
    There is another bag by happy jackson that is red and has ‘Lovely things’ written on the side of it that I have my eye on. Its enormous, and next on my want list. :)
    Glad I am not the only one who is obsessed with wee bags.

  • Angela

    These are so cute and funny! I love makeup bags too, I have an ever growing collection of them! x

  • Delia

    So cute! I have a boring, black make-up bag. -.-

  • Laura Galve

    I love mine from & Other orange! You never have enough bags tho..x