It’s fair to say that my MAC eyeshadow collection has fluctuated wildly over the years. I began back in the day with a 15-pan bad-boy (you can see an extremely shakey shot tour of it from three years ago here), I then downsized to two quads housing eight before cutting right back to four (as oded to here more recently), disposing them to friends and family along the way. But I’ve caught the bug again. Maybe it’s the fact they now come in sleek transparent topped palettes that would look so swanky on my bookshelf, or because I’m getting more use out of my trusty little quad than ever, but the obvious reason would be Tanya flashing her neutral MAC affair around that’s the true root of my lustings. You got me. So I’m in the process of rebuilding my current quad back into a bevy of 15 shades and here are the latest shadow recruits:

SABLE: now this is actually a repurchase as it’s a shade I culled when I downsized my original palette, but I just couldn’t resist picking it back up again. A cool-based brown with almost a purple shimmer I think this colour was made for pale eyed gals. I’m not a Satin Taupe lover so this is my taupe of choice and it works perfectly as a one-wash wonder without the need to be paired with anything else. It’s bloomin’ beautiful – why did I ever wave goodbye to it? 

CRANBERRY: if you haven’t heard of this one, then where have you been hiding? In the beauty world I’d say that this colour is one of only a few non-neutral shades that diehard bronzed lid wearers can be swayed to. Yes it’s red, but there’s a rusty, burgundy undertone to it that halts it from being too pinky. I like this with a touch of a matte brown in the crease to stop things looking too festive (Espresso works v.well at this) and a fleshy eyeliner on the waterline. Me in red eyeshadow? I know.

ERA: now this one is a toughie to describe. I’ve enlisted the help of MAC’s official description which depicts it as a ‘soft golden beige with shimmer’ and I think that’s pretty spot on. It reminds me of a more grown-up, less sparkly version of All That Glitters; there’s a slight pink-tone to it but it’s got more of a sheen than a glitter which makes it everyday appropriate. A good one to wash all over with a good coat or two of mascara and be done with.

So far my MAC eyeshadow roster reads something like this: (top row) All That Glitters, Era, Sable, Cranberry, Smut, (middle row) Soba, Espresso. So come on – enable me – what’s next?

  • LouLovesBeauty

    I think everyone has to have Woodwinked in their collection, and again that is down to good old Tanya! Lol :)

  • Ella

    I have Woodwinked, Sable, Patina and ATG in a quad andIm thinking about upsizing… Would take ages though and I hate to think of the cost (110 more squids!)

  • Nattie

    Would agree- you must have Woodwinked!

  • OfficialSarah

    Remind me of my recent splurge: Sable, Woodwinked, Patina, Satin Taupe, Mulch, All That Glitters, Naked Lunch & Shale. All nudes and subtle but all pretty special :) Love that I splurged.

    • Ella Hanover

      You picked the best colors!

  • Suzy

    Great post! you’ve inspired me to go and get a pro-palette now…

  • Morgan @ Hyacinth Girl

    Swiss Chocolate! It’s such a lovely warm brown, which I have such a thing for at the moment. The other warm MAC shadow that I LOVE is Uninterrupted, but that’s a pro longwear shadow and they don’t fit in the regular eyeshadow palettes!

    Window-shopping for a full 15 pan palette is my favourite thing to do. I won’t even pretend I don’t have 15 shadow pans sitting in my cart on the mac website right now…

    Morgan @ Hyacinth Girl

  • Chelsey

    Definitely inspiring me to go out and get a mac eyeshadow palette – oh how my bank account will hate this post! Sable and era are added straight to my list! Phloof is a great one to add in, a pretty white which brightens up the eyes when used as a highlight in the inner corners. xo

  • Alice Porter

    You have to get Bronze! It will look beautiful underneath the eclair paintpot you love!


  • Claire

    Hi, MAC Shale is a beautiful purple-brown that goes really well with green eyes. So does MAC Club, which is a duo chrome that is a beautiful green-brown-grey. Copperplate is great too – a matt grey. Going into MAC to look at the eyeshadows feels like a child going into a sweetie shop for me! Happy hunting in filling your palette (don’t you just feel so compelled to fill in all the holes!).

