I’ve rambled about Red Carpet Manicure in dribs and drabs over the past few months. I love it. It’s awesome (a quick rave incase you missed its appearances). Though today I thought I’d give one of the shades in the range a bit more attention. Red Carpet Reddy – see what they did there? – is actually the shade that comes included in the Starter Kit and is one I snubbed until festive season when I deemed it a more than appropriate colour to brush on.

The colour is a doozy. A straight-up red, not too warm nor too cool and it fits the bill as a ‘I mean business’ shade. Two thick coats do the trick, though a third one ensures full opaqueness. It lasts a good 10 days before things start to look chippy and then I tend to leave it another five by making full use of my pockets before I finally give in and admit it’s time for removal.

So the ‘RCM Hall of Colour Fame’ is up to two shades: I Own the Runway and Red Carpet Reddy, but what’s next? That’s the one downside of such a range is that the line-up is seriously lacking in non-shimmer laden neutral shades. Any suggestions that I may have missed in my search? Suggest away.

  • http://www.thegirlieblog.com/ Girlie Blogger

    It’s been a while since I saw red nails on the red carpet. It’s a gorgeous color.

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  • Christie

    Wow it’s good it’s so long lasting


  • Anna Blush

    Ooo such a lovely red shade, I’ve been looking into these at home nail sets recently and still not sure whether to invest or not x


  • Marlenne

    Pretty color, but for DIY manicures I’ll stick to regular nailpolish thanks to my splitting nails and unsteady hand!


  • Evelyn Morales

    I love red nails, I think out of all the colours red has to be the one I most reach for. It just looks so nice and chic!!


  • MyBeautysleuth Sarah

    I have the nailsensation kit from boots which is the same but they do have lots if colors so worth checking out for alternatives.
    Mybeautysleuth x

  • http://www.finurligheter.com/ Maria

    That’s a pretty red. How do you remove the nail polish when the time comes?


  • http://emmihearts.blogspot.co.uk/ Emily Allen

    I’ve honestly never heard of this brand but really want to try some of their polishes now, they are so long lasting and I do love the name of the polish :p xx


  • Strawbry_Blonde

    That’s a lovely red! I use Nailene’s SensatioNail home gel kit and they do cute glitter puffers to add on top or mix through colours – only a couple of quid :) http://www.sensationail.co.uk/glitter-gel-nails

    Nic x

  • Amy

    I would recommend looking at the Pinterest pics to make sure the colour is what you are looking for – there’s one called it’s not a taupe which is a nice neutral colour :)

  • Maddy Cane

    Love the look of these manicures, they sound so good and long-lasting! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD


  • sophie warner

    What a beauty of a colour!

  • Annie Lindsay

    SO glad to hear you like it! I just ordered the whole Starter Kit and I was hoping the red was a good one. If the line is lacking neutrals, I’ve heard of people doing a “Gelly Sandwich” where you use your own polish but layer it between the UV base and top coats. Probably not a perfect solution but I may give it a shot!

  • larasophia

    Such a fierce color. I think I need this in my collection

  • Catrin

    I’m so annoyed I didn’t pick this up when it was gift of the week


  • Sandra
  • Talisa Lauren Tossell
  • Chelsea Leigh

    that is the perfect red! love it!


  • Jas Poole

    Oooooh this looks stunning. Great little red right there.

    Jasmine xo | rabbit-wood.blogspot.com