Thanks for all the comments you guys pop under my posts and videos, I read and reply to them all and I am extremely grateful for your recommendations and video requests – you ladies have some wicked ideas! So I thought I would get round to filming a video that has been requested a few times – a ‘Shopping The Stash’ video. The idea behind this is basically that you go and have a dig around your makeup collection and refind some amazing products that may have been a little unloved for a while. With my pockets being a bit empty, I very much welcomed this request and here is what I discovered…
Yes, yes you caught me – I may have filmed this video at the same time as my last one! Same top, makeup, nails ;) Bulk video making is the way forward people! I also have a ’13 Personal Questions TAG’ on it’s way for you and I’m jotting down some ideas for a ‘Christmas Party Season Must-Haves’ video, which I am sure will include a shedload of glitter! But if you have any more requests then do let me know :) If you haven’t ever ‘Shopped’ your stash before then I highly recommend it – you may end up finding an old gem, plus – it’s free!
Much Love,
Vivianna x
  • Viviianna

    yay! I always get excited when I see a video from you :) I would love to see another getting ready video or a outfit of the day. But either way I’d watch any video of yours xx

    • Vivianna

      Aw thanks you hun!!! Will try and get onto that :) xx

  • Pia

    Keep the videos coming :)
    How about the What’s in my fridge tag that Fleudeforce did a while ago? Looking forward to the Christmas ones!

    • Vivianna

      Ooooo thanks for the recommendation hun – will keep the videos coming xx

  • zoe.12

    Loving the videos!

    • Vivianna

      THANKS! xx

  • Silvia Quirós

    Nice things, thanks for sharing!

    • Vivianna

      No problem hun xx

  • glitteroncarousels

    you’re so pretty! xx

    • Vivianna

      Thank you :) xx

  • Becca

    I get so excited when I see you’ve made a new video :D haha. Love the Topshop cream blush, I have it in crushed berry which looks really dark and quite shocking in the pan but blended on it has this amazing flushed cheek effect. Keep making awesome videos hun! xoxoxo

    • Vivianna

      Aw thank you hun! Yes the Topshop Cream blushers are amazing! xx

  • Emily

    Love you videos :) It’d be great to see a video about how you’re finding working the Beauty Industry and your thoughts on Beauty PR so far.xx

    • Emily

      *your videos.xx

  • p.l.hood

    I’ve never actually commented on a blog before but after this video its a must! I have Wonder Woman Pink Power and oh my god I literately have no clue what to do with it! It looks soooo pretty but it’s wasted in my collection. Such a shame xx

    • Vivianna

      Wow thanks for commenting on your first ever blog – I feel honoured :) xx

  • Lauren

    the Mac Wonder Woman powder looks really pretty, another lovely video xx

    • Vivianna

      Thank you hun! xx

  • fabkitten
    • Vivianna

      You do – they are fab! xx

  • Anonymous

    i think this is a great idea, i think we get so used to just buying new things because of the hype and you forget what you already have :D xx

    • Vivianna

      We do!  It’s always nice to see what you have xx

  • GrandeMarine

    Hi Vivianna!!!I really love your blog, and how you make up your self, I only Have one recommandation: can You, when you make a video, write under the video the different product that you use? because you really really speak quickly with a quite big accent, and for a french girl it’s really difficult to understand everything…

    • Vivianna

      Thank you for watching hun! If you watch the video the actual youtube page I do put all the product information in the bottom information box :) xx