  • Joy Jewell

    I’ve told you before and I’ll tell you again – get Shale! I’m going to write a post about it today, so I’m going to make sure you read it and fall in love. It’s lovely: a must have!

  • DB

    Woodwinked for sure :) I’m only interested in MAC eyeshadows that I can’t find dupes for and this one fits the bill at a warm golden bronze that deepens when buffed into the crease

    • fibee

      Half Baked by Urban Decay is really similar to Woodwinked :)

  • Jessica Sutherland

    Thank you for doing this post! I’ve been thinking about branching out to different MAC eyeshadow shades and Cranberry has been on my mind for a while now! It looks beautiful! X

  • M.

    I’m usually a neutrals kinda gal but I really love Shale (“mauve-plum with subtle shimmer”) – it’s not too in your face and really enhances green eyes. Btw, have you tried Inglot eyeshadows? I think they would fit your Mac palette and they beat MAC eyeshadows when it comes to price and are amazing quality – pigmented and buttery. Their #420 is quite similar to MAC’s Shale.

  • Kiki

    Tempting! It’s the very best for green eyes. Yes, it does fall out a little bit, but apply it before your foundation and its fine. Blend a little carbon into the outer crease á la Laura Lollipop26 and you have the perfect slightly smoky look.

  • clareelise

    These palettes are just to tempting….. I normally end up buying so many eyeshadows and don’t have enough room in the palette lol :) Clare Elise

  • Emma Bradford

    I am really loving my MAC shadows at the minute, especially RULE and CONTRAST. I have a little review of RULE on my blog – and CONTRAST is in my Recent MAC purchases post too!


  • Elena

    Era sounds beautiful!! Thats definitely going on my wishlist! I would recommend Shale – the perfect purple-y grey neutral, sumptuous olive is also a gorgeous one :) xx
    kooky capricious

  • Daniela

    Oh Anna, you need to get Shale! It’s my favourite eyeshadow of all time. I really like Twinks and Sketch, I love using them in autumn :) and I also recommend Quarry, it’s a lovely eyeshadow!

  • Eleanor

    Tanya’s palette is giving me itchy fingers as well, I want to run out and buy a load of Mac shadows whenever I see it! I definitely think the new pro palette packaging is much nicer, it looks so sleek and expensive, and you can actually see what’s inside now, which is nice!! I do love the quads too though, they look so cute! I’m really loving the more purpley toned browns at the moment like Mystery and Haux
    Eleanor x

  • Alex

    Texture! you will love texture :)

  • Tenneil

    I recently bought myself two MAC Pro Palettes and I’m eagerly awaiting my little round magnets in the mail, so I can start depotting all my eyeshadows and recreating my own beautiful palettes! If I don’t use my Urban Decay Naked Palette, I always reach for my MAC shadows. I have so many favourites! Correct me if I’m wrong, but I do remember you saying you’re not a fan of Satin Taupe? That’s crazy, girl! Haha. Some of my favourite neutral shades that are worth checking out are Bronze, Brun, Brown Down, Club (I was so excited when Lily mentioned how much she loves this too as it’s one of the best!), Dazzle Light, Naked Lunch and Patina. I hope that helps!

  • Dorothy HF

    I need to get myself a MAC Pro Palette! I’d love a nude palette like Tanya too!

    she goes wear


  • WhatLoreloves

    Everyone ist raving about Sable. Know nothing holds me back! :) *Putting the jacket on* xo Lore

  • Charlotte MacDonald-Gaunt

    Cranberry is really stunning and it’s the 3rd mention of it that I’ve seen in 2 days it must be a sign that I should get it :o ). Xx

  • Anya Cross

    I have so many mac shadows that need de-potting into a palette! I love reading these posts to see what I can add onto my list x

  • Pink Elephant Blog

    I love Sketch, especially for Autumn / Winter. Satin Taupe is a gorgeous colour and so are Club & Woodwinked – my favourites! ;)

  • Anna Jezewska

    naked lunch

  • roshkud

    Cranberry is AMAZING, I own no mac eyeshadows just because I can’t really afford them but I’d loveeee to buy that one as a little treat :)

    Roshni’s Journey

  • GirlTeddy

    I am not a Satin Taupe lover either and here are some of my favorites! Mulch, Twinks, Embark, Kid, Cork, Wedge, Grain. Mulch is a must-have if you love shimmer, while Kid is great for an every-day matte all over the lid for some french-girl depth, as a transition shade or in the outer corner. Love them all!

  • fibee

    My favourite shadow look is basically All That Glitters on the inner half of the lid and Sable on the outer half. Also, Charcoal Brown is the best brow colour ever for darker brow girls :)

  • Sanaa Shaikh

    Some of my absolute favorites are Quarry (a cool taupe, purple, mauve matte shade), bronze (just that, an amazing deep golden bronze), Shale (a velvety cool purple which is surprisingly wearable for being a purple), and finally Antiqued (a reddish burgundy bronze shade which is gorgeous for an all over smoky eye for green eyes). These are all especially great for autumn!

  • Oresiri teru

    Cannot wait to start my mac palette properly

  • Knickknack

    Woodwinked and naked lunch! Love love love

  • Miriam

    Twinks, Patina, Shale, Star Violet, Kid! The ones you got I love as well. :)

  • Danielle

    MAC eye shadows are my favorites. I think I have 5 palettes now – yikes. You should try Woodwinked, Amber Lights, & Club!

    • Shrutilaya

      My three favorites too!

  • Kelly C.

    I love my mac palette! I love tempting and mythology (total laura enabled purchases) and I’m also a huge fan of wedge. It’s just a great warm matte crease shade that kind of makes smokey colors look less bruisey!

  • Jen

    One Mac eyeshadow that I love but rarely hear about is copperplate. It’s a lovely greyish brown which works perfectly in both crease and brows. Love it, along with loads that other people have mentioned. Shroom has a special place in my heart too.

  • Shrutilaya

    I had a 15 shadow palette which I just recently downsized to a quad! My favorites would be Woodwinked, Amber Lights, Bronze and Club!

  • Bernadette

    Sketch best colour ever! :) ) try it

  • Danessa

    woodwinked, mulch, naked lunch, soft brown, wedge, nylon, shroom

  • Isabelle McWilliam
  • Kristin

    Naked Lunch is GORGEOUS!

  • Norah

    Yogurt is one of my favorites and it is totally underrated! It is a light neutral buff color with just the tiniest tinge of cool-toned lilac-y goodness. It’s matte and perfect for a no-makeup makeup day. (Also makes a fab lid color with something like Soba blended in the crease) :)
    xo – @norahwithanh

  • rebeccagoddard

    woodwinked or naked lunch for sure, they are my staples when i can actually will myself to put make up on

  • Victoria Larroque

    brule and wedge are staples!

  • abi

    I love cranberry! looks lovely

    abi x

    -a little dust-

  • Kimberley

    Definitely try Patina!


  • Bjenkat

    I would also get swiss chocolate, concrete, soft brown and patina.

  • staygold

    malt and haux are two of my favorite matte neutrals.

  • Chrissabella

    Great post

    Greetings from London,

  • Talisa Lauren Tossell
  • yanksgurl613

    woodwinked! every one needs that color it is a beautiful orange gold and it looks great on anyone. perfect pallette must try cranberry! xx. gigi.


    Sumptuous Olive – rich deep gold with vivid olive shift – perfect with Bronzer, on green or brown eyes. I have also used it wet as a liner. Just swatch it.

  • jasmin peacock

    woodwinked and carbon – woodwinked it just gorgeous and carbon is the perfect black – everyone needs a good black! oh and naked lunch!!

  • Tammie

    patina is a must run out and get that next its a very underrated color, mulch for sure if you’re a fan of sable, wedge for crease work, bronze, twinks

  • deliaoreo

    I love Brown Down, Shroom, Yogurt, Wedge, Grain and Vex! Vex is great with Sable and if you want to have a silvery pop on a brown eyeshadow.

  • Faith Warde

    You definitely need Naked Lunch in your collection. Its such a nice shade!

    Girlintheblackhat xx

  • trixy

    time to buy myself a mac pa…..

    lette i keep meaning to

  • Billie Alexandra

    woodwinked and brown down!

  • Kadie Lee

    Copperplate is one of my all time favorites! Coquette is great too!

  • Chloe Ridout

    Bronze! Why isn’t there more hype over this shade?

  • Bethan Rabjohns

    Retrospeck will light up the inner corner (tear duct) of your eye! Looks amazing always, even though you’d think not looking at it.. x

  • valentina

    finally someone is talking about era! it’s my holy grail eyeshadow and i will actually have to repurchase it soon, which i’ve never done with an eyeshadow ;) you will love it! xx v

  • Laura

    Gorgeous! Really want to try mac eyeshadows!! xx

    Laura @

  • Kassandra Fairhall

    I have to get myself one of these to depot some of my favorite eyeshadows

  • Gigi

    handwritten is so pretty along the lash line

  • Bryn B

    Good choice with Era, it’s my all-time favorite MAC eyeshadow!

  • Valli

    Cranberry looks so pretty and it will definitely be the kind of colour for autumn winter

  • Amy

    I really want a MAC palette! I currently only own 2 of their eyeshadows c:

    Amy |

  • Eimear

    Woodwinked Anna, woodwinked!

  • ElisabethRilatt

    I’ve just bought a second palette to extend my collection. You’ve got to get Patina, its a great shade and very under rated – it nods its head to this autumns burnished gold trend too. I love it, mixed with something a little darker in the crease (espresso or for something less subtle, Cork)
    Glad I bought this new palette, Soba is now on my wishlist thanks to you! :) xxx

  • Carina

    I actually prefer Sable to Satin Taupe, too. May I suggest Sketch? It is lovely with Sable. :D Some darker browns I enjoy a lot, too, are Mystery and Handwritten.

  • Stephanie Browne

    Naked lunch. It’s the only Mac eyeshadow I purchase again and again. I have major palette envy.

  • Annakbqw

    Mulch, patina, wood winked, and sketch! All neutral but with a bit of interest!

  • Katie

    My top picks are soft brown, saddle, swiss chocolate, antiqued, and greensmoke. :)

  • Caroline

    Love these shades–the perfect neutrals! Want to get my hands on Cranberry for the fall!


  • NT

    Great picks so far Vivianna! The next purchase should definately include Naked Lunch, Amber Lights (totally an underrated eye shadow, and one I think you will really enjoy), Mulch, Sketch, Antiqued, Woodwinked and Green Smoke (my favourite green). Let us know the new shadows you pick up for your pallett!

  • Robin

    Plum Dressing, just delicious!

  • arin antoine

    satin taupe for obvious reasons; vanilla makes a great matte highlight; woodwinked because it’s amazing, wedge for an simple and understated smokey eye and in the crease!

  • Zoë Baldwin

    I love Sumptuous Olive! It’s so exciting adding to your palette x x

  • Annushka

    definitely sketch (goes great with cranberry)… vex is a gorgeous shade that is essentially way too difficult to describe and then patina, both great, easy washes over the lid that’ll make your eyes pop in an interesting way

  • Dustyn

    Naked Lunch is gorgeous!!

  • Anna

    Patina!!! Such a good all over the lid color

  • Vicky

    I would add Club, which is a mixture of brown and green, I think it’s called duochrome. As you blend it in the crease it looks like you’ve put on two different eyeshadow colours instead of one, it really is worth buying! :)

  • AmeliaRoseL
  • rachelsophie

    Patina! Deep rusty, gold/bronze magicness! It has you written all over it!

  • Amie Chapman

    Woodwinked! Can’t believe you don’t have it already Anna, I’d go as far to say it’s my favourite MAC eyeshadow of all time xox

  • Gorkem Karman

    Antiqued, a coppery bronze with shimmer. It’s gonna make your eyes stand out, I swear! x

  • Katie Nally

    I had the same problem. 15 pan palette downgraded to 2 quads with Patina, Naked Lunch, Sable and Smut & also, Nylon is a MUST for highlighting inner eyes, Woodwinked for bronzy tones, and carbon for a matte black powder line.

  • Allison Wild

    Woodwinked should be first on your list, definitely! For something a little more subtle, Patina is nice. Mulch is the best brown for bronze-lovers– has a hint of golden shimmer that’s really beautiful.

  • Amber Hunter

    Oooh such gorgeous shades! I’m actually saving up for my own MAC palette so reading this I can’t wait to start building my own!


    Lovely Notions

  • Maha Maven

    I love reading about other people’s palettes. So inspiring! I love the colors you have included.

    Maha Maven
    Maha Maven Youtube

  • Sylvia

    You NEED Patina. Olive-green-gold goodness.

  • denise


  • Hannah

    Patina – gorgeous antique golden olive-y shade – great with green eyes
    Sumptuous Olive – olive green with golden tones – again perfect with green eyes
    Shale – a purple-y grey that looks fab with green eyes
    Bronze – perfect bronze shade!

  • Anoushka Urban

    I’ve just filled a double 30 pan palette and I can’t wait to get started on my next!


  • Linsay

    Club should definitely be on your list :) my little Z palette of MAC contains : Vanilla, Brule, Naked Lunch, All That Glitters, Soba, Espresso, Cranberry, Satin Taupe and Club :) xx

  • Caroline Le Pottier

    Shroom : perfect neutral highlight
    Naked lunch : My most used MAc e/s
    Twinks : Sable older sister. fantastic in the outer V with naked lunch all over the lid. Or for a brown smokey : all over the lid
    Samoa silk : matte peach , fantastic blending color to warm up a look (Jaclyn Hill made me buy it !)
    Brown script : the most beautiful terracotta color (again , Jaclyn : go and watch her red smokey tutorial…gorgeous !)
    Expensive pink : gorgeous copper color (recommended by a MAc artist, wasn’t so sure but she was soooo right)

    I am not a fan of satin taupe nor Club nor Patina: I look tired and sick in those colors.
    I want woodwinked, shale, copperplate, amber lights, all that glitters, and so many others but the size of my neutral collection is a little bit ridiculous at the moment…sigh…

  • Yas

    Woodwinked, Patina, Club and Naked Lunch!

  • Kelly Amanda

    One of my personal favourites is Patina, a perfect neutral colour that works great all over the lid. It is described by MAC as a taupe brown with golden pearl. It looks great combined with Smut, a really dark brown. For a pop of colour I would recommend Club, a red-brown with green pearl. For blending I personally use Charcoal Brown or Samoa Silk. Charcoal Brown is just your basic greyish brown and Samoa Silk is a matte peachy colour that can really warm up your look.

  • Amber

    Expensive pink! Its a can be a bit intimidating but it’s my favourite eyeshadow of all time. Its a pink/coral duochrome type of deal and its amazing for making blue eyes pop. I love it blended in the crease over a shimmery beige or as a lid colour. So pretty and versatile and great for introducing some colour while keeping it from being out there.

  • LapizofLuxury

    You need some Woodwinked in your life ! Best for lazy girls like me :)

  • Saima


  • Lucy

    ‘coppering’ is a really rusty reddy orange colour that would look AMAZING on your eyes! I got it recently and even though at first I had a bit of a ‘why did i buy a £12 red eyeshadow?!’ moment, I have no regrets, its so beautiful!

  • Jess

    I just treated myself to a palette and 2 eyeshadows which are sable and shale I am in love!!

  • Kohl

    I am building my mac 15 eyeshadow palette too! So far i have brule, goldbit, soba, mulch, woodwinked, romp, humid, sumptuous olive, club, wedge. I am looking to add swiss chocolate and some really dark brown to use as liner (still looking… maybe sketch?) i would highly recommend you to add romp and sumptuous olive!! Tanya Burr used Romp in a mila kunis tutorial and i bought it the very next day and i love it to bits esp with black smudged at the top lashline! if you cant find romp, then definitely get woodwinked!

  • Emily Cullen

    Amber lights looks amazing on blue eyes!

  • Sarah

    Expensive pink, sable, All that glitters and cranberry in my quad :-)

  • Katharina

    Brown Script looks amazing on blue eyes :)